google page view vs. microsoft word page view

I’m looking for a solution/workaround for:

Google Docs does not provide a comprehensive page view as does Word. For example, when a Google doc is more than one page, there appears to be no method to see all pages simultaneously side by side as can be done in Word. Google Docs allows only a page after page- scrolling down or up only. Because of this, an efficient, multiple pages view of all pages on one screen cannot be accomplished.

Associating a Project Online project with a Microsoft Teams Project Site

Today I discovered Project Web App. I’d always wondered why the Project Professional licenses we had were called Project Online even though they were desktop apps, and now I understand.

I had already progressed quite far in creating a way for our field foremen to update their task status using a sharepoint list connected to a project file, but then my boss asked me to find a way to set up reminders of upcoming tasks, and researching that lead me to discover Project Online and the Project Web App.

One thing we had run up against previously was that Microsoft Teams creates a Team Site for each of your teams, and the Project Site I created in sharepoint was different and separate than these team sites. In an effort to standardize on using the Team Site that already existed for our project, I exported the MPP from the Project site and resynced it with the Team Site that we already had for our project. This was fine, and would have continued to be fine, except then I discovered the PWA.

I spent a lot of time today trying to reason through the best way of testing the PWA with our current task list. I settled on exporting the MPP completely, and then using the “Save to Project Web App” wizard that exists inside the Project Online desktop app. I figured this was a good route because none of my existing sharepoint sites were showing up in Project Web App when I hit “add existing sharepoint list to Project Web app”, and I suspected I was running up against a limitation of Classic vs Modern site structure.

I managed to get my MPP file in Project into Project Web App, and that was going fine, except now I wanted to associate it with the Microsoft Teams project site that we had created for this project. I went to that Teams project site, and enabled “Project Functionality” and “Project Web App Connectivity” in the site features, but upon going to the Connected Sharepoint Sites configuration page in PWA and choosing my project, hitting Edit Site Address and pasting in my Teams project site URL, I was presented with an error dialogue that “The Specified Site is not a child of the default site collection”

After some googling I’ve found that there was once a Project Server option that would allow you to specify project sites outside of the default site collection. I don’t entirely understand site collections, or what site collection my sites are part of, and I couldn’t find that option in Sharepoint Online in the PWA settings page or anything.

What’s the best way to do this? Ideally I’d like to use the sharepoint site created by Microsoft Teams as the canonical project site, as we lean heavily on OneNote and the notebook we are editing is attached to that site. Additionally it would be nice to be able to push the task list from that site to the Microsoft Teams interface using the “sharepoint list” tab element, but that doesn’t seem to show my task list as a choice.

I feel like this whole thing is caught in a limbo due to the creation of Modern sites, and their associated change in site structure. Documentation has not been updated for the Office 365 workflow, PWA is still firmly in the land of Classic, etc.

UPDATE: After some reading, I now realize that Office 365 Groups that are created by Microsoft Teams are actually Site Collections, and not Sites. Additionally it would seem PWA actually has its own site collection, and i’m left wondering if that site collection is the one it was referring to as the “default site collection” or if it was in fact talking about the actual default site collection for my sharepoint instance.

Is it possible to allow PWA to work on sites outside of that default site collection it is referring to? The option used to exist in Project Server, and now in Project Online it seems to have disappeared.

Single signon with Microsoft Outlook Webmail [on hold]

I am using Drupal 7. I wanted to create Intranet pages where staff/employees can log in with their credentials. Is there any way so that they can log in with their login individual account?

I know OAuth Connector Module, HybridAuth Social Login are used for Twitter, Linked In, or Google connectors, but I am looking for a module which can connect with Microsoft Outlook Webmail.

Is there a way to take user input (comments) using Microsoft flow “Email with Options” feature?

I have configured Microsoft flow on a task list item creation using “Send Mail with Options”. Different options that I have configured are “Approve” and “Deny”. It is working fine however I wonder if there is a way to take user input (comments) as mandatory when user clicks on “Deny” option in mail.

What and where a private key in the Microsoft CA?

I need a certificate to exchange a data with some service provider. This provider suggests to use OpenSSL, they provide example for every step to create a certificate:

  1. Create new private key.
  2. Create certificate request (CSR) based on the private key from Step 1.
  3. Send them CSR and upon receiving new certificate, merge it with a key from Step 1.
  4. Use certificate with key to sign a data.

I tried to replicate these steps with Microsoft CA:

  1. In the Certificates snap-in I created manual certificate request (*.req that I believe is the same as *.csr). There were no options to indicate which key to use
  2. I sent them request and successfully received certificate without key
  3. When imported this received certificate into my Personal store, a key was added automatically (to my surprise) but I have no idea what was that key.
  4. Now I can export this certificate with a key (*.pfx) and able to sign the data. However, service providers reports error (“signed by unknown certificate”).

The question is: what was a key used to create CSR? What was a key that was merged? Where is error in my steps?

Why I am not able to authenticate with Microsoft Graph Explorer through Sharepoint Custom Web Part only in Edge Browser

I have deployed a custom web part on sharepoint online, in which I am authenticate with Microsoft Graph Explorer.

It is authenticated through Sharepoint Custom Web Part successfully in Chrome, IE and Firefox but not authenticated in Edge.

In Edge I’ve getting below error:

enter image description here

description: "Invalid argument" message: "Invalid argument" number: -2147418113 stack: "TypeError: Invalid argument at Anonymous function ( 

This is my method in which I found that at the time of calling microsoft graph explorer API(“”), in Chrome, IEand Firefox the API provides the response, but in Edge it goes in catch part and throws error.

private _getListApplications(param): Promise<any> {   return this.context.aadHttpClientFactory.getClient('')   .then((client: AadHttpClient) => {       return client.get("",AadHttpClient.configurations.v1);       }).then((responseListAllApps: SPHttpClientResponse) => {          return responseListAllApps.json();          }).catch(err => { console.log('errr', err); }); } 

Where are NTLM and LM hashes stored in a password protected microsoft presentation file

I have a password protected presentation file (MS office 2003).

My assignment required me to either remove the password or find it.

In my research i found out that presentation use ntlm and/or nt hashes. I also found out that office2john looks like the tool for the job.

Now my questions: How office2john extract the hashes? Where are they in the file? Can you explain to me where are they located? Or can you point me to some documentation that explain it?