Mass seduction! How could I make this work!

We’re playing 5e. My Max charisma 3rd level Minotaur bard, asked me how he would go about creating a harem for himself out of NPC’s He was asking me about just rolling charisma for everyone, and I had to explain to him that charisma rolls might sway a conversation, but they’re not god powers. They don’t just make someone fall in love with you. I was wondering if there are any rule based powers or items that would make a huge amount of people fall in love or at least have a great admiration for him.

By the way. I’m not sure what he plans to do with this.. So I sort of what to see how it goes.. Call it a hunch.

Are there rules (or at least relevant statements) in 5e about conservation of mass with magic?

Since some spells (such as enlarge/reduce) seem to reduce or increase the amount of mass that is present in game-play with no explanation as to how this happens, some interpret that to mean that conservation of mass is “thrown out the window” in 5e.

However, another view is that the RAW is silent on how those spells work, which leaves it up to the DM to either enforce or discard conservation of mass. The detailed mechanics of enlarge, for example, might be that it draws molecular matter from deep within the earth and/or from the environment or atmosphere, or even from another plane, such that conservation of mass holds true. Or then again, it might not. The spell description doesn’t say.

In a couple of answers about 3.5e (such as this one and this one), it has been softly asserted that conservation of mass is not really respected in D&D, and the topic was touched upon in comments to an answer to a 5e question, but the issue has not been definitively put to rest, that I can see.

Is this indeed ambiguous according to RAW, perhaps intentionally (perhaps the rules authors are avoiding over-managing the campaign settings of various tables)? To put it differently: Is the RAW silent on conservation of mass? Or is there a definitive RAW answer to this somewhere that I have not come across?

Stop External users with ‘contribute’ permission mass mailing everyone in AD (hide all users in AD from external users)

Our clients each have their own site on our tenant. They have contribute permission level (within their own site) to allow them to upload documents for us to process. With ‘contribute’ they also get the button to “SHARE”. When this is selected they can start to type letters in the selection box and can start to populate the box. They cannot press send, but but this point they could copy and past into an email and bulk email! How do I stop them seeing ALL USERS in the AD. Even users that are not in their site!


Does Mass Suggestion spell end if the caster dies? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Do your spells end when you die? 1 answer

Unlike regular Suggestion, Mass Suggestion does not require concentration nor does it require the caster to be in particular range after the spell has been invoked.

What would happen if the caster of Mass Suggestion was to die between it being cast and before the spell ends (e.g. if the caster used his last action to cast the spell before succumbing to a wound).

Magento 2 – Mass update of value of custom EAV attribute

We’ve got custom EAV attribute for product entity, which needs to be updated regurarly (once a day). We have about 1000 products for now, but amount of products will be growing up quickly.

How to mass update the value of this attribute for all products without killing the web server?

At the moment we are using $ product->setData(...,...) and save product through Product Repository. The server terminates execution after about 250 products though.


Remove option from adminhtml UI component XML file. Delete Mass Action Option in Magento 2.3

I want to remove (or hide) the delete option from the product listing mass action in the Admin section. I cannot find the correct way to do this.

This shows how to hack the core files which is not very useful

This shows you how to add to the ui component

The file Catalog/view/adminhtml/ui_component/product_listing.xml is what I would like to override/edit. I have created the custom module and can add to the ui component but I cannot simply remove the option in Module/ModuleName/view/adminhtml/ui_component/product_listing.xml

So what am I missing? I have tried simply removing the option in the custom module after copying all of the XML over but that obviously did nothing. How do I Customize the options?

   <massaction name="listing_massaction"                 component="Magento_Ui/js/grid/tree-massactions"                 class="\Magento\Catalog\Ui\Component\Product\MassAction">         <action name="delete">             <settings>                 <confirm>                     <message translate="true">Delete selected items?</message>                     <title translate="true">Delete items</title>                 </confirm>                 <url path="catalog/product/massDelete"/>                 <type>delete</type>                 <label translate="true">Delete</label>             </settings>         </action>         <action name="status">             <settings>                 <type>status</type>                 <label translate="true">Change status</label>                 <actions>                     <action name="0">                         <type>enable</type>                         <label translate="true">Enable</label>                         <url path="catalog/product/massStatus">                             <param name="status">1</param>                         </url>                     </action>                     <action name="1">                         <type>disable</type>                         <label translate="true">Disable</label>                         <url path="catalog/product/massStatus">                             <param name="status">2</param>                         </url>                     </action>                 </actions>             </settings>         </action>         <action name="attributes">             <settings>                 <url path="catalog/product_action_attribute/edit"/>                 <type>attributes</type>                 <label translate="true">Update attributes</label>             </settings>         </action>     </massaction> 

Mass / batch – update / edit cells with in a grid

I am looking for some ideas on the UX of allowing a user to edit multiple cells in a grid at one time. These users may have thousands of records and they need to provide data on each record, this data may be duplicated across multiple records so I am trying to figure out a clean way to allow them to apply a value to multiple cells easily.

Hoping to not implement excel in my application.

Any help would be appreciated 🙂

Magento 2.3.2 mass product actions issue

Just installed Magento 2.3.2 but I am having an issue and I can’t update massively products in admin like I could in Magento 2.3.1 When I select for example 4-5 products and change change their status from enable to disable I get this message on top in admin:

Task “Update attributes for 4 selected products”: 1 item(s) have been scheduled for update.

After further checking in the release announcement of Magento 2.3.2 Magento official 2.3.2 release notes

Somewhere in the middle it says:

Merchant tool enhancements

Magento now performs the following tasks as asynchronous background processes and sends system messages to alert Admin users when tasks complete. Moving these common administrative tasks to the background frees administrators to work on other tasks while the initial tasks are processing.

Discount coupon generation. See Coupon Code.

Mass editing of products.

Data export. Previously, connection timeouts occurred during export of large data sets (for example, the export of 200,000 products). See Export for more information.

Can somebody explain please? This means that mass products actions passed to crons? For me isn’t working and I can’t figure out why. I updated some products 2 hours ago and still waiting changes to applied.