Can multidimensional arrays be passed via @MethodSource (junit 5.1)?

I’m trying to pass two-dimensional arrays to a parameterized test. The one-dimensional array works as expected, but junit complains on the second with “Error resolving parameter at index 0”. Is this not supported or am I using the wrong syntax?

(junit 5.1.0)

// This is ok static Stream<int[]> arrayStream1(){     return Stream.of( new int[] {1}, new int[] {2}); }  @ParameterizedTest @MethodSource("arrayStream1") void test1(int[] par) {     assertTrue(true); }  // This is not static Stream<byte[][]> arrayStream2(){     return Stream.of( new byte[][] {{1,2}}, new byte[][] {{2,3}}); }  @ParameterizedTest @MethodSource("arrayStream2") void test2(int[][] par) {     assertTrue(true); }