How to colour blend between two materials?

I’ve been trying to get a material (with an image texture) to animate towards a colour mix with transparency, but either I’m attempting something the wrong way, or unable to find the right keyword to find about similar examples.

What I’m trying to accomplish is to make a 3D character blush; I have the face area on it’s own material, with textures set, but that’s where my problem is. If it was animating between two colours, I would simply use Color.Lerp, but since textures are included, that makes me think I have to somehow have a colour mix option for this.

I’ve also tried to just use the built-in animator to see if Unity would blend between the colours of two different materials, but after all it turned out to be an instant change on the new keyframe; which leaves me to think so far my only exit could be to manually create several keyframes, and create several materials to get it close to acceptable.

Although my knowledge about it is close to zero, is this after all only possible with a custom fragment shader? I don’t know if there’s a suitable package, or built-in Unity feature that makes something like this possible, or if at all I’m approaching this problem the right way…

Update: This is the shader I’m using right now, from 魔王. It might be a little confusing since inputs are all abbreviated, so here are some example files that are being used.


ECS multiple materials per mesh (sub-mesh)

In my toy engine I currently have a MeshComponent and a MaterialComponent.


struct MeshComponent {     Ptr<Mesh> Mesh; };  struct MaterialComponent {     Ptr<Texture> DiffuseTexture;     Ptr<Texture> NormalsTexture; }; 

This is fine, for when a single mesh uses a single material.


Entity entity = CreateEntity(); AddComponentToEntity(entity, meshComponent); AddComponentToEntity(entity, materialComponent); 

But now I want to consider the concept of "sub-meshes" (regions of a mesh that are rendered with a different material, but each sub-mesh shares the parent vertex list). I don’t want my Mesh class to know anything about materials, and vice-versa.

What good approaches are there for "joining" multiple MaterialComponent to a single MeshComponent?

I’ve considered having an entity for each sub-mesh, but that seems brittle (not to mention overkill, as I’m only interested in MaterialComponents).


struct MeshComponent {     Ptr<Mesh> Mesh;     std::vector<Entity> SubMeshEntities; // Would need to ensure the indices match those of the sub-meshes }; 

What other approaches are there?

what is considered “similar suitably sturdy materials” for Galder’s Tower

Galder’s Tower states

You conjure a two-story tower made of stone, wood, or similar suitably sturdy materials.

What would qualify as "similar suitably sturdy materials"? The relevant definition of sturdy is "strong enough to withstand rough work or treatment." Assuming "similarly" sturdy, could the material be extremely hot stone? Would Mythril or diamond qualify under this?

Can the Rune Knight’s runes only be placed on materials that can be carved?

TCoE’s Rune Knight fighter subclass gains proficiency in smith’s tools (i.e. metalworking), and its first major feature is called Rune Carver, which says:

…you can touch a number of objects equal to the number of runes you know, and you inscribe a different rune onto each of the objects. To be eligible, an object must be a weapon, suit of armor, a shield, a piece of jewelry, or something else you can wear or hold in a hand.

The association with smithing, the use of the words "carver" and "inscribe," and the specific examples chosen suggest that the runes must be carved into a substance like wood, metal, leather, or stone. However, nothing in the rules’ mechanics seems to truly constrain this. The criterion that the object must be something "you can wear or hold in a hand" is quite broad.

Can you touch an object that’s wearable or holdable but unable to be carved (like a sheet of parchment or a linen shirt) and still cause the rune to be magically "inscribed" on it?

What non-component materials are required for wizard spells?

I am currently playing a wizard, and trying to plan ahead. I am making the assumption that all published spells are common and known to him, so while he cannot cast them yet, he is aware of them all, and how they work.

As such he is planning ahead, trying to gather whatever he can to make those spells work when (if) he ever learns to cast them.


Scrying (Divination, level 4)

Items belonging to a potential target: likeness or picture; possession or garment; body part (lock of hair, nail etc)

Teleport (Conjuration, level 7)

Items from a location: associated object taken within the last 6 months

Dream (Illusion, level 5)

Items belonging to a potential target: body part (lock of hair, nail etc)

Infernal calling (Conjuration, level 5)

Items belonging to a devil: talisman

Animate dead (Necromancy, level 3)

Something to animate: pile of bones; corpse of a medium or small humanoid

I have been through all the spells that I can find, but my question is: are there any items I have missed that are not material components, but have a specified positive effect on the spell in the same way as the above items.

I only care about the wizard spell list using all official sources (including optional spells such as from TGtE and dunamancy from EGtW).

Best way to store information about a list of materials and their quantity

I want to store some information about a game. Specifically information about certain buildings that can be built in it.

Said buildings require materials to be built. I am trying to come up with a good DB model for storing that information in my database.

For example, one building needs 10 wood to be built. I thought about having a "Buildings" table with columns for ID, name, icon and material cost. However I’m usually used to referencing common values from another table. This is to say I would have a separate table named "Materials" with columns ID, name and icon and the "Buildings" table would have a column "MaterialsRequired" which would hold a reference to the ID of the needed material in the "Materials" table. But I have no idea how to do that (which is a best practice, afaik) AND store the needed amount of said material.

What existing materials could be precedence for The Great Wheel of Eurovision?

Eurovision has been around since 1956 and DnD just a little bit less.

What existing materials could be used as precedence for an EPIC annual contest between bards, where each of the Outer planes in the Great Wheel Cosmology puts forward one performing representative (a talented bard), an Over The Top contest occurs, and delegates from all planes vote on the winner?

Part of what this would entail a contest between bards. Are there existing modules or campaign references that have a contest between bards, including ways to adjudicate besides "roll a skill check"?

The GM has access to both the Pathfinder reference "The Great Beyond" and the 3.5e "Manual of the Planes." The Great Wheel Cosmology would be preferred over the Pathfinder planar treatment: what existing "outer plane" materials in either system would be of use here?

Asking for a friend, whose Players though it would be fun to create a party that is a band (all the PCs are musicians, not all are bards) and the GM wants to punish them. This question also partially inspired by the recent movie Eurovision Song Contest: the story of Fire Saga.

This group primarily plays Pathfinder 1e but other material could be tweaked/twisted/ squeezed into shape.

How to find 5e DM materials online, preferably for free? [duplicate]

The reason I’m asking this is because of, quite simply, the Monster Manual. As a DM, I know I’m probably gonna need it, but not all the time. So instead of buying it physically, I want to see if there is a free online way to access it. If you could also find a way to get Xanathar’s Guide to Everything the same way, that would be great as well. I’m not talking about campaign books by the way. Someone suggested How do I find quest books for sale? as a alternative question with answers, but again, I’m not talking about campaign books (yet)

Was a “divine wish” spell ever mentioned in any published game materials?

Official or unofficial materials. Not necessarily a spell available to players; it could be a creature or item ability. Various people from the AD&D 2nd edition up to Planescape (primarily 90’s) seem to remember such a spell, but I have not been able to find any TSR materials or endorsed / published materials with such a spell.

soundproof materials

Our Acoustic Sound Dampening Blankets is for quality indoor and outdoor soundproofing, this product structure a flexible MLV barrier with anti UV PVC and fiberglass fabric on both surface, the middle is the quilted sound absorption. The application main in the chain link fences, construction site barrier, wall soundproof barrier, etc.
Product NameAcoustic Barrier Fencing
Finish MaterialPVC & Fiberglass Fabric
Inner MaterialSound absorption+Sound Deadening Felt
Size1000*2000mm or customized
Designrhombus,vertical line,square
Insulation coefficient17-27DB  
Project Casessoundproof materials