how to resolve file 1 needs media recovery error in oracle 11g?

    I am trying to migrate oracle 11g database from windows to linux server. i have followed below steps for migration.      1.) I have opened database in mount mode.      2.) Then i have backup file in windows machine using rman.      3.) Then i have created pfile from sfile.      4.) I have used winscp to move my file in linux server.      5.) Then i have copied DBF files to 'u01/app/oracle/product/' ,      initORCL.ora to 'u01/app/oracle/product/' and transport.sql to 'tmp/orcl' 6.)I have changed all paths in pfile as per new location of linux server. 7.)now when i am running @/tmp/orcl/TRANSPORT.SQL it show me below error..      ALTER DATABAE OPEN RESETLOGS;  * ERROR at line 1: ORA-01194: file 1 needs media recovery  ORA-01110: data file 1: 'u01/app/oracle/product/\SYSTEM01.DBF'   Anyone have idea how to resolve this problem ?? it's very helpful to me. 

how to support google and social media schema of my main domain which redirect to language [closed]

I have my main domain but if any one go to will be dinamcly redirect to prefferd language like for english for french

now my problem with seo my main domain example if i past the link with out language the domain have no markups or meta title, discription etc.. whay should i do about that i want if some one add the domain link in facebook, twitter or in google to have title, discription and logo image, favico. i’m using flask

Fun-Arcade | Free Online Games, Play Now! | Automated new games & social media publication

Why are you selling this site?
Lack of time to develop the concept

How is it monetized?
Advertisements & Games affiliate

Does this site come with any social media accounts?


How much time…

Fun-Arcade | Free Online Games, Play Now! | Automated new games & social media publication

Automatically Close wordpress media uploader after click on upload image

i am using one function for automatically insert image in post after user upload image in wordpress media uploader but problem is that wordpress media uploader is still open after user upload image. so i am trying to add function that after user click on upload image after that wordpress media uploader should me close automatically.

What I am trying to do is –

  1. User clicks "Add Media"

  2. Select an image

  3. Now wordpress media uploader should be Close automatically.

any Chanches to add this type of function by php or using jquery Any clues ?

How to edit the default icon of Add Media button?

I am trying to replace the default Add Media icon in my WordPress site. I searched for the same on the web and got this:

How to replace default icon on "Add Media" button?

This seems to work for the OP, and ofcourse should’ve worked for others too. But, I am getting confused as the answer contains words like Child Theme and all. I could understand the first part of the answer, but I lost the track when the answer talked about this:

wp_enqueue_style('my-css', get_stylesheet_directory_uri().'/css/my-admin.css' 

From where did this part of the url came: '/css/my-admin.css. I searched in my database at the backend but couldn’t find this particular file anywhere. I know this might be a silly thing to ask, but this is it. Can someone help in this regard?

How to remap one of the TinyMCE Advanced Editor button to open the wordpress media library?

I am using the TinyMCE advanced editor for my WordPress site. I want the users in the frontend to be able to upload images using the WordPress media gallery, and for this purpose I would like to remap the Insert/edit image button, or add a new button (whichever is more feasible) to open the WordPress media gallery, so that the Authors can add captions and alt text to their images:

enter image description here

I have been searching on the internet about this, but haven’t found anything fruitful yet.

Can someone help in this regard?

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