Moto Z2 Play ROM REQ fastboot/recovery flash-able (latest, 2019 February or March?)

I accidentally bricked my Moto Z2 Play and after flashing 2018 ROM boot stuck at bootloader warning with error “Bad ID”. I hope it’s just because this ROM is too old and somehow flashing the one that was there before will fix it. So I’m looking for a latest, I don’t remember exactly, 2019 February or March ROM, preferably fastboot flash-able.

Many thanks in advance!

Patching SharePoint Server 2019 March Security updtes

HI for installing ‘Description of the security update for SharePoint Server 2019: March 12, 2019 KB 4462199 ; we need to patch first below patches I have already installed January patches in my Sharepoint farm?

February 12, 2019, update for SharePoint Server 2019 Language Pack (KB4462170) Description of the security update for SharePoint Server 2019: February 12, 2019 KB 4462171

SharePoint 2013 Central Admin 500 After March 2019 CU

After installing March 2019 CU on SharePoint 2013 I had a disconnect from SQL server. Fixed the SQL Issue and had to leave the farm and connect again. All the web applications are working fine except “Central Admin” when trying to open Central Admin, the browser shows HTTP error 500. I tried all the solutions listed here nothing helped.

Is there a way to create a new central admin without losing the existing services?

IS March Security upates for sharepoint 2013 included in March 12, 2019, cumulative update for SharePoint Enterprise Server 2013 (KB4462219)?

when I install March 12, 2019, cumulative update for SharePoint Enterprise Server 2013 (KB4462219) in SharePoint farm there is no need to separate install Description of the security update for SharePoint Enterprise Server 2013: March 12, 2019.

Here I want to fix the CVE-2019-0604 | Microsoft SharePoint Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in my SharePoint 2013 farm.

Science March 2019 T-Shirts

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SharePoint 2016 March 2019 Update

I joined in a company two weeks ago and my first assignment is to apply March 2019 updates on SharePoint 2016 farm. We have 2 App, 2 WFE, 2 Cache, 2 Search servers and 1 SQL Server. I am not sure how they installed it but I am assuming they might have used MinRole. The latest update was 16.4690.100, which is May 2018. This was an incomplete update because I see “Upgrade Required” status for Cache1, Cache2, Search1 and Serach2 servers. I have few questions and nervous about doing the update. Following are my questions:

  1. Do I need to correct the “Upgrade Required” status error first before applying the March 2019 update? If yes, what should I do?
  2. I have 3 content databases which are bigger than 150 GB. Is the going to be a problem when I do the updates?
  3. I saw Shane Young’s YouTube videos on applying updates on Single Farm Server. How different is to apply updates on multi-farm server? Please point me to any good articles or links. Thank you for your answers in advance! Kalai


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Boquete to Panamá by bus on 3rd March

I need to get from Boquete to Panama City (in Panama – not Florida!) on Sunday 3rd March 2019. I have found a timetable here however with that weekend being the start of carnival I would like someone with local knowledge to confirm that buses will be running. Will they be extremely crowded due to carnival? Is it possible, or advisable to make a reservation in advance?