Merging two splay trees whose ranges may overlap in $O(\log N)$

I have two splay trees, $ A$ and $ B$ .

When every element in $ A$ is smaller than every element in $ B$ , we can merge them in $ O(\log N)$ .

My question is; when all elements of $ A$ are not necessarily smaller than all elements of $ B$ , how can we still merge $ A$ and $ B$ in $ O(\log N)$ ?

What I have already tried:

Splay $ A$ ‘s largest element, splay $ B$ ‘s smallest element. The root $ R_A$ of $ A$ doesn’t have a right child anymore, and the root $ R_B$ of $ B$ doesn’t have a left child anymore. Compare $ R_A$ and $ R_B$ . If $ R_B$ is bigger than $ R_A$ , make $ R_B$ the right child of $ R_A$ , which fails when $ R_A$ is larger than $ R_B$ .

Do any PDF merging utilities preserve the PDF/A format?

I need to merge multiple PDF files which are in the PDF/A format (used for long-term archiving). The input files are all PDF/A-1a documents created with LibreOffice Writer, and the merged output must be exact same format. Lossless merging is preferred. Is this possible?

Related question here, with the results of my trial and errors so far below:

pdf-shuffler Produces lossy PDF-1.3 output.

pdftk/pdfchain Produces lossy PDF-1.4 output.

Ghostscript/gs Produces lossy PDF-1.7 output.

pdfunite(from poppler-utils) Produces lossy PDF-1.4 output.

convert(from imagemagick) Produces very large files with extremely lossy PDF-1.4 output.

Using this method with the LibreOffice GUI I am able to export PDF/A files, however the quality is degraded and SVG graphics are rendered incorrectly.

libreoffice outputs .ps files and fails with many error messages in the console. libreoffice --headless --print-to-file FILE1.pdf FILE2.pdf MERGED.pdf (I’m probably using this command incorrectly…)

Merging two divergent repositories on different remotes

Me and my colleague set up a new repository on both GitHub and GitLab. All was nice, but due to a misunderstanding, he was pushing to GitHub and I was pushing to GitLab. We set up rep mirroring on GitLab but only one-way, which caused our repositories to diverge. Now, I’d like to merge them, and migrate to only GitLab, but when I did:

git remote add gitlab git push --mirror gitlab 

I got the following error:

remote: GitLab: You are not allowed to force push code to a protected branch on this project ! [remote rejected] branch only on GitLab (pre-receive hook decline) ! [remote rejected] master -> master (pre-receive hook declined) ! [remote rejected] origin/HEAD -> origin/HEAD (deny updating a hidden ref) ! [remote rejected] origin/master -> origin/master (deny updating a hidden ref) error: failed to push some refs to URL OF THE REP ON GITLAB 

While I could just try to copy and paste the code to the repository on GitLab, I’d like to do it a clean way (if such a way even exists).

ffmpeg audio cut off when merging background music with video

I am trying to run the my ffmpeg command to merge an audio file with a video that has sound. The command I am using lowers down the volume on the audio file, since it is music and the video has audio.

Im having a problem with the audio file being cut off when the video’s sound ends, instead of continuing until the video finishes.

/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg \ -i thepath/input.mp4 \ -i musicpath/music.mp3 \ -filter_complex \ "[1:a]volume=-21dB,apad[A]; \ [0:a][A]amerge[out]" \ -c:v libx264 -c:a aac -map 0:v -map "[out]" \ -preset ultrafast -threads 0 -profile:v baseline \ -ac 2 -pix_fmt yuv420p -t 30 -y thepath/output.mp4 2>&1 

Im confused as to why it doesnt work as intended?

Merging folders with the same name from different Location

Hello I have this problem and want a solution to it is a script CMD / PowerShell commands?

the problem is i have many folders in one folder In one path : like this :

C:\folders Aileエル@お仕事募集中 ctrlz77 Enka 218 Kakiman Mika Pikazo 

i want to move and Merging the folders in multi direction have the same name of the folders like this:

c:\ALL\art 1\Aileエル@お仕事募集中 c:\ALL\art pro\ctrlz77 c:\ALL\pro\go\Enka c:\ALL\pro\good8 c:\ALL art 2\Kakiman c:\ALL art 2\Mika Pikazo 

attention : Must have the same name Because there are some files that contain my part of the filename Example :

C:\folders Ailevhomo Ailev wtr99pro wtr