Auto hide applications menu in kde

Lately there are some applications that have the option of hiding the menu and making it visible againg pressing alt, like sublime text, visual studio code, firefox, etc

Is there some plugin to make this behavior available for every app in kubuntu? It would be pretty useful …

And for gnome? It would also be useful for those app that still haven’t integrated the menu in the title bar…

How can I translate the ‘enabled’ Boolean of menu items?

I’m trying to translate the ‘enabled’ field of a menu item in Drupal 8. So far I have written this code in mymodule.module file:

function mymodule_entity_base_field_info_alter(&$  fields, \Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityTypeInterface $  entity_type) {   if ($  entity_type->id() == 'menu_link_content' && !empty($  fields['enabled'])) {     $  fields['enabled']->setTranslatable(TRUE);   }   return $  fields; }  

This works fine and I am able to set the enabled field differently for different languages. eg: for the same menu item, I can check the ‘enabled’ field for English, but uncheck the ‘enabled’ field for French.

But it does not work as expected. It hides the menu item for all languages. Should I use hook_preprocess() or hook_preprocess_menu() or some other hook for the menu item to show/hide based on ‘enabled’ field in different languages? Can someone give me some hints on this?

gta 5 mod menu download

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User Custom Action in Context Menu of Modern List

I am developing a user custom action to be used in modern list/library views. The issue is, as we cannot use JavaScript in context menu custom action, how should I form a valid URL. Now I have a URL like:{StandardTokens}&Action=test&ListId={ListId}&ItemId={ItemId}&Source={Source}

I want to encode the above URL in C# but in such a way that dynamic params like {ListId} works. It is easy to do this in JS by using escape but not working without javascript. I have already tried HttpUtility.JavaScriptStringEncode and few other encoding mechanisms but all are failing one way or other.

URL that works with JS (this works as ribbon but in context menu, this is not allowed):

string UrlAction = "javascript:window.location='" + BaseUrl + "&redirect_uri=' + escape('" + remoteWebUrl + "/Pages/Default.aspx?{StandardTokens}&Action=test&ListId={ListId}&ItemId={ItemId}&Source={Source}')"; 

Admin Menu doesn’t slide out and configuration menue doesn’t open. Also buttons not working

Preconditions (*)

  1. Magento 2.3.1
  2. Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS
  3. PHP 7.2.17

Working in dev environment and and enabled few optimization parameters which made admin panel inaccessible and buttons were don’t appear correct with proper text , appears shrinked. Admin panels don’t draw out even if does then none of the buttons registers a click and hence I’m not able to change the configurations back. Steps to reproduce (*)

I was trying to speed up my webstore but it created a havoc.

1.Enable JS minify/merge/bundling 2.Enable CSS minify/merging 3.Enable Html minify 4.Enable Embedded Translation Mode for JS translation strategy. 

Tried changing back

1.Enable JS minify/merge/bundling 2.Enable CSS minify/merging 3.Enable Html minify. 

but no avail.

Select option from a dropdown menu using Rselenium

I am trying to download some international trade data from

When I write “Rep. of Korea”, a dropdown menu appears with two options, i.e.

Dem. People’s Rep. of Korea Rep. of Korea

The benchmark option in “Dem. People’s Rep. of Korea” in this case (go figure)…

How do I force RSelenium to select the correct option here (“Rep. of Korea”)

These two options are coded as follows in the website

Dem. People’s Rep. of Korea

Rep. of Korea

I have tried several ways to select this, but with no success

find3<-find2$ findElement(using = ‘id’, ‘select2-drop’) find3$ sendKeysToElement(list(‘Rep. of Korea’))

find4<-find2$ findElement(using = ‘xpath’, value = “//*select[@class = ‘select2-drop’]/option[@value = ‘Rep. of Korea’]”)

Drilldown Sidebar menu for my bootstrap admin dashboard

I’m trying to make the sidebar navigation as a “drilldown menu” instead of the typical dropdown below menu. Is this possible, if so how?

Something like this:

My bootstrap theme:

I would really appreciate some help.

level 2 menu is not collapsing on mobile (Magento 2.3 Parent theme-Luma)

I have created a three-level menu using Magento Admin It works great on desktop. But the third level menu is not collapsing on mobile view. Please check the image. Yellow highlighted links are the second level menu.

enter image description here

Here is what I need help with: When “Painting” is clicked on mobile it should open up the third level menu items (Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor and so on) + “All Paintings ” button on top just like how “All Collections” button is shown.