What could be the reasons for two different OTP messages for the same merchant when we do online transactions through debit card?

While I was doing a transaction (say adding money to one of the mobile wallets) through a SBI debit card, I could see two different OTP messages for different transactions. (Please refer to the image)

Say one time I am adding X amount, So I was getting OTP message from SBI but in the next transaction when I was adding Y amount, I was getting OTP message from BHIM SBI Pay.

What could be the reasons behind it? Is it becuase of the payment gateway (Like PayU,CC Avenue) or somethineg else? Has anyone else observed the OTP message coming in the name of BHIM SBI Pay / SBIPAY? AD-SBIPAY


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Do Ingenico credit card readers store PII or Merchant data? [on hold]

One of my peers came to me in regards to the card readers we use. Specifically, an Ingenico iPP320.

He asked “Do these store any data that requires us to destroy the storage medium” and I honestly don’t know.

Obviously they have to have some way of knowing what organization we are, but what other data is on these things? How do you guys normally offboard these types of devices?

I tried looking for articles, support documentation from the company, and emailing their support, but haven’t found any answers.

How can a human blacksmith expert and a merchant goblin open a forge?

I’m actually thinking about a backstory that links both characters for Symbaroum.

In this universe, where elves, trolls, dwarves and goblins exist, it is common for humans to be racist towards other races. Goblins are seen as unstable and simplistic creatures; of course, not all of them are like that.

As for my characters, the human is a master blacksmith who owns the forge but lacks any social skills. He likes to hoard knowledge, and even if he has the look of a warrior, he is actually a mage-type character. Meanwhile, the goblin is a tactician who has incredible social skills, can rally his allies towards a common goal, and he is also a good liar.

So my question is, what is the relationship between the goblin and the blacksmith in order to make them collaborate and open a forge together?