if a jamaican is deported despite living in the UK there whole life can they live in irland or other countries close like France? [migrated]

looking for some advice, if a jamaican is being deported and lost the appeal to stop in the UK does this mean he can also not live in irland/ and northan irland? also does it mean he would not be able to move to local countries such as France and the Netherlands? thanks

Windows Failed to Start – 0xc0000098 (on Install Win 10 Pro from USB 3.0) [migrated]

My old laptop (Sony Vaio) hard drive crashed, I put in a new one and bought Windows 10 Pro on USB stick. It boots, and after I pick 64-bit, it says it’s loading files, then it ends with the error 0xc0000098 – The operating system couldn’t be loaded becasue a critical system driver or missing or contains errors. It shows File: \windows\System32\drivers\volmgrx.sys.

If instead I pick 32-bit, it says file: \windows\system32\boot\winload.efi and Status: 0xc0000359 – the application or operation system couldn’t be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors.

Screen shots of each of three steps: enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

I’ve formatted drive on another computer. It’s an HGST 1TB Serial ATA/300 (I think it’s Western Digital).

I’ve tried this in the BIOS: From the third screen shot, in lower right (not very clear in photo) it says Esc=UEFI. When I click that, I can press F2 to see the BIO. Boot Mode is set to UEFI, external Device Boot is Enabled. Boot Priority has Exsternal Device first. From BIOS, I pressed F9 (Setup Defaults), confirmed “Yes” to Load default configurations now?”, and Boot Mode is still UEFI, but external device boot is disabled, and Boot Priority has internal hard drive first.

Setting up a virtual machine in a client’s environment [migrated]

I’m a junior penetration tester and recently went into the client’s office in order to test an internal server of theirs.

They gave me their laptop with Windows installed that is connected to the AD domain and the laptop had VirtualBox installed so I could use a Kali machine for testing.

I wanted a direct connection between me and the server so I set up the machine to be on a bridged connection. Unfortunately, what happened next wasted most of my day:

  1. It seems that the laptop (Windows machine) was no longer connected to any network adapter.

  2. The laptop was blocked by the secure connector (ForeScout) but I asked the guy in charge to release the laptop.

  3. After releasing the blocked laptop, the problem persisted and I didn’t have any connection to the network.

Unfortunately, the client is the type of client that has a lot of money to spend on technologies but not so much on how to properly troubleshoot them.

My questions:

From your experience, what could be the issue?

I think it might be a layer 2 problem (the switch might have blocked the network port) but I think that would be weird because the Kali machine would have a different MAC address and a different IP address. Could it be that the switch detects 2 IP/MAC addresses coming from the same port?

Any recommendation on what would be the best procedure in these cases?

(sadly, VPN connections are not an option for this client)

Can I work remotely in Australia for 2 months per year? [migrated]

I have a UK employer and wish to work remotely (which is possible, I work from home often) while in Australia for 2-3 months per year. Technically this is not long enough to be considered living in Australia so I’m interested in how I would go about this legally. It’s worth noting that as a New Zealand citizen (I’m a dual national) it’s rather easy for me to get a visa to be able to work in Australia, so that’s not a problem. It’s more a concern regarding taxation and whether a UK company can pay me to carry out the work I normally carry out from home in the UK, but while I’m actually in Australia for two months (with the company being aware of this and wanting to ensure we do this legally).

VMWare Workstation 14 Pro on Windows 10 [migrated]

At work they just updated my Windows 7 to Windows 10. VMWare Workstations Pro 14 was installed by them over Windows 7. I had a couple VMs that worked fine.

After the update, VMWare would not start, claiming that a dll was incompatible. The IT admin (ya I know, I am not admin on my work laptop! HAAA!) uninstalled it and installed it again.

Now my MVs do not start anymore. When I try to start a VM that existed before I get:

  • 1st start: Cannot find a valid peer process to connect to.
  • 2nd start: loops for ever on the vmware startup black page, with the rotating square.

I tried creating a brand new VM. It just stays on the VMWare startup page with the square that rotates, for ever. It is stuck so well that I have to reboot. I cannot kill VMWare while it is “looping” like that, since it claims the VM is busy. I left it looping for 2 hours, so I know it is not a “wait it out” issue.

I looked at:

  • console messages in VMWare: nothing
  • events in Windows, nothing
  • reseach into the issue turned out only pages about VMWare Fusion on Mac…

Any ideas of what I could look into next? My IT department will not help, as they are clueless when it goes beyond a mousepad issue.

VMWare Workstation 14 Pro, 14.1.1 build-7528167, fully licensed.


Country-hopping to stay longer in EU? [migrated]

Me and my girlfriend have a situation and we’re not sure how to find the answers…

She’s from Argentina and I am Swedish. We’re talking about marrying but we want to wait a little bit longer, so we can’t use the spouse visa method yet.

We’ve decided that we want to live in Portugal together. And I am close to renting an apartment in the city we have chosen. I’m an EU citizen so personally I could move there immediately and live there permanently. And back in Sweden I still have spare space in my parents house. And there are also nice hotels to get variation.

What’s the best way to get as much time together as possible?

Could we do the following?

  • We go to Portugal together and she stays the maximum allowed length of time in that country.
  • Then we take a flight to Sweden, and stay the maximum time.
  • Then back to portugal.

Is it possible to bunny-hop like that to stay together in Europe?

We don’t like Argentina since they target white Europeans like myself (for scams, robberies, corrupt police, etc) and it’s not safe for me there at all and she doesn’t want me to risk that. So we’re trying to find a way to spend uninterrupted time together without involving Argentina.

We would be super grateful for any guidance. All of these immigration/travel rules are brand new to us… and we barely even know what info to search for!

Thank you all!

WPF MVVM validate property before setting when user’s change value in DataGrid [migrated]

Issue: I have a list of a class that’s being displayed in a Datagrid, one of the values needs to ask the user if they really want to change it. This was implemented with a YesNo MessageBox in the value’s Setter.

The problem is that this messagebox should not come up every time the Setter is called, like when a new object is being added to the datagrid with a dialog, it will still ask if you are sure you want to change the value of what is currently being created.

I’m not sure if there’s a clean way of doing this, so any help is appreciated.

Right now the setter in the class looks like this:

public string Value {   get { return _value; }   set    {        string message = "Are you sure you want to modify this value?";        MessageBoxResult result = MessageBox.Show(message, "Confirmation",        MessageBoxButton.YesNo, MessageBoxImage.Question);        if (result == MessageBoxResult.Yes)        {           _value = value;        }        else        {         // Set to previously used value         Value = _value;        }           RaisePropertyChanged("Value");   } } 

Am I legally required to provide a (GPL licensed) source code even after a project is abandoned? [migrated]

I plan to develop an Application using an easy to use GPLv2 licensed libraries. Once my app is complete I plan to distribute it FREE and OPEN SOURCE complying with GPLv2 copyleft requirements. The GPLv2 source code will not be put online, but can be obtained by request.

However, down the line, say after 1 year, I intend to replace those GPLv2 libraries with commercial ones. I will also makee my Application Close Sourced and commercial.

Since there are people already using the Open Source version of my application, am I obliged to give them the source code upon request? Note: The open source version of the project has been abandoned.

Xcode 11: How to enable/fix live Interacting preview option of Xcode (for attached live preview on apple device)? [migrated]

I am trying to get Interaction of my swiftUI interface live on my attached iPad Pro(Running iOS 13) but its not working. It can be seen in screenshot that it is (gray scaled) disabled (in WWDC it was blue). Is this a bug or I am missing any step. 1[ screenshot 1] screenshot 2