Migrate from Standalone Instance to Failover Node Instance

I am fairly new to the MS SQL and i am currently working on a project at my company. We have a ERP System built on a SQL Server and we want to create a SQL failover node.

The original configuration is like this :

SQL Standalone Instance SERVER -> SAN Storage (Storage for MDF & LDF).

Is it possible to create a new server, install SQL Server Failover Instance from scratch, then connect the same primary SAN Storage. Import all the user credentials from standalone (original instance) to the new server.?

And when ready to migrate, we simply turn off the Standalone SQL Server, and attach all mdf files in the new server? will this method be good to migrate from standalone instance to failover instance?

Then we have a one node sql cluster available for users to work on

Later we uninstall standalone instance and install a failover sql node on the source Server, then WSFC etc, making it 2 node SQL Cluster?

I thank you for any help that you could provide.


Migrate MySQL spatial data to PostgreSQL(PostGIS)

We have a web system that uses MySQL spatial databases. We want to migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL. Our database has geometry and point data types, 21 tables and its size is 1.6GB.

I’ve been looking for methods to do it. I have found some tools that help you to migrate. However most of them do not support spatial data like https://github.com/philipsoutham/py-mysql2pgsql.

I also took a look over https://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/104081/how-to-migrate-spatial-tables-from-mssql-to-postgis. I have just seen this post. I haven’t tried it yet, I don’t know if it could work for MySQL. Furthermore, I’d like to do it using DB managers reather than Qgis or ArcGis.

How to migrate a SQL Server Erwin Mart to database to Aurora (Amazon RDS)

I want to migrate a SQL Server Erwin data Mart database to Aurora and trying to figure out what the easiest/quickest way to do that is.

Options to me seem to be:

  1. Saving models to the file system, repoint the application to the new mart database, then loading from the file system to the new database. https://support.erwin.com/hc/en-us/articles/360003443452-Java-scripts-that-automatically-save-a-mart-s-models-offline-to-a-drive [support.erwin.com] https://support.erwin.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002674131-ERWIN-DATA-MODELER-MART-API-RESOURCE-PAGE [support.erwin.com]

Has anyone got any experience using these apis?

  1. Export/Import. Mysql migration tool. https://www.mysql.com/products/workbench/migrate/
    Amazon migration tool Does anyone know if the schema is the same, can I simply export/import the data?

How can I migrate from a server with cPanel AutoSSL to one using Let’s Encrypt without an interruption to my SSL coverage?

I’ve currently got a live website which is set up with it’s SSL cert being provided by cPanels AutoSSL feature. I’m going to be moving my website to a VPS that is provisioned by Laravel Forge and set up to use Let’s Encrypt for SSL certs.

On the new server, I cannot activate the Let’s Encrypt certs because my domain is not pointing at those new servers. However, if I point my domain first, then I run the risk of users hitting my website without a valid SSL cert and seeing a warning about the site being insecure.

Is there some way I can avoid this situation – perhaps by transferring my existing cert to the new server or somehow setting up my Let’s Encrypt cert despite the fact that my domain is not pointing at the new server yet?

I would like a seamless transition where I point the domain at my new server and it already has a valid SSL cert so my users aren’t seeing security warnings.

Thank you!

What allows meterpreter to migrate processes and how to defend against it?

I mainly use Linux so I’m not well-versed on how Windows and its privileges work. I’ve recently learned to use Metasploit and meterpreter on Windows boxes.

Previous research

This answer has given an overview of how meterpreter migrates on Windows.
This article has addressed process migration on Linux

My questions

  1. What allows process migration to work?
  2. What are the main differences between Windows and Linux in process migration?
  3. Is this migration a feature or a vulnerability?
  4. How can I defend it?
  5. Should I try to prevent process migration?

What affordable/reliable hosting to migrate from Bluehost WordPress sites?

Hi there, I am thinking about namecheap since they show the process is easy using CPanel: https://www.namecheap.com/support/knowledgebase/article.aspx/9539/2199/how-to-transfer-from-bluehost

but I am sure this won't be that easy and the WP sites may break?

can you please recommend from your experience a reliable hosting provider that was easy and secure to make this migration?

thanks in advance

How to migrate production WordPress to Localhost

I am trying to migrate a production WordPress site to a localhost install on MacOS using MAMP pro. What steps do I need to preform to enable this.

I have the data base configured and connecting.

I am able to hit localhost:8888/readme.html and get served the WordPress readme from Apache.

Unfortunately If I hit http://localhost:8888 or http://localhost:8888/index.php I get a 301 redirect to http://localhost The port is dropped and nothing gets served.

I am unsure where this 301 is coming from and currently blocked on this

Failed to migrate privileged process to lsass.exe in Windows 10

as part of a study lab I get a privileged reverse shell on a Windows 10 box and trying to migrate the process to lsass.exe to get credential hashes, etc, Windows Defender is detecting that and automatically rebooting the machine. I did the same thing on a Windows 8.1 machine and it worked just fine. Is it a different behaviour in Windows 10? Do you have any suggestinos on how I can get through this to get the hashes?

Thank you