Which methods should I connect a VPN, via that-vpn-app or through an VPN configuration on network manager linux?

I saw there are 2 available methods (that I know of and currently focusing on) to connect to a vpn. The first one is through their application based of that vpn provider. The others is by configuring VPN Connections > OpenVpn.

enter image description here

I have searched on internet and found link1 and link2. Of course, method from link2 is easier and less complex than the method in link1, but this is not my main focus here. I can’t find anywhere explain pros and cons of these 2 methods or any page explain why should a user pick one method over the others.

To be more specific in comparison, I have narrowed some areas to focus on below. Feel free to add more if there are something I should know, but missed.

  1. Speed / overall performance of the connection
  2. Security –> The permission that the VPN has accessed to on user’s devices. I’m not sure if there is any major important thing to consider if compare between OSes. Feel free to add in the answer if you would like, but I current am focusing on linux.
  3. Others. Please explain.

By the way, I used the link of the same VPN provider to show that there are actually more than 1 method to connect to the same VPN provider and not just something that varies between each VPN provider.

Finding artifacts using bulk extractor in different methods

I have specific number of artifact, and I want to search for those particular artifacts in the disk image using bulk extractor via different methods using Random Sampling, Stop List, Alert List , or Search Text.I want to know which method is most efficient, and How can I reproduce such test scenario and get results.

Unity’s Profiler doesn’t specify which of my methods take how much time?

I’m working on a map generator, which is used in Awake(), so I couldn’t see it in the profiler.

So I created a new scene, where right clicking generates the map.

Now I can see the generation process (Update method), but not the specific parts of it.

Only GC.Alloc-s, GC.Collect-s and Mono.JIT-s.


enter image description here

Is opening a blog, publishing technological/educational content on it and earning money via blogger earning methods like AdSense legal?

I am planning to open a blog website and publish technology-based educational content as articles in Turkish language on it. Topics I’ll cover are Microsoft and Linux system administration, cyber security, software, hardware, web, mobile, desktop applications with their usage and much more things like this.

More clearly, for example, I’ll post:

  • What is Active Directory and How to Install it on Windows version x.x.x?
  • How to Configure DNS Server on Ubuntu?
  • What should be considered for cyber security?
  • What are social engineering methods and how to implement them?
  • How to run JavaScript code in C# App? (or it can be complete JavaScript tutorial)
  • What are the differences between USB 2.0 and 3.0?
  • How to change desktop wallpaper on Windows 10?
  • How to change screen brightness on IOS version x.x.x?
  • How to use TeamViewer?

As you guess, for all of these, I need tons of programs, software, tools like VMware, virtual machines like Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Windows Server 2012 or 2016, Windows 8 or 10 and screenshots.

I am planning to use trial, free or non-commercial version of these for preparing my content. My future plan is adding English articles and video contents to my blog. However, I don’t know using the tools, software and programs the way I mentioned with making money purpose is legal.

Any advice would be great.

Are there any simplified methods for character creation?

A few friends of mine are interested in RPGs after hearing me talk about them, so I’ve offered to run a single-session game for them. These people are entirely new to TTRPGs (although one has done LARP before) and are familiar with LOTR-style fantasy settings, so I asked if they wanted me to make characters for them or if they wanted to make characters themselves, and they all said they’d like to make them themselves.

That said, I don’t want to overwhelm them with the (roughly) 160 pages on character creation in the PHB. Are there any simplified methods for creating a character?

What methods exist to get your AC higher than 20 without magic items?

I was poking around answering for this question about the highest AC possible for a sorcerer and noticed something odd.

It doesn’t seem to be possible except in the case of the Barbarian to naturally get your AC over 20 without the use of magic items.

Is there a way that I’m missing or is this a relatively hard and fast rule (with the noted exception of the Barbarian).

The Barbarian’s exception lies in the fact that he gets to add Dex and Con to his AC, and his Level 20 capstone is a +4 bonus to CON (to a max of 24, which I’ll assume here), which gives him a potential AC of 24 (Dex 5, Con 7, shield +2).

(Note: I’m looking for permanent solutions; if you want to delve into spells, they should have duration similar to mage armor and not require concentration.)

Get WooCommerce shipping methods programmatically

How can I retrieve the shipping methods in my WooCommerce shop? I have this on my checkout page:

my checkout page

And inside my admin it looks like this:

shipping methods in wp admin

I have tried doing:


But it does not return GLS or Click and collect text / price. It returns this data: https://paste.laravel.io/0c1aff96-dbed-452c-856f-6d62b6f1f47e

Are there legitimate methods other than feats for an erudite to learn powers not on the psion/wilder list?

An Erudite can select powers freely from the psion/wilder lists, and from all the discipline lists with certain caveats.

A StP alternate class feature Erudite can learn spells, converting them to “spellpowers” with the same caveats as discipline powers; they count as powers.

The Expanded Knowledge or the Hidden Talent feat clearly allows the acquisition of any one power from any list, with certain caveats.

Are there any non feat methods which legitimately allow an Erudite to acquire other non-psion/wilder powers (Lurk powers, Leech powers, mantle powers, etc.)?

Please do not include anything involving Manipulate Form, or similar levels of TO.