Compiler Shows: Abort Called [migrated]

When does a C++ compiler give a this message : “terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::out_of_range'”? I was trying this problem a website. I wrote an algorithm but the code won’t compile.

enter image description here

The algorithm I wrote was this:

int stringSimilarity(string s) { int size=s.size(), sum=0;  for(int i=0; i<size; i++) {     string sub_str; int temp_sum=0;     //Creating a substring for comparison     for(int j=i, l=0; j<size, l<size-i; j++, l++)                {;     }      if(     {         temp_sum++;         int k=1;         while(         {             temp_sum++;             k++;         }     }     sum=sum+temp_sum; }  return sum;} 

Can someone please tell me where am I going wrong?

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What are some reasons a company should not go with single sign on? [migrated]

A company I am working for is advocating for single sign on for their Ecommerce site and an Online clinical testing platform that contain sensitive patient information.

My concern is the sensitive information on the patient testing site. Users of the ecommerce site does not always use the testing platform and vice versa, but there are some users who use both.

Migrated SharePoint 2010 Workflows fail to open in SP Designer 2013

We migrated from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016. We migrated over our SharePoint 2010 workflows – all of them are running fine. However, when we try and open them in SharePoint Designer 2013 it fails. There really isn’t any error message. I looked in both the SharePoint log files and the Windows event mgr, but nothing I can see in them points to anything. I thought it might be permissions so I tried to access them as the farm account with the same results.

  • Only happens with the migrated workflows
  • New workflows that are created are accessible

Thanks for any help on this.

R Zoolander

Is it secure to use a single pair of RSA keys to achieve mutual authentication? [migrated]

I saw this design recently in an infotainment product. The goal is mutual authentication between two ECUs, E1 and E2. They only care about each other. The basic idea is to keep both keys secret and let each ECU have one. Let’s call the keys k1 and k2, instead of public key and secret key, or E and D. Both keys are large.

Suppose E1 has k1, and E2 has k2. To perform mutual authentication in a cost efficient way:

  1. E1 generates random data D of a fix length, and encrypts hash(D) with k1, resulting in S1. D and S1 are sent to E2.
  2. E2 decrypts S1 with k2, and check if it matches hash(D).
  3. If OK, E2 calculates the binary complement of D, denoted D’. Then it encrypts hash(D’) with k2, resulting in S2. S2 is sent to E1.
  4. E1 calculate D’, decrypts S2 with k1, and check if it matches hash(D’).

I have a hunch this design is risky, but fail to find the weakness. Is it secure enough in the real world?

Dual boot from two separate physical storage devices [migrated]

I have a new laptop that has a 256GB NVMe SSD drive with Windows 10 currently installed. The laptop has 2 NVMe SSD slots, so I plan to move the 256GB SSD to the second slot, and insert a new 1TB SSD drive into the first slot.


  • Slot 1: 1TB SSD with Linux
  • Slot 2: 256GB SSD with Windows

I plan to dual boot. Is there anything special I need to be aware of in order to make this possible? Can I simply move the first SSD into the second slot, install Linux on the new 1TB SSD, configure the Grub2 boot loader and go? Is there anything I’m missing?

As I type this out I’m feeling like it’s a dumb question. I’ve done plenty of dual-booting in the past but I believe it was on separate partitions and not often on separate drives — or at least it’s been a while since I’ve done this. 😀

Is there a dedicated place within RPG SE for users to post source codes or helpful spreadsheets that they made/use to share the love to other users? [migrated]

I play a summoning focused druid in my 3.5e campaign and handling multiple summons and math on the fly with all the augments got tiresome – I couldn’t find a helpful sheet for animal/creature templates, so I decided to try to make one (.NET, C#). It’s a work in progress, but I want to share the source code when/if it’s workable and/or “finished.”

So, rpg friends, is there a dedicated place for this? Where do I look when I want to do some looking, and/or where do I throw my links/sheets when I want to share the love? If I see there’s a preference among the community for prefer sheets instead of source code, I’d shift my work towards getting it into a sheets format.

Screenshot for the idea of the program/progress

enter image description here