Import an image using Matex without the path of the image inserted in the output

I am playing with MaTeX to include an image. It works but it also displays the path of the image in the output which messes things out.

Here is a MWE (on windows with 11.3)

<< MaTeX` SetOptions[MaTeX, "Preamble" -> {"\usepackage{graphicx}"}]; MaTeX["This is a test \includegraphics[width=.5\textwidth]{C:/Program Files/Wolfram Research/Mathematica/11.3/Documentation/English/System/ExampleData/pearls.png} with data"] 

which gives

Mathematica graphics

I’d like the path of the images not to show in the text output.

Mathematica graphics

Is there a way to do that?

MaTeX Version 1.7.4, Mathematica 11.3 on windows 10.