Aria issues with navigation menu bar

I have a menu bar but
It seems like I had the functionalilty wrong, according to this page

the menu bar should open with the down arrows, and navigate via up and down keys, to go to the next tab you should be pressing left or right not TAB, tab should get out of the menu itself and on to the content… how can i do this with the given code i have above. thank you

 <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en">...
Code (markup):

Aria issues with navigation menu bar

Text symbols in the navigation menu

Just faced the following issue. The problem is when I paste the font-awesome code in my navigation menu point I see the text <i class="fa fa-shopping-cart" aria-hidden="true"></i> (screenshot attached) instead of icon.

enter image description here

And I am faced with such a problem for the first time – I never faced this issue on all my previous websites. FontAwesome is successfully integrated – I can see all icons inside my website content.

I tried to:

  • deactivated my custom theme and activated WP default themes
  • deactivated all my plugins
  • cleaned cache etc
  • checked my .htaccess file

But unfortunately nothing helped.

change hover color of specific menu link

I’m trying to change a hover color of a menu link element. Normally this is really easy, but on this projet i’m not able to do it.

site : login : valentine passwd : mas2019

I need to change the hover color of “RESERVER” button ( pink button in right header menu ) to another color.

I have tryed tons of CSS edit, no one works…

I’ll really apreciate any help for this !

Thanks in advance for your help.

Left Sidebar Menu design with hierarchy

Current scenario: I’ve a webapp, in which there is a left sidebar. There are some menuItems and subMenuItems in sidebar. This hierarchy can go to N level. enter image description here New Requirement: Now There can be multiple programs in this application. User can switch program at any time. Each program has some menuAreas. User can also switch between menuAreas. Each menuArea has its own list of menuItems (and subMenuItems in hierarchy). At a time, User can only see menuItems for selected program and menuArea. These menuItems should appear at same place where current menuItems appear. Can anyone suggest UX for this scenario?

Why when using escape key to go back to the main menu the preview camera is not working good?

I created a Render Texture named it : GUICameraRenderTexture

This is a screenshot of the Player camera : I assigned to the Target Texture the new GUICameraRenderTexture :

Player Camera

Then on the bottom of the hierarchy I have a Main Menu > Camera : The new Camera I changed the Clear Flags to Don’t Clear and Culling Mask to Nothing :

GUI Camera under Main Menu

Then there is a Canvas the Canvas Render Mode is set to Screen Space – Overlay

And last the Raw Image I assigned to the Texture the GUICameraRenderTexture :

Rae Image

I want to start the game with the Player camera and then on escape key to switch to the main menu gui camera.

Screenshot if I’m disabling the main menu gui camera :

No cameras to render

Then I added a script to the Main Menu object :

using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine;  public class Switch : MonoBehaviour {     public GameObject[] cameras;     public RenderTexture guiCameraRenderTexture;      // Start is called before the first frame update     void Start()     {      }      // Update is called once per frame     void Update()     {         if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Escape))         {             var cam0 = cameras[0].GetComponent<Camera>();             cam0.targetTexture = guiCameraRenderTexture;              cameras[1].SetActive(true);         }     } } 

In the editor I disabled the new main menu gui camera and it’s childs and enabled the player camera without the GUICameraRenderTexture the Target Texture is null on start.

When I hit the Escape key when the game is running it’s showing the preview camera but also showing the player camera and not the main menu gui camera :

Player Camera only

On the escape key it should bring the main menu like in the first screenshot here. If I’m doing the changes removing the texture target and enable the gui camera it will work but using the script it’s not working.

It’s showing the player camera on both preview(rawimage) and gui camera.

The goal is to make the escape key to go to the main menu the gui main menu camera should be black and the player camera should be show in the preview rawimage.

Form in menu ux design query

So I have a use case where we have a button that is to trigger the “reassign” flow

this obviously needs a list of people to reassign to (1 or many)

I have a multiselect typeahead creating the list. This is consistent with the rest of the UI/UX design.

I am however not happy with the button creating a dropdown menu, and have the select +2 buttons (a short cut for “assign to me” and “assign”)

I do not want a modal. Any other thoughts of how to make this better both UX and UI


enter image description here


enter image description here