Can I “unmerge” merged meshes UE4?

I set up my character to be modular, by following the UE4 docs.

I used the code at the bottom of the page to implement mesh merging functionality. It does work well, I can merge meshes runtime. I use this to add clothes to my characters.

Just wondering, if there is a way to take off clothes, by unmerging stuff: Something like:

  • store added clothes in a TArray or something
  • then call a function to remove the desired cloth from the array

Of course, I would like to do it at runtime…

Does contingency work if you are polymorphed and so the statuette merged with your body?

The spell Contingency has a material component of:

a statuette of yourself carved from ivory and decorated with gems worth at least 1,500 gp

The spell also ends if this statue isn’t on your person.

Also, contingency ends on you if its material component is ever not on your person.

If you are polymorphed into another form, the spell Polymorph states:

The target’s gear melds into the new form. The creature can’t activate, use, wield, or otherwise benefit from any of its equipment.

Is having the contingency spell not end a "benefit" of your equipment? Or, since it’s melded into your form, is it still on your person? Would the contingency still trigger after reverting to your humanoid form?

Pagination of results from different sources merged by a unified scoring function

Assume a Hotel reservation scenario, given $ m$ ranked lists of attribute values such as distance, price, amenities (normalized between $ 0$ and $ 1$ ), and a unifying linear score function $ F(\cdot)=\alpha_1*score_1+ \alpha_2*score_2+ \alpha_3*score_3$ , the Threshold Algorithm (TA) is optimal in finding top-$ k$ results that have higher $ F$ values.

However, consider a pagination scenario with page index $ p$ and page size $ k$ . Indeed, instead of asking for top-$ k$ that can be obtained from indices [0,k] in the final ranked list, we ask for [pk, (p+1)k]. What is the best solution to obtain this window of the results?

You may consider this problem as the pagination of the merged results over a unified scoring function when there are multiple data sources that each contains a score value but the merged results have a combined score value as a (linear) function of individual score values.

Some solutions:

Totally naive: given the multiple ranked results, compute the unified score, sort them, slice it as needed.

Potentially better but inefficient when asking lower-ranked results (farther pages): Execute Threshold Algorithm and ask for top-(p+1)k, return the [pk, (p+1)k] from it.

I’m going to play D&D as twins who had their minds’ merged. Any tips on playing two characters as a singular? [on hold]

So I’m going into a new campaign in D&D 5e as twins who were caught at a young age by mind flayers. Instead of being assimilated, they were found to be immune of the Illithids powers. Long story short, twins play as one character, does anyone have any tips for playing two characters as one in D&D? Advice on character creation is mostly what I need, I have an idea on how to play.

The benefit of JWT refresh token if authorization and resource server are merged?

Is there any benefit in using refresh tokens if your auth and resource server are combined?

I understand the benefit when they are separate: The refresh token is never sent to the resource server, but if they are not is there any?

Without the refresh tokens, the access tokens could still be refreshed the same, but is there some additional benefit of still using separate refresh tokens?

Links Webpart for different pages are getting merged

Why does two Links Webpart created in a separate page merge under same Site? Is there any way to stop it in SharePoint 2010?

I have created two Link Webparts in different pages under same subsite. When I am updating a link to a page the same link is getting reflected in a different page. Both of these pages come under a single Subsite.

Please assist me with a way to resolve this?

Symlink folder to external sd card when internal and external are merged in the system?

Galaxy S5 running LineageOS 16 (Android 9).

I’m having issues with running out of storage space, even though I have 128GB external sd card, merged with the internal storage. Is there a way to create a symlink from the internal memory to the external sd card, even though they are technically merged and aren’t identified as separate storage locations within Android as a result?

I’ve never made symlinks in Android so I’d appreciate some pointers or resources on that as well. Thanks

What are good ways to present an info table that has info spanning 2 vertically-adjacent cells in a middle column, & that has no other merged cells?

Explanation of question

The following table illustrates the issue:

HTML table that doesn't present info clearly enough

HTML source for table:

<table>  <thead><th>Column 1</th><th>Column 1</th><th>Column 3</th></thead>  <tr><td>Type 1</td><td rowspan="2">Common Info</td><td>Info 1</td></tr>  <tr><td>Type 2</td><td>Info 2</td></tr> </table> 

You’ll notice that it isn’t clear that the non-header cells in the first column map to their corresponding cells in the third column, because of the cell merging. How can such correspondence be made clear?

Anyone have any advice regarding this situation?

Possible Solution

If I could mark-up the following table design using HTML, such that the cell entries were not images, then I believe such presentation would be acceptable:

Design of table for presenting the unusual information in clear way

Unfortunately, I didn’t use HTML to create the above design—I just used a simple raster graphics editor (Windows Paint) to create it.


Whilst all compatible answers to this question are welcome, for myself, really, I want to find out how to mark-up such information using GitHub Flavoured MarkDown. See here for more information on the specific situation I’m trying to deal with, that prompted this StackExchange question.

Git workflow (Reverting a merged branch VS a pushed commit)

I am new to using a git repository and was looking for some input.

I think I generally understand the benefit of using branches in a development workflow. My question is when it comes to reverting small changes, are branches easier or safer to revert in some way than regular commits? For example, if you apply a patch which adds one line of code, is it better to do that in a branch and merge it, or is a pushed commit sufficient?

Thanks for your help!