Maximum Subsequence Sum : Mark Weiss:

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In the highlighted part below how is Weiss concluding that the array starting at an arbitrary index “p” and ending at “j” can never be larger than the array starting at “i” and ending at “p-1”?

enter image description here

By his own example (the inner loop of algorithm 2 shown below) this is demonstrably false.

Algorithm 2

Let i = 0, and j = 3.

Let a[ 0 ] = -14, a[ 1 ] = -4, a[ 2 ] = -2, a[ 3 ] = -1.

If p = 2, the subsequence sum from “p” to “j” is clearly bigger than “i” to “p-1”.

Even more concerning is Mr. Weiss seems to pull an assumption out of thin air (“j is the first index that causes the subsequence starting at index i to become negative”) when nothing in the above could possibly imply that! Indeed, Weiss only mentions “detection” of the subsequence sum being negative between index “i” and “j”, but never where the source of this could only occur. Where is this coming from?

Thanks for any help!

Can humans of House Tharashk develop the Mark of Finding?

After reading through Eberron: Rising from the Last War, I have noticed a conflicting statement regarding the Mark of Finding. On page 32, Half-Orcs and Dragonmarks, it states:

The Mark of Finding appears among half-orcs of House Tharashk. Strangely, both orcs and humans associated with the house cannot develop this mark.

This directly conflicts with the information found on page 41 which goes into detail about the Mark of Finding:

Alone among the dragonmarks, the Mark of Finding is carried by two races: humans and halfΒ­ orcs.


If your half-orc or human character has the Mark of Finding, the following traits replace the character’s racial traits in the Player’s Handbook, aside from age, alignment, size, and speed.

Additionally, there is nothing under the House Tharashk subheading about humans being unable to develop the Mark of Finding. Further, on page 37 under Dragonmarks and their Houses, both humans and half-orcs are listed as being associated with House Tharashk and the Mark of Finding.

Is this some kind of editorial/printing error or is there some piece of lore which allows both of these claims to be true?

Can you move the Hunter’s Mark spell on the same turn that the affected creature dies?

The hunter’s mark (and also hex) spell contains the following text:

[…] If the target drops to 0 hit points before this spell ends, you can use a bonus action on a subsequent turn of yours to mark a new creature […]

Does this passage prevent the following scenario:

  1. Cast hunter’s mark on somebody
  2. Your turn ends
  3. Another one of your turn’s begins
  4. You kill the targeted creature
  5. You place hunter’s mark onto a new target as a bonus action

Is step 5 in the above prevented from working due to the wording of the hunter’s mark spell? It seems like it would be to me, but perhaps I’ve missed something somewhere.

Should emoji/emoticon replace a punctuation mark in the end of the sentence?

If the sentence is finishing with emoji/emoticon in the website content or in a personal message, should it be followed by a punctuation mark?

Example #1

I’m glad you could make it πŸ™‚ We had a great time.    β€“ This one looks fine and clean
I’m glad you could make it πŸ™‚. We had a great time.   β€“ However this one looks weird to me
I’m glad you could make it. πŸ™‚ We had a great time.   β€“ Emoji belongs to the next sentence
I’m glad you could make it :). We had a great time.      – This one is super-weird

Example #2

Is that really so πŸ€”? I doubt it.   β€“ This is OK, as the question mark means that it is a question
Is that really so πŸ€” I doubt it.     β€“ This doesn’t look like a question anymore
Is that really so? πŸ€” I doubt it.   β€“ Again, emoji belongs to the next sentence
Is that really so =/? I doubt it.     β€“ And this emoticon is something else

So emoji/emoticon understanding varies depending on it’s position. Is there a common way of using them or are there the best practices?

How to mark a tooltip-containing word in a paragraph?

I have a sentence in which one word has a tooltip. The data in the tooltip is supplemental and putting it into the main UI isn’t required.

However, how can I mark the word to notify the user that it has a tooltip? I’ve tried marking the word with an underline and blue color, but it looks too much like a link (which it isn’t).

Below is the image of what it looks like now:

Text with tooltip


Human (Mark of Making)

In regards to Magecraft can someone help define how long “temporary magic item” last. Also, How many of these Items you can have at one time.

for example a pair of wrist wraps that will allow me to cast Toll of the Dead first turn/action, and on second turn/action/reaction,bonus action cast Firebolt.

In WGE Magecraft. You can create a temporary magic item out of common materials. Choose a cantrip from the wizard spell list. Describe the item connected to it. As long as you possess the item, you know that cantrip. At the end of a long rest, you can replace it with a new item and select a new cantrip from the wizard spell list. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for these cantrips.