MySQL is claiming all of my memory when it’s only using a few gigs

So, I have been having an issue with memory being "buffered" or "active", it seems my MariaDB installation is just marking all the memory on my system as it’s own? I don’t know for sure what is going on but it will show that I have almost no memory free but 24Gb available on free -wh ? I need to know if this is an issue and if yes please tell me what settings I need to change.

My system has 32GB of RAM and it’s constantly having to use SWAP because of this memory being buffered/active (swappiness is set to 1). Please check my server/mariadb settings below.

free -wh
smem -p
innodb engine status
cat /proc/meminfo

out of memory bug

Not sure why I get this lately, It first throws an error saying ‘Ouf of memory’ my vps is running out of memory (a message from GSA SER).
I am running GSA SER on 1k threads with private proxies and a vps from solid seo with this config:
Cores: 12
Ram: 12 GB ECC Dedicated
HDD: 120 GB Pure SSD
Monthly Bandwidth: Unmetered
Port Speed: 10Gbps Port speed

I also run gsa cb with xevil set as a secondary option.
Below is the performance from task manager (although it throws that error it still says its running and it runs)

I’m running 18 projects and have a Lpm of around 40-45.
I have lowered down my threads to 500 and will get back to you if it fixes itself.
Thanks !

How should I as a GM handle a player *character* who has a bad memory?

There is a player in my campaign who’s characters defining trait is that they have a bad memory.

I like creating mechanical representations of character traits if it makes sense to do so.

I’ve given the player a Homebrew feat called "bad memory" that basically says "roll disadvantage on any memory based intelligence checks".

My reasoning being that a character with bad memory should not have the same statistical probability of rolling well on a memory based check as a character with a good memory.

This player is adamantly fighting me on this though.

This is his reasoning:

The game already has the scaffolding and complexity in the locations where it is required. There are reasons why things like forgetfulness are included in the traits and features yet don’t have mechanics attached to them. If it was appropriate they would have been added by the devs. Mechanics which make it harder to use a character, and especially mechanics which remove abilities from players, are things which are only used in very rare cases and only ever for very short periods.

Note: This player is a very good role-player. It feels wrong to me to not represent the bad memory mechanically though.

How should I as a GM handle this situation?

99.9% CPU and High memory

Hello guys! today I just saw that my VPS shows this title data: CPU 99.9% and memory High
Why is this being generated?
Previously everything was perfect! I had all GSA INDEX, 5 campaigns, GSA CB and everything is fine until today. Suddenly it started to generate a high CPU.

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Why is MEMORYCLERK_SQLGENERAL using so much memory in SQL Server?

I have a production system running SQL Server 2019 Standard edition. It recently had a problem 3 times in 1 day where it became unresponsive until a reboot. Errors seem to point to memory limitations. 32GB is installed and the machine is dedicated to MSSQL. Max Memory set to 26GB.

The best lead I have so far is output of dbcc memorystatus that was automatically dumped to the log along with a FAIL_PAGE_ALLOCATION error. The full output is attached, but this part below caught my eye. It looks like MEMORYCLERK_SQLGENERAL wanted so much memory that it forced normal things like the buffer pool and query memory down to uselessly small levels.

I can’t seem to find any good info on what MEMORYCLERK_SQLGENERAL does, let alone why it would want so much memory.

11/18/2020 15:10:48,spid51,Unknown,MEMORYCLERK_SQLGENERAL (node 0)                  KB Pages Allocated                            22821672 SM Committed                                      0 SM Reserved                                       0 Locked Pages Allocated                       546740 VM Committed                                  75776 VM Reserved                                12867644 ---------------------------------------- ---------- 11/18/2020 15:10:48,spid51,Unknown,MEMORYCLERK_SQLBUFFERPOOL (node 0)               KB Pages Allocated                                3400 SM Committed                                      0 SM Reserved                                       0 Locked Pages Allocated                            0 VM Committed                                      0 VM Reserved                                       0 ---------------------------------------- ---------- 11/18/2020 15:10:48,spid51,Unknown,MEMORYCLERK_SQLQUERYPLAN (node 0)                KB Pages Allocated                                3632 SM Committed                                      0 SM Reserved                                       0 Locked Pages Allocated                            0 VM Committed                                      0 VM Reserved                                       0 ---------------------------------------- ---------- 11/18/2020 15:10:48,spid51,Unknown,MEMORYCLERK_SQLQUERYEXEC (node 0)                KB Pages Allocated                                1128 SM Committed                                      0 SM Reserved                                       0 Locked Pages Allocated                            0 VM Committed                                      0 VM Reserved                                       0