Social Media Content Marketer :: SAAS Product

Why are you selling this site?
I am not able to focus on this website anymore.

How is it monetized?
This website is a SAAS based. Users pay for monthly / yearly subscriptions to use the services.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
2-3 days setup for api setup. Then you can run it on your server.

What challenges are there with running this site?
No challenges at all. If you have good traffic…

Social Media Content Marketer :: SAAS Product

Securing media uploading to the cloud from reverse engineering

I own an RPG multiplayer game written in Java, where players can fight each other in the game.

Recently I planned to invent a new feature, where the last 15 seconds of your fight and the “knockout” will be saved and a gif will be created of the fight’s ending and automatically uploaded and can be linked to your account and viewed on the game’s website gallery.

Strategy I planned to use:

  1. Server sends a start-recording packet to the client to start recording the graphics buffer
  2. Client will clear the buffer and only keep the latest 15 seconds (X frames) of the current fight.
  3. When the fight ends, server sends stop-recording packet, this packet will contain a pre-signed URL generated by the server in which the client will use to upload the gif that the client will create in this step. the presigned URL will have the user’s ID encoded so that way it is linked, and a record will be created in the database aswell on the presign or on upload callback.

Might use AWS S3 as my storage.

What is the issue?

People can reverse-engineer my client, and can basically start fights and upload any gifs that they would want to, pornographic and unrelated content.

Is there a way, besides image-processing to solve this issue\?

Unique Social media marketing website with unique products

This is a unique site with a one of a kind product that is in high demand for internet marketers. The site sells a list of FB for sale/yard sale groups that has about 38m people total in all the groups. This list was created by me and I update it once and add new ones when I get time. The list sells for $ 199 but I think if you lowered the price the sales would go way up.

The site also sells adword accounts that have a $ 350 billing threshold for $ 45 and I have about $ 5 in each account so…

Unique Social media marketing website with unique products