Urgent $100 Clothe design contest (Men’s shirts)

Description of the task:
We are in the process of developing our own collection of delicious business shirts for men. After a couple of unfortunate experiences, we seek contact with a serious designer. You may have a few years on the bag, maybe you are completely new. We have control over our concept, and the overall lines in the design.

Send pm for details. Serious designers only!!

Payment via PayPal

Please Review Mens Accessories & Clothing Store

Hey there,

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I have a mens accessory and clothing store that I have just created. After tweaking till it drove me round the bend, I'm satisfied but somehow…not.
I would really appreciate any one with a keen eye and penchant for fashion to give me their opinion on the site.

All opinions (good and bad) are welcomed!

website: https://capthatt.com…

Please Review Mens Accessories & Clothing Store