What does Ghosts of Saltmarsh mean by a suit of Medium mithral armor?

The Ghosts of Saltmarsh adventure “Isle of the Abbey” lists the following treasure (GoS, p. 109):

a suit of Medium mithral armor (your choice of type)

Which of the following interpretations is correct?

  1. A suit of mithral armor that is a chain shirt, scale mail, breastplate, or half plate.
  2. A suit of mithral armor of any type that is sized to fit a Medium creature.

This is for an Adventurers League game, so any AL-specific guidance would be helpful, if it exists.

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What does the spell Ceremony mean by “only once?”

I see a question regarding the Wedding option in the spell ceremony, What qualifies a creature as being "widowed" for the purposes of Ceremony?, but none about the others.

It says on Coming of Age and Dedication that

“A creature can benefit from this rite only once.”

That’s a bit ambiguous. Is that only once within the 24 hours to avoid stacking, or is that once ever?

Folder for Guest Additions – does that mean it’s installed?

I am running ubuntu as host and windows 10 on my vm. I tried installing guest additions but I am not sure it was successful. I have a folder called guest additions on my windows 10 (guest vm) — do I need to run this setup file to mount it? From the Windows 10 guest vm, under CD DRIVE (D:) I see CCCOMA_X64FRE_EN-US_DV9. No idea what this is so maybe it’s the guest additions file?

[see guest additions folder][1]

What does this mean: x => y =>

In an example for RxJs Subjects, at learnrxjs.io the 7th line of code is:

const log = subjectType => e => console.log(`$  {subjectType}: $  {e}`); 

What is this doing? Neither “subjectType” or “e” are currently defined. So I assume that both are just argument names. How would this line of code be rewritten if we did not have fat arrow syntax and only used “function” definitions?