How to ‘memoize’ this recursive solution?

I was doing this problem:

A move consists of taking a point (x, y) and transforming it to either (x, x+y) or (x+y, y).  Given a starting point (sx, sy) and a target point (tx, ty), return True if and only if a sequence of moves exists to transform the point (sx, sy) to (tx, ty). Otherwise, return False.      Examples:     Input: sx = 1, sy = 1, tx = 3, ty = 5     Output: True     Explanation:     One series of moves that transforms the starting point to the target is:     (1, 1) -> (1, 2)     (1, 2) -> (3, 2)     (3, 2) -> (3, 5)      Input: sx = 1, sy = 1, tx = 2, ty = 2     Output: False      Input: sx = 1, sy = 1, tx = 1, ty = 1     Output: True      Note:      sx, sy, tx, ty will all be integers in the range [1, 10^9]. 

I know the solution where you split it up into the ty-tx case, or tx-ty case, and solve it recursively, but I was wondering if there is a DP solution to this. Here is my recursive solution:

public boolean reachingPoints(int sx, int sy, int tx, int ty) {     return help(sx,sy,tx,ty); }  public boolean help(int sx, int sy, int tx, int ty){     if(sx==tx && sy == ty){         return true;     }     if(sx>tx || sy>ty){         return false;     }     if(sx==tx){         if(ty-sy%sx==0){             return true;         }     }     if(ty==sy){         if(tx-sx%sy==0){             return true;         }     }     return(help(sx, sy, tx%ty, ty) || help(sx, sy+sx, tx, ty)); } 

How would I put this into an array? I have trouble in the memoization part of DP, and I cannot figure this one out.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you!