Barbed Devil as grappler vs. Medium PCs

I’m preparing an encounter with devils, and I was reading the Barbed Devil entry on the MM.

It’s stated that it has an Impale special attack while grappling, Improved Grab and Improved Grapple.

It’s clear that its purpose is to latch onto an enemy ’till they’re dead, however, Improved Grab doesn’t really work on PCs (as they are of the same size), and the devil is missing Improved Unarmed Strike (prerequisite for Improved Grapple).

Improved Grapple isn’t marked as bonus either, so it doesn’t work without the prerequisite.

How can I fix this without changing the CR too much?

Can a medium creature stand in the middle of 10′ hallway?

Playing on a grid, imagine a 10′ hallway. Can a medium creature stand between the grid squares, effectively leaving 2½’ on each side? Or does the creature have to "hug the wall" and leave full 5′ on one side?

Reference link to basic rules.

I’m asking this for two reasons:

  • mundane "block the corridor by standing in the middle" situation (would seem to block it for mediums, and force small creatures to squeeze, ie. use extra movement).
  • blocking the corridor from a frightened creature already standing next to you (if there’s a 5′ gap, they can circle you, but squeezing through 2½’ gap next to the very creature they fear, that seems a stretch…).

Is the Midgard Heroes Handbook Centaur race considered as Medium, or Large, for the purpose of grappling and shoving?

In the "Midgard Heroes Handbook" from the Kobold Press, there is a playable character race, the Centaur. Their size is rather unique – a Medium/Large hybrid, so to speak :

Size. Centaurs stand between 8 and 9 feet tall and weigh in excess of 1,000 pounds. Your size is Large.

Humanoid Torso. Although you are Large, you wield weapons and wear armor sized for a Medium creature, thanks to the proportions of your humanoid torso.

It is clear to me that, as a creature with a Large, equine lower part, a Midgard Centaur can be ridden by a Medium creature (provided they’re wearing a saddle), but as a creature with a Medium, humanoid upper part, they cannot wield oversized weaponry.

But what about grappling and shoving ? Are they considered Large, or Medium for such things ? I can see an argument for either interpretation – since they’re of Large category, but have Medium sized hands…

Is there any way for a Medium PC to wield a 2-handed sword in one hand?

I have a player in my game that has chosen to wield a Greatsword, a 2-handed weapon. As a Fighter, this is within the rules. However, he has asked if he can wield it 1-handed by somehow giving it the Versatile property.

He’s fine having to wield it two-handed if need be for now, but he’s interested in knowing if he can wield it one-handed later. He doesn’t want it for the Duelling or Dual Wielding feats — just “rule of cool” reasons.

RAW, is there any way this can be achieved? Either now, or through character advancement?

Does a size large or larger creature killed by Negative Energy Flood rise as a medium sized zombie?

The spell Negative Energy Flood (XGtE pg. 163) states:

A target killed by this damage rises up as a zombie at the start of your next turn.

And also,

Statistics for the zombie are in the Monster Manual.

This seems to imply that the creature killed rises as a zombie with exactly the statistics stated in the Monster Manual.

If I kill a gargantuan (or anything larger than medium) creature with Negative Energy Flood, does it rise as a size medium zombie?

Do “Giant’s Stance” and “Improved Natural Attack” stack as a Medium character?

Giant’s Stance states the following:

While you are in this stance, you deal damage as if you were one size larger than normal, to a maximum of Large. This benefit improves your weapon and unarmed strike damage. It does not confer any of the other benefits or drawbacks of a change in size, such as a modifier to ability scores or AC, or an improved reach.

while Improved Natural Attack states the following:

The damage for one of the creature’s natural attack forms increases by one step, as if the creature’s size had increased by one category: 1d2, 1d3, 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 2d6, 3d6, 4d6, 6d6, 8d6, 12d6. A weapon or attack that deals 1d10 points of damage increases as follows: 1d10, 2d8, 3d8, 4d8, 6d8, 8d8, 12d8.

Giant’s Stance does have an upper limit (Large), therefore, as a Medium creature, with Improved Natural Attack making the character already Large, Giant’s Stance would have no effect. However, my thinking is that Giant’s Stance would make the character Large and after that, Improved Natural Attack would be counted as one step higher; that is, Huge.

Is this correct or do both affect the base size (that is, both convert from Medium to Large) and are therefore redundant?

Can creatures that are larger than Medium use two-handed weapons with one hand?

Do ogres and other Large creatures need to use weapons with the two-handed property with two hands?

As far as I can tell, the rule is for player characters, and as there is no playable race that is Large (that I’m aware of), the subject wasn’t brought up, but this has been bothering me for a while. On a side note, if they do ignore the property, would a half-ogre have this same ability by this ruling?

By what factor does weight of a melee weapon change if created for a creature with a size class other than medium

So it’s safe to assume that a small creature will have a lighter weapon than a medium creature and a large creature will have a heavier weapon than a medium creature since the amount of material used in the weapon will differ. How much of a factor would the weapons weight change by? My best guess would be two since each size class is effectively twice as large as the previous size class.