Can I cast Counterspell while in the middle of casting another spell with a 1-minute casting time? [on hold]

In my last AL game (it’s important that we play by the rules), I was in the process of casting conjure elemental (Casting Time: 1 minute; Range: 90 feet; Components: V, S, M). During this casting, I tried to use counterspell to counter a spell within my range.

Suddenly, my DM said that when I cast counterspell, I would drop my casting of conjure elemental because I can’t do that. I and another player pointed out that I can do that and that counterspell only has an S component, so it’s no problem for me to cast it.

But when I cast shield, my DM said that shield has a V component so now I dropped your casting and again we pointed to the Sage Advice Compendium:

Can you cast a reaction spell on your turn? You sure can! Here’s a common way for it to happen: Cornelius the wizard is casting fireball on his turn, and his foe casts counterspell on him. Cornelius also has counterspell prepared, so he uses his reaction to cast it and break his foe’s counterspell before it can stop fireball.

And after a session, he said that counterspell works after you cast but before the effect. I pointed out this line from counterspell:

You attempt to interrupt a creature in the process of casting a spell.

So can I use counterspell in this situation?

Can I change my movement/action in the middle of the turn after an enemy’s reaction?

Imagine I’m a rogue and I see an opponent 50′ away. In my turn I want to use my movement and my Dash bonus action (Cunning Action) to approach it and use my Action to attack.
Then, after moving just 10′ (or more, I guess it may change the answer), another opponent had readied it’s action so as a reaction it attacks me, and hits me so hard I don’t want to go hit that opponent anymore.

  • Can I just stop my current movement and move elsewhere/back?
  • Do I have to finish my movement and then use the Dash to move away? If that’s the case, I assume it depends on how much I’ve moved to know what can I do.
  • Does changing this imply some sort of penalty?


What are good ways to present an info table that has info spanning 2 vertically-adjacent cells in a middle column, & that has no other merged cells?

Explanation of question

The following table illustrates the issue:

HTML table that doesn't present info clearly enough

HTML source for table:

<table>  <thead><th>Column 1</th><th>Column 1</th><th>Column 3</th></thead>  <tr><td>Type 1</td><td rowspan="2">Common Info</td><td>Info 1</td></tr>  <tr><td>Type 2</td><td>Info 2</td></tr> </table> 

You’ll notice that it isn’t clear that the non-header cells in the first column map to their corresponding cells in the third column, because of the cell merging. How can such correspondence be made clear?

Anyone have any advice regarding this situation?

Possible Solution

If I could mark-up the following table design using HTML, such that the cell entries were not images, then I believe such presentation would be acceptable:

Design of table for presenting the unusual information in clear way

Unfortunately, I didn’t use HTML to create the above design—I just used a simple raster graphics editor (Windows Paint) to create it.


Whilst all compatible answers to this question are welcome, for myself, really, I want to find out how to mark-up such information using GitHub Flavoured MarkDown. See here for more information on the specific situation I’m trying to deal with, that prompted this StackExchange question.

insert different block in the middle of block content

I have a phtml for a block like this :


<div class="business-container">   <nav class="mini-head">   </nav>   <div class="main-content">     <div class="right-section">     </div>     <div class="left-section">         <!-- Dynamic phtml Content  -->     </div>   </div> </div> 

I want to use above phtml in 2 different pages, but for the left-section div class it will have different phtml content , is it possible to do this?

Is there evidence that text in a table vertically aligned middle is easier to read compared to vertically aligned top?

I have an html table and there is one column that is much taller than the others and I am trying to get a recommendation if I should be vertically aligning the rest of the columns to the top or middle. For example, below the rest of the columns are vertically aligned middle (since its only the 2nd column that is forcing the row height.


download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups

Is there any evidence if this is better than having the table vertically aligned to top (versus middle)?

Missing middle name in travel documents

I know I do have a middle name as it is listed in my birth certificate and I have many documents from my childhood that include it (e.g. school records), it is also used for elections but it was never included in my national identity card or passport.

I’m an Austrian citizen and actually have travelled around many countries where it could have caused problems, but I didn’t have any trouble so far, not even in the US. However, I’m planning to travel to Russia and Belarus soon, and I don’t know about those countries.

I have a valid national identity card and passport that both show my name without the middle name.

Can this affect any travel, specifically to Russia or Belarus? Do other countries know or care about my middle name?

i am doing image processing using arnold catmap i am getting output but iwant to stop iteration the middle how can i do this?

iteration = 0 saveImages(im, iteration) # save the first image while True: pixels0 = im.load() #reload the iterated image

for x in range(n):# perform the mapping     for y in range(n):         newX = (2*x + y) % n #find new location         newY = (x + y) % n         pixels1[newX, newY] = pixels0[x, y] # copy the pixel over  tmp = path imgData = image1 imgNext = tmp;  im = image1.copy() #transfer back to image0 for the next iteration iteration -= 1 saveImages(im, iteration) # save this iteration's image  if equal(im, imageOrig):     break 

regular expression that has /admin in the middle and whole string ends with specific format [on hold]

I am trying to write a regular expression such as it has /admin in the middle and ends with .css or .js or other formats. (SHOULD WORK) (SHOULD WORK) (SHOULD NOT WORK)