How do I prevent Android messenger from automatically creating links out of typos?

due to the keyboard layout, I often accidentally type a [.], and Messenger (on Google Pixl generation 1) will create a link if the surrounding text can resolve into some website — eg “” generates a link that’s a non sequitur to my conversation.

How do I prevent Android from automatically doing this?

(and “learn to type accurately, fat fingers” isn’t in the cards!)


Build custom in-app Chat or make use of third-party Chat apps (Messenger, WhatsApp, etc…)

I’m interested about your opinions on the subject.



  1. App engagement/retention
  2. Less cluttered UI (more dedicated to app use case)
  3. Custom functionalities catered to app use case
  4. Some users don’t want to share their Messenger/WhatsApp ID (??)


  1. Dev time/cost
  2. Have to match user “chat expectations” (top notch UX) – Hard to match
  3. “Yet another chat app” to handle



  1. User is already used to it
  2. Top of the class user experience (most of the time, LINE, cough, cough…)
  3. User can choose what chat app to use
  4. User more likely to get/see the notifications
  5. Can use third-party chat bot for onboarding / custom focused notifications (with “Actions”)


  1. User leaves app
  2. Cannot build custom buttons/functionalities in chat
  3. “First message” might be lost (when user adds a new contact) – Some chat apps treat these “first messages” as almost SPAM (Messenger so called “requests”)
  4. Cannot “bridge” users if they don’t use the same chat app – Could actually bridge through a bot
  5. Some users don’t use chat apps (???????????????????????)
  6. Cannot create in-app community chat group – Although could create them manually or through chat API if possible

How to restore the Whatsapp Messenger icon? Not the app, just the icon

Since quite some time now, the Whatsapp Messenger icon is not the proper icon, but the Android green trashcan icon. The app in itself is working properly, it just looks funny on the home screen.

Reinstalling is an obvious solution, but I would loose my chat history. Wouldn’t I?

CAT B15Q, Android 4.4.2 (I know, ancient).

Can a Tiny Servant be used as a messenger?

The local wizard lives in his wizard tower, which is located just outside the city walls. He sends the low-level adventuring party into the city to uncover some crucial information. He himself is not welcome in the city, due to some misunderstandings. Said wizard wants to be informed about the party’s success as soon as possible, but none of the party members is able to cast message (or other spells that could be used to send some kind of message).

Would the following plan work: The wizard casts tiny servant on his favourite spoon and commands it to return to the wizard’s tower as quickly as possible. The party puts the spoony messenger into a bag of holding and goes on to investigate. After the mysteries are uncovered, the party releases the spoon with a message tied to it, all within the spell’s duration.

Would the spoon return to the wizard’s tower?

The command was issued by the wizard while being within 120 feet of the spoon. And the spoon should continue to follow its orders until its task is complete.

What is the most secure mobile messenger? [on hold]

I have used telegrams so far. But I heard there are some security problem. Maybe I should find any alternative messenger.

Is there any nice private messenger which fullfill these conditions?

  1. E2E encryption
  2. Not require phone number
  3. Self destruction. But it could be turn off if I wants.
  4. Not a P2P messenger. Or support Tor connect. I don’t want to leak my ip to other users.

Any good mobile messenger, please recommend to me.

Apps like Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. whitelisted from Doze mode on Samsung without asking

I noticed that some applications are whitelisted from doze-mode on samsung devices without having ever asked the user. I tested this on a galaxy s8, galaxy A5 2016, 2017 all running android 7.0 or 7.1. These apps are for instance Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger – they’re what I have seen.

When I first noticed this on a samsung I was not 100% sure that I have not by chance given them that permission myself… So I have done a fresh test by hard resetting a Samsung A5 2016 and installing only Viber onto the fresh phone. After the install, I have not even logged into Viber (and it had not had a chance to ask me of any permissions at all), I immediately checked the Battery Optimisation whitelist and Viber was there.

So the first question is how – according to Android specs an app must ask the user to explicitly allow whitelisting (Am I wrong here)?
The second question – is this maybe possible on Samsung despite the spec.
The third question – maybe Samsung just knows some well known apps and whitelists them by default itself?

–EDIT The initial research on this was hindered by the fact that if you google “samsung doze-mode whitelist” maybe with “not asking the user” it still serves you many links to the official doze mode specs and media articles, but not Samsung related. But then I searched with “samsung smart manager whitelist” and found the following

  1. Question on SO (second answer gives a list of apps which are whitelisted)

the list of apps in the second answer was of undisclosed source but I can confirm that I checked nearly 10 of them and they are whitelisted by default


Funny thing – the user asks a question and a part of the question is the same as mine – why Viber etc are whitelisted. The answer is carefully avoiding that part and only answers the other part – that he should ask the users consent or use Knox (also asking the user for permission)

So answers to my own questions

  1. According to the spec the app must ask users consent to be whitelisted – yes.

  2. not possible on Samsung for a simple app, either

  3. Yes, Samsung has a whitelist of well-known apps in its Smartmanager

2 more pieces of info

A. Samsung is reluctant to talk about it(see above SEAP link) or maybe not everybody there is aware of the fact.

B. If you have an issue with Samsung doze-mode, do not google for “Samsung doze-mode”, google for smth. like “Samsung smart manager doze-mode” (add “smart manager”), because it will yield more Samsung specific results (And Samsung part of battery optimizations is pretty specific).

Which messenger are you dreaming of?

I use Telegram for chatting with friends and for my work chats, but last month I'm not satisfied with its work anymore. All I want is to have privacy, stable connection and some additional features like crypto wallet for example to do everything in one place. It will be my dream messenger.

Do you know any messengers that have everything at once and are worth trying?
And what is your dream messenger?

Deleting messenger conversation on both sides

I need to remove a conversation history on both sides. Asking politely is not an option i’m afraid. This statement seems logical. Has anyone tried it and does it work? “start by accessing your conversation in Facebook Messenger. Make sure to open the specific thread with the individual you wish to remove. Click the wheel in the top right corner to open the Options for the conversation. Choose “Delete Conversation” to remove all of the messages. Select the “Options menu” again and choose “Block User” to prevent any further interactions on Messenger with this individual. Next, open that person’s profile in Facebook and choose “Unfriend” to permanently remove the connection and all conversations.”