What are the most effective use of L1-3 spell slots for healing multiple party members for a Cleric/Druid multi-class build?

What are the most effective use of L1-L3 spell slots for healing multiple party members for a Cleric/Druid multi-class build?

I’m looking for some guidance on the most “cost” effective use of my L1 to L3 spell slots for a multiclass Cleric (Life Domain) / Druid (Circle of the Shepherd). I want to work out how to get the most overall healing, while trying to maximise the synergy of my domain/circle features.

The party consists of 6 players normally.

The maximum spell-slots available for L1-L3 spells are:

  • 4 x 1st-level spells
  • 3 x 2nd-level spells
  • 3 x 3rd-level spells

Level 5 Cleric (Life Domain) (PHB p.60)

  • Disciple of Life: +2 + spell level (target of the spell)

Level 5 Druid (Circle of the Shepherd) (XGE p.24)

  • Spirit Totem, Unicorn Spirit: + druid level (all players)

I’m trying to think of how to best use my spell slots in combination with my Spirit Totem (Unicorn) and my Disciple of Life feature.

I think I’ve worked out a good single or combination for L1 slots…

For Level 1 slots I thought the best one is Cure Wounds:

  • one character gets: 1d8 + spellcasting mod (+5 max); +3; +5
  • all party members get: +5 (x6)
  • Average: (4.5+5+3+5) + (5×6) = 47.5

In a pickle, use bonus action to cast Healing Word as well:

  • one character gets: 1d4 + spellcasting mod (+5 max); +3; +5
  • all party members get: +5 (x6)
  • Average: (2.5+5+3+5) + (5×6) = 45.5

Average of both cast in the same round: 93

I’m not sure for L2 slots, and L3 slots I think Mass Healing Word would be the obvious choice?

House rule for experience sharing between party members

There are possibly huge gap between caster and non-caster characters in a party. Caster have plenty of options of getting rid of own experience in exchange for various boosts. Item creation, wish making, less expensive XP spells, permanenting useful spells for himself and comrades. That may made him lose XP faster than he can compensate with common adjusting formula for characters lagging in levels.

The general opinion is simple “just by all costful spells in scrolls”. XP is much under-priced and should never be used if it can be substituted with money.

But I have two objections. At first there are companies that gives players not so much gold. At second versatility is a general rule for d&d. You may achieve similar effect with pretty much different means. That also reflects in fantasy world economy.

So I’d like to design some way for willing characters to share their XP. So fighter that could cast no spells would have a way to return favor to wizard that do much enchantment for him.

There is one thing that should be strictly avoided in designed house rule. Players may not be able to force or talk NPC to transfer XP from them. Neglecting this issue will quickly break game session.

So I decided to introduce house rule with two guards.

First guard is amount of XP that may be reallocated by once: 1/2 of total XP earned by the party between two rests.

Second guard is tedious ritual that only willing creature having much time to spare can afford.

Teamwork benefit from PHB2 suits for this perfectly. This ritual would require much time to establish and would occupy team roster slot that may by used for something else useful by parties that have another member specialization. So using the XP sharing benefit would have fair price in discarding other options.

But I need two advices.

  1. Is there any other more preferable way for XP sharing?

  2. What training should look like and what requirements should be put on the task leader and task members if I would opt to use the teamwork benefit path described above?

Does a race that is a sub-variant of another one qualify for feats restricted to members of that race?

Does a character being a race that is described as a sub-variant of another – for example, Svirfneblin to Gnome – qualify said character to take feats that are restricted to members of the super-race (for want of a better term) – for example, Earth Child Style – due to sharing a sub-type?

Is there a proper way to handle large combat engagements with party members involved?

For instance, a party of four player characters raise a force of 30 militia men to go take a bandit camp. When they get there the bandit camp has 40 men, and none of them notable.

For the sake of simplicity, both the 30 men and the 40 bandits are armed with long swords, and wearing leather armor.

Is there a proper way to handle combat between the 30 man militia and the 40 bandits while also incorporating our four player characters? If no “proper” way exists, is there a generally accepted “best” way?

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Getting Errors and have to re add user to members group in order to be able to “contribute” to the task assigned to her

Good day,

Recently we been having issues with one user account specific in our environment, when the workflow assign a task to this specific user she receive the email but cannot interact with the task as it says (this site has not been shared with you).

This has been happening to this user only and all the others 1000+ are fine. To fix this issue I normally have to remove the user from the members group and re add her and then she is able to interact with the task.

I opened ULS Viewer and found errors in the log file regarding UPN and account not being found.

SPSecurityContext: Could not retrieve a valid windows identity for username ‘domain\username’ with UPN ‘firstname.lastname@domain.ca’. UPN is required when Kerberos constrained delegation is used. Exception: System.ServiceModel.FaultException1[System.ServiceModel.ExceptionDetail]: WTS0003: The caller is not authorized to access the service. (Fault Detail is equal to An ExceptionDetail, likely created by IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults=true, whose value is: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: WTS0003: The caller is not authorized to access the service.
at Microsoft.IdentityModel.WindowsTokenService.CallerSecurity.CheckCaller(WindowsIdentity callerIdentity)
at Microsoft.IdentityModel.WindowsTokenService.S4UServiceContract.PerformLogon(Func
1 logonOperation, Int32 pid)
at SyncInvokeUpnLogon(Object , Object[] , Object[] )
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.SyncMethodInvoker.Invoke(Object instance, Object[] inputs, Object[]& outputs)
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.DispatchOperationRuntime.InvokeBegin(MessageRpc& rpc)
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.ImmutableDispatchRuntime.ProcessMessage5(MessageRpc& rpc)
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.ImmutableDispatchRuntime.ProcessMessage31(MessageRpc& rpc)
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.MessageRpc.Process(Boolean isOperationContextSet))..

And in a separate line

No windows identity for Domain\username.

Also the Claim to Windows Token Service is started

I check AD Users and Computers and the UPN match what there, also double check the account has claim base authentication. Now every time a task comes in for this user I have to re assign permissions.

Anyone can help would be greatly appreciated.


My Facebook Group Strategy To 4K+ Members – 100% Organically

Hey guys,

I am new to the community and I want to add value here to the forum as well as learn.

The reason I am here is because I am building my list with cold traffic and I am learning everyday how to convert that cold traffic into sales. As many of you probably know most of the money is in knowing how to convert cold traffic.

Before getting back into the 'cold traffic' game I was a master at converting warm to hot traffic on both Facebook and Youtube. With just a few leads I was…

My Facebook Group Strategy To 4K+ Members – 100% Organically

Programmatically create and Add Owners and Members to O365 Group, no emails are sent

I’m using the code found in OfficeDevPnP.Core to create a new UnifiedGroup. UnifiedGroupsUtitlity.CreateUnifiedGroup. My code is below.

UnifiedGroupsUtility.CreateUnifiedGroup("CSOM Site Creation",                                                             "My Site Created in Code,                                                             CSOM,                                                             accessToken,                                                             groupLogo: null,                                                             owners: owners.ToArray(),                                                             members: members.ToArray(),                                                             isPrivate: true,                                                             createTeam: false); 

When I’m using this code, none of the Owners or members get’s an email saying they have joined the group, like they do if I add them manually to a group.

Do I have to write that part of the code to send the emails, or is there another method I can use that’s already out there to send the same template that Microsoft sends?

There are two emails sent (if MS Teams included), when adding a person manually. One to say the person is added to the group from: The site on behalf of me. One to say the person is added to the MS Teams. From: noreply@email.teams.microsoft.com

It these emails I wish to replicate when adding a user to Group/Team.

I accept sponsored Posts form my Facebook Group with over 30k members for $50

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