Database maximum size when import bacpac file using sql package

Can be specify Database maximum size when import bacpac file using sql package? Maximum size 32GB is auto sizing but my actual DB size is over 35GB. originally: DatabaseMaximumSize=(INT32).

eg. import parameter /p:DatabaseEdition=GeneralPurpose /p:DatabaseServiceObjective=GP_Gen5_2 /p:DatabaseMaximumSize=(INT60)

Select maximum of a count in a grouped clause

I have the following tables:

Vehicles(v͟i͟n͟, model,category) Sales(s͟a͟l͟e͟I͟D͟, staffID,customerID,date) vehicleSold(saleID,v͟i͟n͟,salePrice) 

When I join these tables using:

select YEAR(Sales.saleDate)      , Vehicles.model      , count(Vehicles.model) 'Sold'      , Vehicles.category   from Vehicles    JOIN vehicleSold     on =   JOIN Sales      on Sales.saleID = vehicleSold.saleID  group      by YEAR(Sales.saleDate)      , Vehicles.model      , Vehicles.category; 

Result is:

+----------------------+-------------+------+----------------+ | YEAR(Sales.saleDate) | model       | Sold | category       | +----------------------+-------------+------+----------------+ |                 2020 | Altima      |    1 | car            | |                 2020 | Flying Spur |    2 | car            | |                 2020 | Lifan E3    |    3 | Electric Moped | |                 2020 | Ridgeline   |    2 | truck          | |                 2020 | Shiver      |    4 | motorbike      | +----------------------+-------------+------+----------------+ 

Out of this table I want to get the model that was most sold in a category. So, in this case I only want to return a 2020, Flying Spur, car as the only row in category car because it was the most sold in 2020 in its category. I tried using a subquery is MAX(COUNT(*)) but I guess that is not supported in mysql. If anyone could point out my mistake and has any idea how to do this then that would be big help!

Oracle 19 ORA-01450: maximum key length (6398) exceeded

I am using Oracle 19 and recently changed the collation to XGERMAN_AI. This required to change the MAX_STRING_SIZE to be EXTENDED as in the following link

Now, trying to create tables with unique constraints on varchar2 columns produce the error

ORA-01450: maximum key length (6398) exceeded.

Here is my table


I googled this error, and all results say that it is becase the index size is bigger than the block size which is 8k. But in my case the column RISK_LEVEL is only 255 char long! (255*4 bytes = 1020 bytes), which is much less than 8k and also 6398

Any idea how to fix this?

5e: Artificer: Does infused magic item count against maximum number of infusions?

I would assume the answer is ‘no’ but I wanted to check.

It feels very odd to be able to replicate (up to) 4 magic items at level 2, but only ever be able to use two of them at a time at that level, because it just saves you a bit of money early on, Or, for example, if you replicate a bag of holding, you can only ever have one other infusion active.

I have seen a few people claim that the replicate magic item infusion does not count against the standard 2 max infusions (at level 2). Just that you are limited to having only 1 replica of your chosen magic item at any one time. The claim is that (TCOE p12) the reference to an ‘infusion ending on a bag of holding’ is only applied if you attempt to make a new bag of holding, but I wanted to ask what other’s thought

I like this second option better, as it means you can play more with your enhancement infusions and so that if you ever want to change your other infusions, you don’t have to constantly pick up every item that pops out of your bag of holding (since it would be the oldest infusion every other time, you would have to re-create the infusion and put everything back into the bag)

Is it a game breaking house rule, if all in combat healing source heals the rollable maximum?

In the next week I will start a new campaign where I will be the DM. The players will be totally new to the DnD World, and because of that, I want to let them to freely choose the class and race which they want to play, but it seems like there will be no healer PC, just damage dealers and some kind of PC which maybe will have some healing.

I want to play with them in a relatively long campaign (I’m planning from level 1 to 20) and because of that, I really want to give them more opportunity to overcome the missing healing power. Will it break anything, if I let the semi-healer PC to heal the maximum roll-able number with any healing skill, which he/she uses in combat? For short rest I wouldn’t allow this house rule, so I really want to know, if it would be too powerful in combat house rule or not, and why?

Given the following constraints what is the maximum number of attacks in a round for 3.X edition?

A former DM has had the same recurring NPC/GMPC since I started playing in his game. This was 20+ years ago and we started in 1st edition and slowly made our way through the years and editions. We updated our characters as we went to the new editions. Now this NPC/GMPC is the most reviled in his games, any time he shows up all the players immediately want him dead. We stick to character though.

The question will be broken up to hopefully get expert answers from each of the editions in which we played in this particular question it will be specific to 3.Xe. I am skipping 4e (as we all hated it and only played one session) and 5e because I know for a fact that it is not possible there (yet).

The question is as follows:

Give the following constraints what is the maximum number of attacks in this edition:

  1. NPC is an Elf (In this edition it is irrelavent I suppose).
  2. He was a Thief-Acrobat in previous editions and I assume multiclassed, probably Fighter-Thief, due to how 3.X prestige works let’s assume just Rogue for this edition, although any official prestige class is fair game. Character focused on tumbling and thrown knife attacks.
  3. The weapon of choice was throwing knives.
  4. Assume unlimited ammunition as he had a bandalier that had the knives return.
  5. I know he could throw 3 knives at a time (pretty sure this was a thing for shuriken from Oriental Adventures).
  6. Assume all official sources and Dragon Magazine since the first issue are open.
  7. I know of this question and assume there is a variant with knives.
  8. If I recall he threw with both hands as well.
  9. Assume prestige classes are open, this DM even as a player had a tendency to stack multiclass options with min/max precision but assume Rogue is the primary focus.
  10. Assume Quick Draw.
  11. We were always between 8th and 15th level when I met this character.
  12. I do not recall spell-casting but not ruling it out entirely but main build would likely have been focused on mundane means.
  13. Assume focused magical item augmentation as well, just calling it out even though the aforementioned bandolier alluded to it, but for the most part official items other than that.
  14. Assume no flying invisible helpers as suggested by HeyICanChan or for that matter third party interventions or Aid Another.

The end result in game was quite literally at least 2 dozen attacks per round, perhaps more. Which I have questioned him multiple times about the build and legitimacy but he as refused to provide any answers. I know DMs do not have to justify but this, combined with a number of other things over the years has lead to distrust. I have since stopped playing his games altogether, so this is just a verification on whether I have overreacted.

This was broken into 3 questions for each of the editions.

AD&D, AD&D 2nd Edition, and Dungeons & Dragons 3.X.

How do you calculate your character’s Maximum Hit Points?

I am very new to tabletop games. I have recently started playing D&D 5th Edition with a good group of people and we have a great DM. I have also purchased the 5th edition Player’s Handbook. Half the fun of D&D is creating these amazing player characters. But for the life of me, I cannot seem to find anything on establishing a player character’s Maximum Hit Points. Can anyone tell me what figures or formulas are used to calculate maximum hit points?

D&D Maximum Attack Bonus [duplicate]

In D&D 5E, what is the maximum achievable attack bonus?

Without expenditure, the highest I can reckon is a level 20 Ranger

  • +5 from 20 Dex
  • +6 from Proficiency
  • +5 Foe Slayer
  • +2 Archery Attack Style
  • +3 Magic Weapon
  • +1 Ioun Stone of Mastery
  • Total: +22

With expenditure, a level 10 Battle Master Fighter/level 2 War Cleric/level 1 Divine Sorcerer can get a bit higher, at least once

  • +5 from 20 Dex
  • +6 from Proficiency
  • +2 Archery Attack Style
  • +3 Magic Weapon
  • +3 Magic Ammunition
  • +1 Ioun Stone of Mastery
  • +d10 (1-10) Precision Attack Maneuver
  • +10 Guided Strike from Channel Divinity
  • +2d4 (2-8) Favoured by the Gods (would only trigger on a miss)
  • Total: +33-48

External Buffs

  • +10 War God’s Blessing from another level 6+ War Cleric Channel Divinity
  • +d6 (6) from Circle of Stars Druid Weal
  • +d4 (4) Bless
  • +d4 (4) Emboldening Bond from a Peace Cleric
  • +1d12 (12) from Bardic Inspiration
  • +d4 (4) Experimental Elixir from Alchemist Artificer
  • +d4 (4) Bend Luck from Wild Magic Sorcerer
  • Total: Up to +44

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Does the Necromancy Wizard’s lvl 10 feature, Inured to Undeath, prevent losing maximum hit points as a result of losing attunement to a magic item?

Inured To Undeath (bolding mine):

Beginning at 10th level, you have resistance to necrotic damage, and your hit point maximum can’t be reduced. You have spent so much time dealing with undead and the forces that animate them that you have become inured to some of their worst effects.

How does this feature interact with items that temporarily or conditionally improve your maximum HP, either through increasing the character’s CON score or by directly influencing maximum HP?

A similar question was posed with regards to the Aid spell, which had some interesting discussion.

Does the Aid spell permanently increase HP for Necromancy wizards with the Inured to Undeath feature?

But I’m specifically curious on how the feature interacts with Amulet of Health, Belt of Dwarvenkind, and other features that modify the CON score of the user.

Amulet of Health:

Your Constitution score is 19 while you wear this amulet. It has no effect on you if your Constitution score is already 19 or higher without it.

If a lvl 10 Necromancer with a CON modifier of 2 attuned to the Amulet of Health, then later in their adventuring career unattuned to the item, would their maximum HP stay at the level of the Amulet or return to its unaltered state?