Is my company merging branches wrong?

I recently came across an msdn article about branching and merging and SCM


In the article they say ‘big bang merge’ is a merging antipattern:

Big Bang Merge — deferring branch merging to the end of the development effort and attempting to merge all branches simultaneously. 

I realized that this is very similar to what my company is doing with all of the development branches that are produced.

I work at a very small company with one person acting as the final review + trunk merge authority. We have 5 developers (including me), each of us will be assigned a separate task/bug/project and we will each branch off the current trunk (subversion) and then perform the development work in our branch, test the results, write documentation if necessary, perform a peer review and feedback loop with the other developers, and then submit the branch for review + merge on our project management software.

My boss, the sole authority on the trunk repository, will actually defer all of the reviews of branches until a single point in time where he will perform reviews on as much as he can, some branches will be thrown back for enhancements/fixes, some branches will merge right into trunk, some branches will be thrown back because of conflicts, etc.

It’s not uncommon for us to have 10-20 active branches sitting in the final review queue to be merged into trunk.

We also frequently have to resolve conflicts in the final review and merge stage because two branches were created off the same trunk but modified the same piece of code. Usually we avoid this by just rebranching off trunk and re-applying our changes and resolving the conflicts then submitting the new branch for review (poor mans rebase).

Some direct questions I have are

Are we exhibiting the very anti-pattern that was described as the ‘big bang merge’?

Are some of the problems we’re seeing a result of this merge process?

How can we improve this merge process without increasing the bottleneck on my boss?

Any other insight into this situation would be appreciated.

Merging a existing Git-Repo into another existing Git.Repo

Is it possible to update one git repository with another repository, to have both histories united in the destination repo?

For instance I’m using GitLab with some repos. Repository A is used for main development and it comes to the point, where I have to adopt the current software from A into another existing repository X – Like updating X with current revision from A. The basic idea is to have the historical relation of the software revisions of the updates and its past changes and logs in the repository X.

Photos “People” Function Keeps Merging People

I was organizing photos on iOS 12.2 and it reported that one of the people in my library had “new photos” it wanted to confirm. One or more of those had that person cheek-to-cheek with another person in my album (let’s call them Joe and Jane). I was horrified — since I have thousands of photos of both Joe and Jane — to find that as soon as I approved that ill-fated photo, the facial recognition system decided the two people were the same person and merged their entire set of photos.

I tried deleting both Joe and Jane on macOS 10.14.4 and recreating them by manually tagging them in photos where they were by themselves and not together, but no matter what I do, as soon as photoanalysisd kicks into gear when Photos is closed, it merges the two people back together into one entry. I can manually label photos with Joe’s name and I’ll still come back to find them relabeled as “Jane.” I can select all of Joe’s photos in Jane’s people entry, right click the photos and click “Jane is not in this photo,” have Jane’s album only contain photos of Jane and within minutes those very same photos will again be labeled as Jane (not just other photos, the ones I’ve manually corrected Photos on!).

I’m guessing Photos’ machine learning database is corrupted, but I’m not really sure how to completely delete data on Joe and Jane (beyond what I did in deleting their entries by selecting all the photos in them and using the “Name is not in this photo” option), but somehow I need to convince Photos to either start from scratch or believe me when I tell it that it is wrong on its labels so it doesn’t keep overriding me.

Applescript : Merging list

I’m trying to merging two list but always have an error

set myNewList to ""  set myClipboard to the clipboard set theList to words of myClipboard ##set theLength to (get length of mylist)   set ColortheList to {"42f489", "5cdf64", "FFFF00", "41f4d0", "4191f4", "4286f4", "4286f4", "f44192", "f44192", "f44192", "42f989", "5cdf54", "FFFF40", "41f4d5", "4191f2", "4386f5", "4246f4", "f55192", "f46192", "f24192"}  repeat with a from 1 to length of theList     copy ({item a of theList, item a of ColortheList}) to the end of the |myNewList|  end repeat 

Return :

error “Can’t set end of \”\” to {\”whateverfirstitemis\”, \”42f489\”}.” number -10006 from last insertion point of “”

How can I create a new list with the items of my clipboards merge with the colorlist ?

Merging Thunderbird inboxes

I have the latest version of Thunderbird running on 2 x Win 10 pcs using Gmail imap. For reasons that I do not understand some important emails are in one inbox but not in the other and vice versa. The simple solution would be to import and merge the inbox from one pc, if possible only importing the missing emails…then repeating the exercise in the other direction. I will then be sure that both PCs contain identical emails. How can I do this?