Why can’t we use the Master Theorem on recurrences with floor or ceiling operations? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Master Theorem and rounding up to the nearest integer 1 answer
  • Rigorous proof for validity of assumption $ n=b^k$ when using the Master theorem 1 answer

From my understanding, using such operators on large numbers doesn’t have an impact on running time, since the integer rounding becomes negligible after a certain point. For example, the recurrence $ $ T(n)= \begin{cases} T(\lfloor{n/2}\rfloor)+(\log(n))^{2}, & \text{if $ n>1$ } \ 1 & \text{if $ n=1.$ } \end{cases} $ $ is unsolvable using the Master Theorem, whereas $ $ T(n)= \begin{cases} T({n/2})+(\log(n))^{2}, & \text{if $ n>1$ } \ 1 & \text{if $ n=1.$ } \end{cases} $ $ is solvable using the Master Theorem. Why is this?

EDIT: Why doesn’t this floored example work? Isn’t it monotonically increasing?

Can I change favicon without modifying the master page?

I am trying to change the favicon for a site in SharePoint Online. I have seen how it is possible to do this by modifying a master page. However, with SharePoint Online Microsoft was recommended not modifying master pages as it might (will) break things when they push automatic updates- or it may just prevent auto updates, I’m not sure which, but either scenario I want to avoid.

Is this possible? Is there a file I can just replace somewhere on SharePoint Online? Could someone show me that path, if so?

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Monk’s Martial Arts and Polearm Master

I have a problem with an interpretation of the outcome of a monk with the Polearm Master feat, wielding a quarterstaff.

  1. You can take the Attack action and attack with a quarterstaff using Dex instead of Str and dealing 1d4 (monk), 1d6 (normal) or 1d8 (versatile) damage.
  2. Then you can use a Bonus action and make an unarmed strike using Dex instead of Str, dealing 1d4 (monk) damage.
  3. Or you can use a Bonus action from from Polearm Master and make a weapon attack using Dex instead of Str, dealing 1d4 (polearm master) or 1d4 (monk) damage.

Note: Monk’s Martial Art damage goes higher with levels up to 1d10.

Am I right with my interpretation? Especially the part of using a monk’s damage die instead of the Polearm Master die. I don’t know which “die replacement” is more specific.

SharePoint Online – Oslo Master Page doesn’t apply to modern page (UI)

I created a Team Site, I changed the master page to Oslo, but it doesn’t apply when I’m displaying a modern UI page : ModernPage

As you can see, I still have the navigation on the left (I can hide it but then people won’t have the top navigation and will be stuck on the homepage).

Whereas, If I display a “Wiki page” or “Webpart page”, the Oslo master page gets applied : WikiPage

We have the navigation and search bar on the top now, which is exactly what I want.

Is this a normal behavior of SharePoint Online ? Can we have a modern UI Page having the Oslo master page applied within a Team site ?

Thank you and cheers !

How to show a modal dialog without master page content?

I am migrating a sharepoint solution from Sharepoint 2010 to 2013, and so far everything works, but I’m stuck at one specific problem. In some lists, the user has the possibility to open an editor for a list item. This opens a modal dialog with some inputfields and some buttons. The masterpage is not shown in these dialogs, but that is how it’s supposed to be, so no problem so far. There is however one aspx page that contains more than one asp panel, and in this modal dialog the master page layout is visible. I am not allowed to post any of my code but the general structure of these layout pages is:

A Redirect.aspx page with:

<frameset>     <Frame></Frame> </frameset> 

Where another aspx page is loaded in. This aspx page is mostly a Panel with a table in it.

I don’t expect anyone to solve my specific problem, but I’m out of ideas where to look for the issue.

I am using the default master page by the way, so I added no custom code to the masterpage.

SPNavigationProvider not showing the same in custom master page and system master page

I’m coding a custom WebPart in SP 2013 called LeftNavigation, as the name implies, the idea is that this webpart shows the SP left navigation so our users can add it on specific Page Layouts.

The problem I’m having is that this WP is not showing the same navigation items as the system master page. Whenever I configurate the site to use managed metadata navigation or structured navigation, this WP still shows what it seems to be a list of lists within the site. I’m using the same map provider from the default system master page and still no luck:

<asp:SiteMapDataSource    SiteMapProvider="SPNavigationProvider"    ShowStartingNode="False"    id="topSiteMap"    StartingNodeUrl="sid:1025"    runat="server" /> 

Any thoughts?

When two weapon fighting, can a battle master use a manoeuver on the attack action and another on the bonus action attack?

The rules state that “you can use only one manoeuvre per attack” (PHB 73), but i’m unsure how that applies in the case of two weapon fighting.

Is striking an opponent with your bonus action considered a separate attack, or part of the original attack?