What does it mean: Visa processing Times” you need to “Select the location you are making your application from”

I feel dumb asking about this, but gun shy with the visa process now.

1) under UK Gov site to see “Visa processing Times” you need to “Select the location you are making your application from”

2) The way I read it, that it means either my town, my state or my country.

3) However, in drop down menu it offers limited cities and countries together.

a) It has a few major cities like Chicago, NY and DC, but nothing near me.

b) It does have a option for DHS-Vac, USA, which googled is “Application Support Centers”

4) What exactly does that mean?

5) Since it seems to have limited options, I don’t really understand exactly what it means “Select the location you are making your application from”.

What does it mean by “consistent view of memory” in lock-free dequeue implementation?

I am currently reading this paper by Chales-Lev. This paper explain an implementation of work-stealing dequeue. The part where I don’t understand is in the implementation of steal operation.

public Object steal() { 11 long t = this.top; 12 long b = this.bottom; 13 CircularArray a = this.activeArray; 14 long size = b - t; 15 if (size <= 0) return Empty; 16 Object o = a.get(t); 17 if (! casTop(t, t+1)) 18 return Abort; 19 return o; } 

I am confused by this sentence on page 3 regarding this implementation:

Note that because top is read before bottom, it is guaranteed that the values read represent a consistent view of the memory. Specifically, it implies that bottom and top indeed had their observed values when bottom was read at Line 12.

I actually have find an example where loading bottom before top is problematic. Say for example where one thread do steal operation and in between the load bottom and load top operation there is another threads that keep doing pop operation until the queue is empty. Then after that we load top variable. Because we load the bottom variable first, we don’t know that the queue is already empty and at that point of time, top variable is up to date so the casTop() will be successful. But if we load the top variable first. There is no way to make the queue empty without modifying the top variable, so the casTop() will fail when there is another thread that try to make the dequeue empty.

But I still don’t understand the sentence above. What does it mean by consistent view of memory? Even though I already find the reason why I must load top first before bottom, I afraid there is a concept that I don’t understand here.

The mean value of phase noise as a stochastic process

  1. What is the mean value of phase noise as a stochastic process?
  2. Where can I get a theoretical analysis of this topic?

PS: PLL produces cos(2*πfct+φ(t)). The phase noise refers to φ(t). The mean value of the phase noise what I say refers to the mathematic expectation of phase noise stochastic process φ(t), namely E{ φ(t) }.

Pi, what does it mean? [on hold]

What is your knowledge of the relationship between the numbers in pi? The only number before the decimal place is 3, then .14, then 0.00159. Apparently the number goes on forever, but it makes sense they are equal. If the number was created with the side to the left of the decimal representing the speed of light in a vacuum and to the right speed of light, the number to the right would be slightly less than to the left. But light in a vacuum isn’t a real situation, as a whole. A theoretical equation.So what do the numbers represent? Assume the formula for pi is 30 = 14 + 16. And I’m interested in solving questions about how earth, the sun and moon interact with each other. What do those numbers represent?

which technology I mean. java, php,.net, python wordpress on aws ec2 instance is used for webservices and where is db?

I am new to AWS EC2. Actually, there is already services created and deployed on AWS EC2 but I do not know which technology used. And for that, where is source code and database. I am provided with public DNS, Through which I can connect to instance using ssh command etc. I need to know which language and technology is used for services.These services were created/ written for mobile devices cross platform. But in which technology?

please answer this question on mean median mode

Gary and Susan surveyed 10 people to find out how many board games they played in a month. The results are; Mean: 3.5, Median: 4, Range: 10. Gary then surveyed 2 additional people, with one person who played 20 board games in a month, and one who played 0 in a month. Is the mean, median, and mode in Gary’s survey greater, less, or equal to Susan’s survey?(Susan’s survey is 10 people).

Further Explanation: Is the mean in Gary’s survey greater, less, or equal to Susan’s survey? Is the mode in Gary’s survey greater, less, or equal to Susan’s survey? is the range in Gary’s survey greater, less, or equal to Susan’s survey? (3 questions)

Does immunity to ability damage also mean immunity to ability drain?

In the SRD section on Special Abilities, ability damage and ability drain are both grouped under Ability Score Loss, and states that one is temporary while the other is permanent.

Are drain and damage considered the same thing? Does immunity to one mean both? Are there any examples of immunity to each or both that would show they are not the same thing?