Trying to contact Red Orca for permission to print an answer in a book [migrated]

I apologize in advance for breaking protocol. I’m just looking to get an official okay on rewriting and publishing Red Orca’s answer in this thread in an upcoming book about Magic Items. I looked for alternative ways to contact them but fell short. It’s an incredible answer and I’d love to make it more widely known to people out there looking to categorize their own items.

They can reach out over reddit to u/griff-mac or Discord to griffmac#9421, if that’s more appropriate. Thanks in advance, and again, I hope I’m not breaking rules too egregiously.


Time Dilation Money Investments [migrated]

Many years ago I read a sci-fi book where it followed the activities of a very wealthy family that would make investments on different planets and then (due to time dilation of close to light speed travel) return to the original planets many hundreds of years later (and be many billions of creds richer).

Anyone know of the book or any other book that follows a similar thread?

How to evaulate salesmen objectively? [migrated]

Each salesman will sell product to three kinds of person,each kind of customers has a different response rate,I will mark these customers level A,level B and level C.

According data here,how to evaluate if a saleman is better by their response rate.Any idea is highly appreciated.

+----------+------------------+----------------+------------------+----------------+------------------+----------------+ | sales_no | levelA_customers | levelA_success | levelB_customers | levelB_success | levelC_customers | levelC_success | +----------+------------------+----------------+------------------+----------------+------------------+----------------+ | no1      |              158 |              5 |             1254 |             11 |             5423 |              8 | | no2      |              300 |              6 |             2236 |             15 |             3687 |             11 | | no3      |              198 |              4 |             1727 |             18 |             2567 |             14 | | no4      |              234 |              7 |              987 |             23 |               99 |              0 | | no5      |              388 |              2 |              876 |              4 |             1116 |             23 | +----------+------------------+----------------+------------------+----------------+------------------+----------------+ 

sales_no is id of saleman levelA_customers is how many level A customers have been selled levelA_success is how many level A customers have buy the product

“Wifi network not secure” notification with WPA2 Personal [migrated]

Everytime I connect to my wifi-network with my Windows 10 1909 I get a notification about the network not being secure. The network does use WPA2 Personal though, which I don’t think is insecure. Is there another reason why this notification pops up? And could this have somethig to do with internet cable maintenance in my area?

Combo wifi Alfa [AWUS1900 + APA-M25 + APA05 + APA05-5GHz] [migrated]

What I would like to do

Hello, I want to build a powerful combo for pentests using wifi adapter, amplifier and antenna (see next section). I don’t have bought those components yet because I have a few questions concerning usage and compatibility :

  • Are those components fully compatible ?
  • Do I need to buy 1 APA-M25 per AWUS1900 output or only one is OK ?
  • Same question for amplifier : do I need 1 amplifier per antena output or only 1 is enough ?
  • The AWUS1900 schema suggests that 2 antenas are for 2.4GHz and 2 are tor 5GHz : Does it mean that if I put amplifier on the most left output (from front view), it will amplify only 2.4Ghz ?
  • (Do you have any additional recommendation ?)

Below is the targeted hardware details :

Targeted hardware

  • Wifi adapter Alfa AWUS1900 (dual 2.4GHz + 5GHz)

Alfa AWUS1900Alfa AWUS1900 schema

  • Antenna Alfa APA-M25 (dual 2.4GHz + 5GHz)

Alfa APA-M25

  • Amplifier Alfa APA05 (2.4GHz)

Alfa APA05

  • Amplifier Alfa APA05-5GHz (5GHz)

Alfa APA05-5GHz

Notification of Imminent Screen Lock [migrated]

My work computer Locks after 5 minutes.

The nature of my job is that I “use” my computer all day long with very little interaction via mouse/keyboard; I look at the screen and it shows me pertinent details about the current job in progress, but I don’t have to move the mouse or touch the keyboard for sometimes hours at a time. The computer locks itself (at 5 minutes) with just a few seconds of warning.

I’ve been told that due to the fact that it is running Windows 7 and we are compliant with HIPPA, there is no way to give me an advance warning of some type after 4 minutes so that I have a full minute of notice in which to touch the keyboard/move the mouse to keep it active.

Incidental: My preference: dim the display 50%

Instead, I have only a few seconds of notice (my screen goes black) before it locks me out and I have to:

  • press Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • type in my password including Capital Letters, Numbers, and Symbols
  • at times retype my password multiple times because the caps lock was inadvertently active or, due to my haste (my machine often produces at >5 pieces per second), I typed it in wrong

This results in frustration; lack of necessary, detailed attention to my job; and frustration.

A simple program could be created (I’ve done this for giggles on my home computer) that would warn me that the lock is about to become active, but I was told that installing a custom program would violate our HIPPA agreement because my computer:

runs Win7 + is connected to company server + has custom program = security violation

I was told that if the computer is upgraded to Win10, a custom program could be installed to warn me that the lock screen is about to be active, but, due to the current situation, this type of solution is currently impossible to implement.

Is there any way to have a Win7 computer on a company network that adheres to HIPPA warn me that the computer is going to lock after 4 minutes of runtime?

Shadowsocks Setup Advice [migrated]

I needed some advice on how to setup my shadowsocks iOS client on my school internet

The school internet is routed through a proxy server (which has to be setup in your device settings in order for it to work).

I’ve tried setting up and connecting to the sever normally without changing any of the advanced settings but there is no internet access.

If anyone could provide some advice, it would be greatly appreciated

Using SHA-256 in policy INF file [migrated]

I have a CA policy inf file for an offline certificate request:

[Version]   Signature="$  Windows NT$  "   [PolicyStatementExtension]   Policies=InternalPolicy   [InternalPolicy]   OID=   Notice="Legal Policy Statement"   URL=   [Certsrv_Server]   RenewalKeyLength=2048   RenewalValidityPeriod=Years   RenewalValidityPeriodUnits=5   CRLPeriod=weeks   CRLPeriodUnits=1   LoadDefaultTemplates=0   AlternateSignatureAlgorithm=1   [CRLDistributionPoint]   [AuthorityInformationAccess] 

The certificate request is successful. But the certificates are using an old algorithm:

Signature algorithm: sha1RSA Signature hash algorithm: sha1 

How can I update the policy file to SHA-256?

Compiler Shows: Abort Called [migrated]

When does a C++ compiler give a this message : “terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::out_of_range'”? I was trying this problem a website. I wrote an algorithm but the code won’t compile.

enter image description here

The algorithm I wrote was this:

int stringSimilarity(string s) { int size=s.size(), sum=0;  for(int i=0; i<size; i++) {     string sub_str; int temp_sum=0;     //Creating a substring for comparison     for(int j=i, l=0; j<size, l<size-i; j++, l++)                {;     }      if(     {         temp_sum++;         int k=1;         while(         {             temp_sum++;             k++;         }     }     sum=sum+temp_sum; }  return sum;} 

Can someone please tell me where am I going wrong?

enter image description here

What are some reasons a company should not go with single sign on? [migrated]

A company I am working for is advocating for single sign on for their Ecommerce site and an Online clinical testing platform that contain sensitive patient information.

My concern is the sensitive information on the patient testing site. Users of the ecommerce site does not always use the testing platform and vice versa, but there are some users who use both.