Mass update all cells in a column with a substring of it’s original value

I need to trim the last seven characters off of all the cells in a column.

This query returns the results that I need

SELECT test_date, SUBSTRING(test_date FROM 1 FOR CHAR_LENGTH(test_date) - 7) as test from results; 

I now need to take the computed result from the substring and replace the original values.

Here’s what the data looks like, if it helps.

Data Table

Can Cure Light Wounds Mass target the same creature more than once on its casting?

When you cast the mass version of the cure light wounds spell, its range changes from touch to close and from creature touched to creature touched/level with targets within 30 feet of each other. To this sounds like a ray spell as you would have to make an attack roll vs every creature (this is because you could target undead and living creatures with the same casting). Is it possible to have the same creature targeted by the spell more than once? I dont see any place which states you can only affect a creature once with the casting.


Since there has been debate over how the rules should be applied in this case, lets do a comparison with out multiple touch spells.

  • Cure Wounds mass spells “Target one creature/level, no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apart”
  • Chill Touch “Targets creature or creatures touched (up to one/level)”
  • Haste “Targets one creature/level, no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apart”
  • Bull’s Strength mass “Targets one creature/level, no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apart”
  • Cat’s Grace mass – “Targets one creature/level, no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apart”

Since I dont know of anyone who can successfully claim that Chill Touch cant be applied to the same target multiple times in a round assuming a sufficient bab or hasted. Someone can be affected by multiple haste spells, but only one has the effect, and is not helpful doubling up in this case because its part of the same spell so any effect that would dispel or counter one would get all instances of it. Same with Bulls and Cats. The most important difference is that the others except for Chill Touch say “One creature” but that can be thought of in two ways. The one likely intended being that a creature can only be selected once for the spell, or the creature can be selected multiple times each time taking up one of the creature targets.

Can You Cast Mass Cure Wound On Someone Who Has Been Swallowed by a creature?

Mass Healing Word and other healing spells specifically say that you have to see someone in order to cast the spells. Mass Cure Wounds just says that you choose a point and then choose 6 creatures within a 30 foot radius. Do you need to see a creature in order to choose them? For example, would you be able to cast it on someone who had been swallowed?

Can the Suggestion and Mass Suggestion spells alter feelings?

In 5e D&D, the Suggestion-style spells can suggest a path of action via charm-like forces. This suggests (ha ha) that it alters the thought and feeling process of the target. Obviously the ramifications for life-coaching are astounding, but let us put that aside for the moment.

Much of society &/or culture spends a vast amount on chemicals that do little more than alter state of being (alcohol, cigarettes, coffee are only the socially-expected ‘tip of the iceberg’). Indeed, 5e D&D has spells that change the minds of people – but it does not explicitly explain how this changes the impacted person’s feelings. For example, a depressed person experiencing Charm is still depressed, but they feel a bit more friendly towards a specific person should they fail their saving throw.

If there is a RAW explanation or example for how (Mass) Suggestion spells &/or effects change feelings beyond thought-action mechanics it changes how the spell impacts the game. Imagine marketing this suggestion-magic as a drug, a valuable resource with NO withdrawal – and minimal risk of addiction. An entire industry would logically exist for any bard, wizard or sorcerer with access to this second level spell.

What would be even more interesting is if this feeling-manipulation could be used to solve psychological barriers. Imagine telling a target ‘You will figure out the inner-dialogue on how to be confident… and free of anxiety… in the next two to eight hours.’ If psychological states can be over-suggested (meta-suggested?) then this suggestion-impact could even allow a fresh saving throw for all mind-impacting spells.

  • Fear &/ or frightened condition: ‘You are NOT afraid! Your course of action is to stop trembling and function normally.’

  • Charmed &/or effects: ‘You do not find that vampire charming.’

  • Possession: ‘You will cast out that ghost – they are not you! Resist!’

  • Song of Harpies: ‘This is not your kind of music, you prefer violin concertos. Do not listen to her!’

At higher levels of Mass Suggestion this would function without concentration. If this mental suggestion-force were allowed it would provide resistance or even immunity to specific magic &/or spells pending the wording of the original (suggest) spell.

In short: Can Suggestion-style magic create specific states of being whilst suggesting an action? Is feeling a state of being considered an action? If so, does this extend into saving throws and resistances against other mind-controlling magic?

Mass seduction! How could I make this work!

We’re playing 5e. My Max charisma 3rd level Minotaur bard, asked me how he would go about creating a harem for himself out of NPC’s He was asking me about just rolling charisma for everyone, and I had to explain to him that charisma rolls might sway a conversation, but they’re not god powers. They don’t just make someone fall in love with you. I was wondering if there are any rule based powers or items that would make a huge amount of people fall in love or at least have a great admiration for him.

By the way. I’m not sure what he plans to do with this.. So I sort of what to see how it goes.. Call it a hunch.

Are there rules (or at least relevant statements) in 5e about conservation of mass with magic?

Since some spells (such as enlarge/reduce) seem to reduce or increase the amount of mass that is present in game-play with no explanation as to how this happens, some interpret that to mean that conservation of mass is “thrown out the window” in 5e.

However, another view is that the RAW is silent on how those spells work, which leaves it up to the DM to either enforce or discard conservation of mass. The detailed mechanics of enlarge, for example, might be that it draws molecular matter from deep within the earth and/or from the environment or atmosphere, or even from another plane, such that conservation of mass holds true. Or then again, it might not. The spell description doesn’t say.

In a couple of answers about 3.5e (such as this one and this one), it has been softly asserted that conservation of mass is not really respected in D&D, and the topic was touched upon in comments to an answer to a 5e question, but the issue has not been definitively put to rest, that I can see.

Is this indeed ambiguous according to RAW, perhaps intentionally (perhaps the rules authors are avoiding over-managing the campaign settings of various tables)? To put it differently: Is the RAW silent on conservation of mass? Or is there a definitive RAW answer to this somewhere that I have not come across?

Stop External users with ‘contribute’ permission mass mailing everyone in AD (hide all users in AD from external users)

Our clients each have their own site on our tenant. They have contribute permission level (within their own site) to allow them to upload documents for us to process. With ‘contribute’ they also get the button to “SHARE”. When this is selected they can start to type letters in the selection box and can start to populate the box. They cannot press send, but but this point they could copy and past into an email and bulk email! How do I stop them seeing ALL USERS in the AD. Even users that are not in their site!