Maria DB 10.3 or My SQL 5.7

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Conexion base de datos Maria DB con JPA/Hibernate

Me gustaría saber cuales son las configuraciones básicas para el POM.xml (dependencias) y persistence.xml (configuración conexión base de datos) dado que he tenido problemas en mi proyecto para la conexión mysql con MariaDb.

Saber que formato tiene que tener el contenido de cada archivo para poner bien las dependencias necesarias y como conectarme a la base de datos MariaDB (MySQL).

Tasya Maria

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Tasya Maria

Should we update mySQL and Maria in Magento 2.2?

I am getting messages from our server that we need to update the installation of MySQL and possibly install Maria. (MySQL 5.6 to 5.7) Problem is that we are on a self hosted VPN and the server company will not do the upgrade on an adhock payment basis and our developer will not touch the server. (he only works on Magento). I can’t seem to find any information on whether or not this upgrade will work with Mag 2.2 but I am finding warnings that the Maria install can corrupt databases and that Magento may or may not work with it.

So…..can anyone tell me if Mag 2.2 is better off with or without Maria? As well, are there any developers that are willing to work on a fixed price basis to do the back up and the upgrade?


MySQL or Maria DB?

Hi guys…….I need the current state of play on these two.

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Maria DB slow query log not writing anything

For some reason, the Maria DB (version 10.1) slow query log is not writing anything. I’ve enabled slow query logging:

select @@slow_query_log, @@slow_query_log_file, @@long_query_time, @@log_output;  | 1 | /var/log/mysql/mariadb-slow.log | 3.000000 | FILE | 

I can trigger a slow query and see that it is being noted:

select sleep(5); show status like 'Slow_queries%';  | Slow_queries | 1 | 

But when I check the slow query log in /var/log/mysql/mariadb-slow.log, it is empty.