What does the Exotic Weapon Master’s Uncanny Blow require?

The Exotic Weapon Master (Complete Warrior, p. 30) has, as one of its optional class abilities, the Weapon Stunt Uncanny Blow.

Uncanny Blow gives a benefit to the Exotic Weapon Master "[w]hen wielding a one-handed exotic melee weapon in two hands[.]"

To trigger this benefit, must a creature wield a one-handed exotic weapon that does not offer a two-handed martial option?

Would an Exotic Weapon Master without Exotic Weapon Proficiency: bastard sword still be able to benefit from this weapon stunt? The weapon stunts themselves only require Weapon Focus – and since the Bastard Sword is also a two-handed martial weapon, a character proficient with martial weapons could presumably take Weapon Focus in the bastard sword, always intending to use it in two hands. That character still has Exotic Weapon Proficiency with the Spiked Chain, and so the character does fulfill all the requirements for the class and the stunts.

But, if the character always plans on using it as a martial weapon in two hands, then it is never being used as an exotic weapon (ignoring that putting two hands on such a one-handed exotic might make it non-exotic anyway) . . . So can the Exotic Weapon Master ever benefit from Uncanny Blow with a bastard sword?

Should I get the Dungeon Master’s Guide, the Player’s Handbook, or the Monster Manual? [duplicate]

So I’m a fairly new player in the game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). I’m known about the game/played a very loose version of the game a little over a year ago and I started getting serious about ten-eleven months ago. Currently, I am still learning about the game, its concepts, and how to play. Something I would love to try is DMing. But there are a few problems with that:

  1. I’m still not a master at the game and I’m still learning
  2. I’m not sure if I have all the resources.

So I’m asking you guys! What would be the most important to get for an inspiring world builder and D&D player? The Dungeon Master’s Guide, the Player Handbook, or the Monster Manual? I currently have some beginner level stuff that just teaches you the basics, but what if I want to go deeper?

Can I apply great weapon master’s -5 atk, +10dmg feature to a bonus attack?

Say I trigger the bonus attack granted by GWM’s first feature, (bonus attack upon crit or killing blow). Can I then apply GWM’s second feature (-5 atk, +10 dmg) to that bonus attack?

As a barbarian at level 5 (extra attack) , this would mean that I could use this feature a total of 3 times — that’s some heavy damage.

How to start preparing for Masters thesis?

I am a first year Masters student in Computer Science from India. I am due to begin work on my Masters thesis after 2-3 months. Currently, I am in a big dilemma in choosing the area of my interest.

Last semester, I took courses in Machine Learning and Digital Image Processing. I developed an interest in the area of Computer Vision (more so on my whim), and I have thought of a few problems which might have interesting applications, but I am unsure of its feasibility.

Please provide some links to journals/articles/blogs/MOOCs which could help me explore the domain in a targeted way, without getting lost in the sea of content available on the internet. On a Google search, I am finding it difficult to sort and select the right material.


What things are in the Essentials Kit but not the Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide?

The Essentials Kit was published on June 24th 2019 (available everywhere on September 3rd of the same year) and some of the rules in it are different from how they appear in the PHB (even post-errata). I’m wondering just how many of these there are and what they are as they may result in certain rules being overturned.

I’ve currently provided my own answer with the things that I have found, and welcome anybody to edit in other examples throughout the books. Note that I’m not looking for things that are missing from the Essentials Kit, but things that are only in the Essentials Kit.

When does a Chain Familiar’s attack occur using the new UA Eldritch Invocation: Chain Master’s Fury?

  1. The familiar attacks immediately using the Warlock’s bonus action.
  2. The familiar attacks immediately, using the familiar’s reaction.
  3. The familiar attacks, on the familiar’s turn, using the familiar’s reaction.

Eldritch Invocation: Chain Master’s Fury Prerequisite: 9th level, Pact of the Chain feature. As a bonus action, you can command your familiar to make one attack.

Starting with D&D: Starter Set vs Dungeon Master’s Guide

For some time I have been GMing Call of Cthulhu 7th ed. and now, to try something different, I would like to go with D&D 5.0 since in a few weeks it will be available in my native tongue (the DM Guide is coming in few weeks, the Monster Manual and Starter Set are already translated and easily purchasable).
But I wonder if I should buy the Dungeon Master’s Guide or should I start with Starter Set?
I don’t mind waiting for the book to be available so it’s not an issue of any sort.
I just wonder if it’s better to start with the Starter or the Guide?
I suppose the Starter is easier to swallow, but what is your experience?