How to migrate production WordPress to Localhost

I am trying to migrate a production WordPress site to a localhost install on MacOS using MAMP pro. What steps do I need to preform to enable this.

I have the data base configured and connecting.

I am able to hit localhost:8888/readme.html and get served the WordPress readme from Apache.

Unfortunately If I hit http://localhost:8888 or http://localhost:8888/index.php I get a 301 redirect to http://localhost The port is dropped and nothing gets served.

I am unsure where this 301 is coming from and currently blocked on this

Failed to migrate privileged process to lsass.exe in Windows 10

as part of a study lab I get a privileged reverse shell on a Windows 10 box and trying to migrate the process to lsass.exe to get credential hashes, etc, Windows Defender is detecting that and automatically rebooting the machine. I did the same thing on a Windows 8.1 machine and it worked just fine. Is it a different behaviour in Windows 10? Do you have any suggestinos on how I can get through this to get the hashes?

Thank you

Should we migrate 3 TB On Premise File Server to the Cloud?

We have a 3 TB File Server which we are planning to migrate to the Sharepoint Cloud in 13 different Document Libraries.  Of the 3 TB Data: 50% files are Photoshop and Coreldraw. The rest 50% is Word, Excel, PPT, PDF & Picture files.

Post implementation – My data is going to be shared between 50 users in my office using OneDrive Sync client.

Should I consider moving ahead or not? Any tools recommended for this migrations.

Thanks, Nikunj Dalal

SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016 Upgrade or Migrate

I am in the process of upgrading SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016. What I’ve done so far is attach the SharePoint 2010 db into Sharepoint 2013 environment, completed the mount and upgrade. However, it looks horrible in SharePoint 2013. The company template, web parts are broken, etc. What are the benefits of upgrading vs. migrating? Is it better to redesign/build the site in SharePoint 2016 and use a third party tool to migrate the data? I haven’t looked at the workflows yet. Can Workflows and MySites be migrated or is that an upgrade?

Any recommendations, tips, best practices?

Thank you.

Migrate SharePoint Column Encryption / Decryption using RSA Machine-Level Crypto

I’m actively trying to find the best way to migrate machine-level encryption to a new server that will be running SharePoint 2019.

We use the RSACryptoService.cs to encrypt data being stored in a SharePoint column.

We haven’t made any changes to the web.config in relation to this. I’m also not able to find the key container using aspnet_regiis, so I’m assuming the crypto service creates it dynamically.

The only solution I can think that will work at the moment is to decrypt all of the data, move it to the new server, and then encrypt it on the new server.

Are there any other better options?

Migrate, Move Or Transfer Your Website for $10

Are you switching your Web Host or moving to a new domain and don’t have any idea on how to transfer your website to new host or domain? I am here to transfer/migrate your site from one host to another without any down time. I have more than 10 year of experience and can transfer any site from one server to the other. I manage your website migration service. Instead of some mysterious automated process, your website will be moved/cloned to a new destination by an expert in this field with ten years of experience! The following services are available under the gig: Change main domain / subdomain / addon domain Transfer WP from main / root domain to subdomain / addon domain Transfer WP from subdomain / addon domain to main / root domain Migrate WordPress from one hosting to another Migrate existing WP installation to another folder Migrate the multiple websites from various hosts to single host Clone / duplicate WordPress website For any other questions feel free to message me.

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