Disabling Media Library and Bypassing it

Actually I am facing an issue and I am new to WordPress. I want to disable the Media Library for non_admin Users. I want that the Users on my site can upload images without having to upload it through WordPress window. I simply don’t want "Upload featured image" Window to show up every time a user wants to upload an image. I researched this topic a lot but couldn’t find a correct answer. enter image description here

Does a ` with a non-matching media value download sync or async, render-blocking or non-render-blocking?

I’m looking for an authoritative reference with regard to whether <link rel="stylesheet"> with a non-matching media attribute value downloads synchronously or render-blocking or neither.

MDN helpfully draws attention to Scott Jehl’s experiments from several years ago:

A style sheet with a media query attached to its tag will still download even if the query returns false.

Source: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/Media_Queries/Using_media_queries

Additional Reference: http://scottjehl.github.io/CSS-Download-Tests/

So far, so good.

But is that download-which-is-happening-anyway:

  • synchronous or asynchronous ?
  • render-blocking or non-render-blocking ?

I’m going to guess that it’s asynchronous, non-render-blocking and low priority.

But I’d really like to confirm this via an authoritative source – and I’ve been unable to find one.

Background to this question:

Now that Firefox (as of Jan 2021) supports <link rel="preload"> (see: https://caniuse.com/link-rel-preload), I’ve been running some experiments to see whether I am happiest with the behaviour of:

<link rel="preload" href="/my-non-critical-styles.css" as="style" onload="this.onload=null; this.rel='stylesheet';" /> 


<link rel="stylesheet" href="/my-non-critical-styles.css" media="print" onload="this.media='all';"> 

I can see that they do behave differently – a speed/performance tool like GTMetrix shows very clearly that the rel="preload" approach prioritises loading the non-critical stylesheet over images, while the media="print" approach prioritises loading images over the non-critical stylesheet – but I also want to be certain that the two approaches are alike in all other respects.

How to prevent WordPress Media Library from removing image?

I have a custom post type that must have its feature image. Its feature image also appears in the Media Library where user can delete the image/attachment file permanently. But I want to prevent user from deleting the feature image of my custom post type. So I use the following hook to intercept the ajax request, validate if user is deleting the image of my custom post type and stop the process by using wp_die().

add_filter('pre_delete_attachment', 'check_my_custom_post_type', 0, 2); function check_my_custom_post_type($  delete, $  post) {     if (Yes it is image of my custom type) {         wp_die('My message', 'My title', ['response' => 400]);     } } 

It works fine on the server side. The image of my custom post type cannot be deleted. But Media Library, on the client side, still removes the image from its views even the image on the server side has not been deleted and an exception 400 has been thrown.

How to prevent Media Library from removing images from its views on the client side if image has not been deleted on the server side?

Clubhouse – a new era in social media?

Well, I think there's no need explaining what Clubhouse is..

So what I'm thinking, is that a new way of communication? People became so tired posting photos, writing texts, calling each other? I've entered few rooms and I wasn't really impressed with the idea as if I want to listen to someone, I'd better choose some podcast.

What do you think about idea of moving to audio format? Do you like this app or prefer something more conservative?

Social Media Marketing – Doc Marketo

When it comes to marketing, social media for doctors are always a necessary part of the puzzle because its effect is so powerful. A majority of healthcare patients advise that they find information about a new practice via social media channels so gaining a presence on this stage is heavily significant.

To have a great attendance on social media, make sure to upload common and engaging content for your customers and potential customers to come across. It’s significant to know that not all…

Social Media Marketing – Doc Marketo

Pictures Social Media

I have saved some exclusive pictures to my social media with watermarks on to prevent copyright. I have accidently over written the original versions on my PC. Does anyone know any alternative software to Photoshop as this is expensive now, in which i can try remove the watermark please?

Any help you can give i would be forever grateful for. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, hope you're having a nice day.