Mating behaviours of dragons

My question is about the social behaviour of dragons in regards to the opposite gender. I’ve read a few small pieces about breeding and territorial behavior of dragons, but nothing substantial that I have come across, so my question is if there are any sources for their behavior or what the behavior is.

In essence my question regards the following things:

  • Territorial behavior
  • Breeding behavior


Dragons are or can be, from what I read, quite territorial. Originally, I had assumed that they don’t tolerate other dragons living in their territory; but the info about the Red Dragon Ruler of the Five Kings Mountains vanquished that thought, as he tolerates not only wyverns but even other dragons inside his territory.

For this section, the question is: Do dragons who are mates end up sharing lairs or not? (I read one instance in the newer dragon books where a dragon was killed while he tried to visit the female dragon who laid their eggs… so the two dragons had lairs quite far from each other)


Here the question is if dragons mate for life, if they are only together for laying one hatch of eggs and then go separate ways, or if it’s more a mix of those two depending on the dragons in question. And also related to this is who decides that two dragons are going to lay eggs. As an example, in Shadowrun, with very rare circumstances (which brings a mortal enemy to the other dragon) the female dragons decide from whom they lay eggs.

Also related here is: Do both dragons care for the eggs or only the females?

Like I said I’m interested if this info is standing somewhere such as books, or if there is a general consensus on these things.