Can level 1 characters survive a fall of several miles?

I’m going to start a new campaign soon, and I thought it would be fun to scare my players in the first session by having them start the game falling from the sky.

The thing is, I don’t wanna kill them in the very first session, but the only ways I can think of for a level 1 character to not take damage from a fall that high up is feather fall (no spellcasters), or that feature monks get until 4th level.

Should I just scrap that idea entirely?

I feel like there has to be a way of dropping them from that high up without killing them, but I also don’t want to just have them conveniently fall on hay or something like that. I want them to be the ones to figure out how not to die, but I can’t even figure it out myself.

Formato numerico con separador de miles en laravel

Tengo el siguiente código

public function __invoke(Request $  request) {   $  idmes = $  request->idmes;      $  motoniveladoras=DB::table('detalle_salidas as s')     ->where('s.idtipocentro','=','1')     ->where('s.idfamiliacentro','=','8')     ->where('s.estado','=','recepcionado')     ->leftjoin('centros','s.idcentro','=','')     ->leftjoin('bodegaarticulos','s.idarticulo','=','','bodegaarticulos.nombrearticulo')     ->select(DB::raw('MONTH(s.fecha) as mes'),              DB::raw('YEAR(s.fecha) as anio'),              DB::raw(('SUM(s.neto) as total')),              DB::RAW('s.kilometraje'),              DB::RAW('((SUM(s.neto)-(s.neto))/(max(s.horometro)-min(s.horometro))) as hrfinal'),              'centros.nombre as nombre_centro','s.idcentro')              ->whereNotIn('bodegaarticulos.nombrearticulo',['diesel'])     ->whereMonth('s.fecha','like', '%'. $  idmes . '%')     ->orderBy('centros.nombre')     ->groupBy('s.idcentro')     ->get(); } 

en el cual necesito que el DB::raw(('SUM(s.neto) as total')) me aparesca con separadores de miles ya que al visualizarlo me aparece si separadores.

Earning Miles on an Expedia itinerary with two airlines in different alliances

I am looking to book some flights for Christmas and have found an interesting itinerary on Expedia that I am considering to book. However the outbound and return legs are operated by two different airlines in two different alliances – the outbound would be on Vietnam Airlines (SkyTeam, VN flight numbers, VN metal) while the return would be on Air China (*A, CA flight numbers, CA metal).

All flights are on one ticket though so would I be able to earn miles on this itinerary by retroactively claiming for the VN portion of the ticket with SkyTeam and for the CA portion with *A? Or could I not claim miles at all on a ticket like this?

Any clarification/past experience on this would be great!

Should I be worried about a security breach if Google Maps incorrectly shows that I drove over 650 miles from home?

I was shocked to discover that this past month Google Maps shows that I was home one day, drove from a neighboring location over 650 miles to Chicago the next day, and was home the following day.

Could this indicate that someone cloned my phone?

I know that inaccuracies can occur locally, but 650 miles? And Google Maps even shows the route that I allegedly took.

I searched for similar questions. Either they did not address this particular question or they were tagged as having already having been answered. If someone thinks that this question has already been answered, then please have the courtesy of providing a link in the comments.

Google Map Snafu

Upgraded at counter – not receiving Krisflyer miles?

I upgraded one of my legs on a flight from economy class to business class at the counter for Singapore Airlines (and paid ~$ 1200 USD for that). I’m trying to go back to claim missing miles, but they are telling me that since it was a “last minute upgrade” that I am not eligible for business class miles.

This seems shady…can anyone help me confirm that this is true?

Would I be safe to drive a 23 year old truck for 7 hours / 450 miles?

Apologies in advance if this question should be posted on the mechanics Stack Exchange rather than here, but after seeing a similar question or two, I figure this one may not hurt:

I’ve been driving a ’96 Chevy S10 for about five years now, and coming from a family of mechanics and/or vehicle enthusiasts, the truck’s been pretty well-maintained in that time frame. I’m on a brand new set of tires (not even two months old), I just refilled the coolant, the oil is fresh, the current heater core has not even had a year of use, etc. It’s sitting on about 147k miles.

Against all odds, I somehow managed to get an internship for the summer that’s all the way in New Jersey. I live in Virginia. I (with the advice of friends that have travel experience, whereas I have none) have already established that it’d be cheaper to drive there (rather than fly), and I would need a vehicle for getting around once I’m there anyways.

The route seems to be mostly highway/interstate driving for miles on end, which should be pretty smooth on the truck.

So, in summary:

  • Well-maintained ’96 Chevy S10 with 147k miles
  • Virginia -> New Jersey, 7hr, 450mi trip
  • Mostly highways/interstates

Would it be safe to make the journey? Or is the paranoia from parents justified? Let me know if more information is needed.

edit: Is there anything outside of vehicle maintenance/check-up and self-preparation that I may be forgetting that’d be a good idea to prepare for?

When do you get frequent flier miles – when you buy, or when you fly?

When are you awarded your frequent flier miles and the corresponding benefits? For example, if I have 5 miles left before I get to “gold” status and I’m about to depart on a round trip, will I get that status on the outgoing flight, or on the return flight, or not until the next trip I book?

Does this differ between the major airlines? I’m particularly interested in United, American, and Delta.