Migrate, Move Or Transfer Your Website for $10

Are you switching your Web Host or moving to a new domain and don’t have any idea on how to transfer your website to new host or domain? I am here to transfer/migrate your site from one host to another without any down time. I have more than 10 year of experience and can transfer any site from one server to the other. I manage your website migration service. Instead of some mysterious automated process, your website will be moved/cloned to a new destination by an expert in this field with ten years of experience! The following services are available under the gig: Change main domain / subdomain / addon domain Transfer WP from main / root domain to subdomain / addon domain Transfer WP from subdomain / addon domain to main / root domain Migrate WordPress from one hosting to another Migrate existing WP installation to another folder Migrate the multiple websites from various hosts to single host Clone / duplicate WordPress website For any other questions feel free to message me.

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Migrate Current React JS Project to Run in Sharepoint

Our team has created a React SPA that is js based as opposed to ts. From what I’ve seen, creating and utilizing a webpart requires typescript. This project is fairly large so I guess I’m just wondering what our best option would be to get this SPA into Sharepoint. Is converting the project to typescript the best option? Are there other options to deploy a SPA into Sharepoint without creating a webpart?

The other thing with this is we would like to have a test site where this runs on its own, outside of Sharepoint. Would we essentially need 2 different code bases to do that?

SharePoint Online Migration – Migrate external/SAML users?

We are migrating from SP 2013 On-Prem to the cloud. We currently use Ping Federate as the idP for our external users, but we intend to use the native external sharing options online. Is there any way of doing user mappings or am I going to have to do this the long, hard way? I’m using ShareGate and I can maintain the metadata for those users, but it’s the permissions for these external users that I’m sweating over. Appreciate the help!

What are the available options we have to migrate a Web Access database from sharepoint 2010 to sharepoint online

I am working on an existing sharepoint on-premises 2010, and our aim is to migrate this on-premises 2010 to sharepoint online. now i checked the sites and they contain regular document libraries and lists, which should be smoothly get migrated using any third party tool or using the sharepoint online migration tool.

but i found a sub-site which contain something similar to an Access database, as follow:-

  1. I found this document library:- enter image description here

  2. When i click on it, i thought i will get list of documents, but i got those items and a database, as follow:-

enter image description here

  1. Also when i access the home page of the site i got this online database, as follow:-

enter image description here

Now i have not worked on sharepoint 2010, so i am not sure what does the above represent? is it an access database published to a sharepoint 2010 site? also most importantly, can we migrate this database to sharepoint online? if we can then can anyone adivce on the approaches?

Migrate a Sharepoint Blog site to Sharepoint Online News Webpart

I’m working on migrating my SP Foundation 2010 site to SharePoint Online. In 2010, we had a subsite using the blog template that we used for news. I had used a dataview webpart to display posts from the blog subsite on my main page. When I saw the News webpart in SPO, I figured that would replace that old functionality nicely. I’ve migrated the blog subsite to a subsite on SPO, and i tried adding the URL to the News Sources section on the webpart settings, but nothing is showing up.

Is there anyway to import the data from that old blog site so the News webpart can consume it (other than manually recreating the pages on in SPO)?

Will 2013 composed looks migrate to 2016?

If we are using the “database attach” method of migrating sites from 2013 to 2016, will the composed looks / branding migrate over easily? Or are there any incompatibilities we will need to look out for? Our “custom” masterpages are based on seattle.master, and don’t really have anything removed, just some extra stuff added (like links to custom CSS files, loading jQuery, etc.).

which SharePoint online list i need to use to migrate an on-premsies sharepoint 2010 “Project Tasks” list

I am working on a sharepoint on-premises 2010 farm, where we are planning to migrate it to sharepoint online. now we are planning to use a third party tool (named avepoint) to do the migration, but i have noted one thing is that inside the SP on-prem 2010 there are many lists of type “Project Tasks”, as follow:-

enter image description here

now i am planning to check with the vendor of the migration tool on how those lists will be migrated as in sharepoint online we do not have any list type named “Project Tasks”..

so can anyone advice on this please? generally speaking what is the sharepoint online list template which replace the “Project Tasks” list found in SP 2010?

Rails need to migrate everytime restart server

When deploying my app to heroku, i get some error about migration. So that I combine all migration, just hold create table contain all finally property, delete edit table migration file Now, everytime restart server(localhost), i have to drop and migrate the migration again to everything work. It took me a lot of time. How can I resolve that issue? Here is my migrate status:

up 20190306060445 ********** NO FILE ********** down 20190306060545 Create product up 20190307035103 Create active storage tablesactive storage up 20190308045037 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190308071304 ********** NO FILE ********** down 20190308072304 Devise create users up 20190308074025 Devise create admins down 20190308082018 Create categories up 20190308083018 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190311041416 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190313084429 Create payment up 20190314024236 Create cart up 20190314024911 Create cart product up 20190314035334 Create messages up 20190314145333 Create payment item up 20190314151340 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190315020606 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190318073652 Create voucher up 20190319035819 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190319134032 Contacts up 20190320034249 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190320062223 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190325132236 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190325155829 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190329095529 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190329110656 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190330145000 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190331162926 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190408155326 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190419055934 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190419060341 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190502105847 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190502110019 Add stock up 20190506114910 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190506115146 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190506115302 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190513042021 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190513050115 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190514025220 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190514031046 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190516010239 Create comment up 20190516020021 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190517132706 Create notification up 20190524152143 Create brands up 20190527040142 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190528113143 Add columns devise up 20190528113658 Add columns devise 1 up 20190531125307 Create news up 20190531144908 Create ckeditor assets up 20190601100118 Create news products up 20190602144319 Create type of news up 20190602155208 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190603062824 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190606172629 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190607074100 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190607122350 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190607140214 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190608082804 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190609051100 Add omniauth to users up 20190611115405 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190612071933 Create table carousels up 20190612100433 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190613082404 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190614131413 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190615161828 ********** NO FILE ********** up 20190617154212 Create district up 20190617154602 Create province up 20190619140034 Create ward up 20190620134528 ********** NO FILE ********** down 20190620140214 Convert tables to utf8 v1 up 20190622123753 ********** NO FILE **********

Migrate from win server 2008 r2 to 2016 server

I inherited a small customer with a Dell T110 server with Windows server 2008 r2 foundation that has programs that came preinstalled as a package. It is currently configured with RAID 1. This server is the only server & isn’t a Domain Controller, just a workgroup file server. No other roles other than backup feature. I purchased a new Dell R30 bare server. I have already purchased server 2012 r2 standard & server 2016 standard. I plan on using DISM on old server to upgrade to 2008 standard, then in-place upgrade to 2012 then 2016, then move to new hardware on T30 server. I’m looking for a way to actually move to the new server without loosing programs & data. Sysprep & move? Backup bare metal & restore? What about RAID drivers? Not using RAID on new T30. Thanks.