Systemd-Journal possible memory leak

Just posting here for someone to have a quick look. Google results sit in 2 camps “that shouldn’t happen” and “linux uses RAM differently… duh!”

I have a VPS that acts as a VPN gateway. Its been fine since I started it but has recently been showing signs of a memory leak. I honestly couldnt say if it links up with an update install, sorry. As you can see in the screenshot below, for weeks the RAM usage was normal until it suddenly started rising at a constant rate. Restarting the server (the last little bit) brought it down but it looks to be rising again.

Is this normal? Anything i can do?

18.04.2 LTS Latest Updates

RAM Usage in Blue

Is it theoretically possible to dynamically grow array size in stack memory?

I was wondering, given the usual stack memory functioning, whether it is possible for an array like primitive type allowed to grow in size to exist.
The functioning of such primitive type is as follows.

  • Any one function is allowed to have only one such primitive variable.
  • Appending to such primitive variable is allowed only within the function that it was initialized in.
  • If the function that such primitive variable was initialize in is not the last in the stack, such primitive variable is not allowed to grow in size.

enter image description here

I was wondering whether:

  • Such primitive type is theoretically possible.
  • Whether it is something that is already in use.

Kde Neon using a lot of memory even, if I not using the system

I working on Kde Neon distro who based on ubuntu LTS version of 18.04.02 I notice that my operation system uses a lot of memory even when I not using the system at least one hour or even more it can take at least 5.6 or going to 7.5 GB in a hour.

Only when I open some programm the memory is dropped down to his natural using memory to 400-600mb.

I checked some proccess on top, htop, ps and I dont see anything who can take a lot of memory even when the all programms closed, the system is not in work couple of hours.

I tried to check it with Kwin, plasmadesktop,but they don’t shows some notice or warnings to using high memory.

How much memory can a Mesmerized subject draw upon?

It’s been established that in this edition, you can’t Mesmerize someone into recalling things for you; if you say, “Tell me your mother’s maiden name,” what you get is “Your mother’s maiden name.” But it’s also clear that you can use what memories you have to accomplish a task; if I say, “Go to the ATM, withdraw $ 2000 dollars, and bring it to me,” that’s something that can happen — even though they’d need to remember their ATM code to do it. (This was demonstrated when, in the third episode of the L.A. by Night livestream, Victor Temple is unable to compel the reporter to say what he knew about the car theft, but he was able to command him to go get his notebooks and bring them to the club.)

So, if I Dominate someone to “sing the Star-Spangled Banner,” presuming they know the song, do they do so? Or do they struggle to harmonize on the phrase, “The Star Spangled Banner”? In broader terms, what is a good guideline for what the power of Mesmerism can and cannot accomplish in Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition?

Kubuntu 18.10 and Kubuntu 19.04 – Grub Error: Couldn’t find suitable memory target

When installing Kubuntu 18.10 and 19.04, I have run into the issue of seeing a grub error message “couldn’t find suitable memory target” and then after the kernel starts there is kernel panic message of “not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount rooot fs on unknown-block(0,0)” When I downgrade to Kubuntu 17.04 everthing works.

My computer is running a asrock x99 extreme6 with >32G ram with a E5-2690v3 Xeon cpu. The bios is a full UEFI bios with CSM disabled. I have only 1 SSD present in the system and have removed all other storage devices (except for the installation USB drive). I am clicking through the install procedure to make the installation as generic as possible.

I have managed to figure out that the initramfs images of the newer OS distributions are greater than 55M where the the 17.04 Distro initramfs is 41M. Searching around I have found that this is a problem if /boot is full and the kernel is unable to load the initramfs image. However, I am installing from a liveUSB and there are no issues booting the liveUSB and installing from the USB. I have successfully installed 19.04 on my laptop which has 16G of ram and is an older i7.

What does “couldn’t find suitable memory target” actually mean and if its a lack of memory issue, how do I increase the amount of ram for the initramfs image. I am stumped on why the kernel is unable to load the root file system when the UUID is correctly specified via the installer.

What more information can I provide to help properly solve this problem. A google search shows this coming up in previous and much older releases, however, the solutions provided there do not work for my current problem manifestation.

I am not dual booting my desktop but I AM dual booting my laptop that is running Kubuntu 19.04