[ Politics ] Open Question : Are you getting sick of the media overhyping the coronavirus?

My brother is a physician and has told me the coronavirus isn’t all that serious. If you do get it, the chances if you dying are slim to none. It’s only the elderly and those with health issues that have a higher chance of dying. I think the media is using this opportunity to make Trump look bad. If Biden does get elected, I wouldn’t be surprised if the coronavirus all of a sudden isn’t an issue anymore.

Selling my Social media Review

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Selling my Social media Review

Which tools do you use to create videos for social media?

Folks I am the founder of an online video editing tool.

I would love to learn what you guys do to create videos. Are you using any tools and do you have specific goals?

What I have built is to make it easy to generate subtitles and make cuts inside your video. Also, another thing I am solving is making motion graphics easier to implement in videos.

Ultimately I would love to learn how we can build a tool that is amazing and super accessible for all so that we can get more traffic and…

Which tools do you use to create videos for social media?

Merge Multisites with Shared Network Media Library

So have a multisite setup which no longer needs to be a multisite but I’m left with a bit of a mess since I used Network Media Library plugin to host images for all sites on the network. I’ll try to break it down:

  • started out with WP multisite
  • created two sites on the network
  • installed Network Media Library
  • site #1 hosted the media library
  • both sites hosted posts
  • (about a year and a lot of posting goes by)
  • pulled site #1 out of multisite to be hosted independently
  • left with multisite running site #2 but still pulling it’s media from site #1

What I want to do now is combine site #2 which contains all my posts with site #1 which contains only media. My concerns are:

  • if I merge tables there will be ID conflicts (some posts will have same ID as attachments)
  • if I use import function to bring images into posts site then images will be given new IDs and post thumbnail relations will all break
  • if I use import function to bring posts into images site then post IDs would change which can’t happen because we use the ID in the post URL

The best idea I have so far is to somehow…

  • use the WordPress import function to import all the attachments into the posts site
  • log old and new IDs into a new table in the DB as the process works
  • then iterate over all the posts switching old for new IDs in the post_meta _thumbnail_id fields
  • ideally then be left with one site which contains all the posts and attachments so I can reduce the install down to regular non-multisite.

There’s tens of thousands of posts on these combined sites so performing these functions is no small feat and really not sure where to start so I wonder if anyone has any experience of a process like this or ideas for alternative solutions.

Thanks for reading.

What if an attacker gets access to public key through an insecure media in digital signature?

If A encrpyts the message and creates signature using his private key and sends through the network then only B with the public key of A can decrypt that message.

But what if the attacker gets access to the public key of A and the encrypted message through the network? Will he be able to decrypt the message?

Is there an effective way to declare a web page’s informational relationship to multiple social media accounts?

In the <head> of each article page on a given website, I would like to indicate a relationship between that article page and multiple social media accounts.

At the very least, wherever possible, I would like to <link> each article-based web page to social media accounts for:

  • the website brand
  • the article publisher’s brand
  • the article author

It’s worth noting that:

  • the website is always the same
  • the publisher-contributor sometimes changes
  • the author-contributor often changes

E.g. I understand that a conventional link to a Twitter account looks like this:

<link rel="me" href="https://twitter.com/example-twitter-account"> 

which is great, but given that (I’ve just learned) rel="me" is the XFN equivalent of rel="author", I conclude this is an appropriate form to use only when referring to the author-contributor.

So what should I use for the publisher-contributor and for the website itself?


For the website’s own Twitter account, could I (possibly?) use rel="alternate" or should I be using rel="[something else]"?

I initially believed that I wouldn’t be able to use rel="author" or rel="publisher" to link to social media accounts, because I was already using those rel attributes to express relationships with specific web pages.

But now it occurs to me that I might use rel="publisher" more than once, like this:

<link rel="publisher" href="https://publisher-site.com/" /> <link rel="publisher" href="https://twitter.com/example-publisher-account" /> 


How should I approach <link>-ing a web document to three separate twitter accounts?


I note that I can use the following:

  • Website: <meta name="twitter:site" content="@websiteAccount">
  • Author: <meta name="twitter:creator" content="@authorAccount">

But that’s still only two out of three.

Additionally, it’s Twitter-specific and I am looking for something which can apply to any social media platform (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)