[ Renting & Real Estate ] Open Question : Is my landlord allowed to charge me for removing bloodstained bedding that isn’t mine?

Hi guys, I recently moved into a shared accommodation, and I asked the staff showing me around if they could remove the bed as I would rather bring my own. She said no, as that would mean the room would be left ‘part furnished’ instead of fully furnished. After moving in, I noticed the bedbase (not mattress) is covered in urine and bloodstains. I contacted the lettings to ask if they would at least let me swap the bed for another unoccupied room within the household. The landlord agreed under the condition that I dismantle and reassemble both beds. I agreed.  I swapped, but I was unable to fully dismantle the bloodstained bedbase, and another tenant also offered his help, it turns out we need specific screws to remove the wheels which was the part causing problems moving the bed, there wasn’t enough space to work with. I also found a syringe within the base as it’s torn. Point being, without being able to dismantle this very old fashioned and wrecked bedbase, I could only push it into the opposite and closest unoccupied room (but not the room I swapped the bed with). Fast forward, the landlord is now sending contractors out to put this biohazardous bed into the room it now belongs in the floor below. But he is charging me to move the bed to the floor below. Is he allowed to charge me for this? I asked them to remove the bed before I moved in. I did not cause the stains. The bedbase could put me at risk, and future tenants. Can I get some advice please. (UK tenant).

On what date do the events of the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure happen?

I bought the D&D 5e Starter Set a few weeks ago, and I’m beginning to think about how to drive the scenario as I’ve already read it and I’m at the stage to get familiar with the rules.

Yesterday I created my first character sheet with one of my future players (we’re not going to use pre-generated sheets) and we talked about his character’s lore and background – he will be playing a nobleman, a prince).

I thought that there could be a king in Neverwinter (the closest bigger city to the location of the adventure) , so we could link his background to the scenario. Again, his character would be the son of a king, who, after finishing his Paladin training, wants to go an on an adventure to gain experience and prove his value and that he is adequately trained to potentially govern one day.

However, when I searched for Neverwinter lore, I found out that while there were indeed kings, they didn’t exist towards the end of the timeline.

Given that, I tried to find out at which date the events of LMOP take place, but I didn’t manage to find it anywhere in the books.

So, based on already existing modules or deductions based on facts in existing modules, when do the events of LMOP take place?

If the date is deducted instead of directly stated somewhere, you have to support your answer with official sources, not just a more or less educated guess. The better the answer is supported by sources, the better.

Where are the NPC mages’ spellbooks in the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure?

In Lost Mine of Phandelver, the party comes across (and presumably defeats) multiple mages. These are not specifically described as Wizards, but their spellcasting is Intelligence-based, and they know spells from the Wizard spell list, so it sounds to me like they are Wizards. (If it quacks like a duck…)

Wizards, in D&D5e, use spellbooks. (See the “Spellbook” sub-section in the description of the Wizard class, p. 114 in the PHB.)

However, the Lost Mine of Phandelver material nowhere mentions the mages’ spellbooks.

Should my party be able to loot spellbooks? Or are these BBEGs actually non-spellbook-carrying casters? Or am I overlooking something?

How can I tweak the Lost Mine of Phandelver for only 2 player characters?

I’m going to DM Lost Mine of Phandelver tomorrow for 2 friends who’ve never played the game before. I’ve never DM’d before either.

Would starting them off at level 2 be enough to compensate for the imbalance? Should I still scale the enemies down, and keep them at level 1, or maybe do both? Should I give them many more healing potions than what is suggested in the treasure sections?

I just don’t know. What’s the most effective way to scale this adventure down?

CUDA 10.1 Update 2 is compatible to gcc 7.3.0, mine is 7.4.0, is this the cause the installation failed?

I downloaded the cuda installer from here.

I ran the installer on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) with gcc 7.4.0.

and I got this error.

[INFO]: Driver not installed. [INFO]: Checking compiler version... [INFO]: gcc location: /usr/bin/gcc  [INFO]: gcc version: gcc version 7.4.0 (Ubuntu 7.4.0-1ubuntu1~18.04.1)  [INFO]: Initializing menu [INFO]: Setup complete [INFO]: Components to install: [INFO]: Driver [INFO]: 418.87.00 [INFO]: Executing NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-418.87.00.run --ui=none --no-questions --accept-license --disable-nouveau --no-cc-ver$   [INFO]: Finished with code: 256 [ERROR]: Install of driver component failed. [ERROR]: Install of 418.87.00 failed, quitting 

This table indicates the compatible gcc is 7.3.0, is this the reason causes installation failed? Do I need to reinstall or downgrade gcc?

What’s the difference between ffmpeg static libraries form ubuntu and from mine that I compiled?

I tried ffmpeg from ubuntu repositories and linking them was as easy as just doing -lavcodec -lavuitl .... I then compiled mine with these configurations:

    ./configure \     --prefix=$  {BUILD_DIR}/desktop/x86_64 \     --extra-cflags="-I$  HOME/ffmpeg_build/include" \     --extra-ldflags="-L$  HOME/ffmpeg_build/lib" \     --enable-shared \     --arch=x86_64 \     --enable-vaapi \     --disable-vaapi \     --enable-opencl \     --disable-debug \     --enable-nvenc \     --enable-cuda \     --enable-cuvid \     --enable-libvpx \     --enable-libdrm \     --enable-gpl \     --enable-runtime-cpudetect \     --enable-libfdk-aac \     --enable-libx264 \     --enable-openssl \     --enable-pic \     --extra-libs="-lpthread -lm -lz -ldl" \     --enable-nonfree  

And it generated static libraries just like those provided by ubuntu repositories. However, I cannot simply link them with -lavcodec -lavuitl ... because I get lots of undefined references, like

../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libfdk-aacdec.o): In function `fdk_aac_decode_frame': libfdk-aacdec.c:(.text+0x4f): undefined reference to `aacDecoder_Fill' libfdk-aacdec.c:(.text+0x6d): undefined reference to `aacDecoder_DecodeFrame' libfdk-aacdec.c:(.text+0x8d): undefined reference to `aacDecoder_GetStreamInfo' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libfdk-aacdec.o): In function `fdk_aac_decode_close': libfdk-aacdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0xf): undefined reference to `aacDecoder_Close' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libfdk-aacdec.o): In function `fdk_aac_decode_init': libfdk-aacdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0x45): undefined reference to `aacDecoder_Open' libfdk-aacdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0x82): undefined reference to `aacDecoder_ConfigRaw' libfdk-aacdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0xb7): undefined reference to `aacDecoder_SetParam' libfdk-aacdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0x129): undefined reference to `aacDecoder_SetParam' libfdk-aacdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0x187): undefined reference to `aacDecoder_AncDataInit' libfdk-aacdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0x1ac): undefined reference to `aacDecoder_SetParam' libfdk-aacdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0x1d1): undefined reference to `aacDecoder_SetParam' libfdk-aacdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0x1f2): undefined reference to `aacDecoder_SetParam' libfdk-aacdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0x213): undefined reference to `aacDecoder_SetParam' libfdk-aacdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0x22f): undefined reference to `aacDecoder_SetParam' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libfdk-aacdec.o):libfdk-aacdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0x250): more undefined references to `aacDecoder_SetParam' follow ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libfdk-aacenc.o): In function `aac_encode_close': libfdk-aacenc.c:(.text+0xf9): undefined reference to `aacEncClose' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libfdk-aacenc.o): In function `aac_encode_frame': libfdk-aacenc.c:(.text+0x2c1): undefined reference to `aacEncEncode' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libfdk-aacenc.o): In function `aac_encode_init': libfdk-aacenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x3c): undefined reference to `aacEncOpen' libfdk-aacenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x7c): undefined reference to `aacEncoder_SetParam' libfdk-aacenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0xb8): undefined reference to `aacEncoder_SetParam' libfdk-aacenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0xfa): undefined reference to `aacEncoder_SetParam' libfdk-aacenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x180): undefined reference to `aacEncoder_SetParam' libfdk-aacenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x25d): undefined reference to `aacEncoder_SetParam' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libfdk-aacenc.o):libfdk-aacenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x28d): more undefined references to `aacEncoder_SetParam' follow ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libfdk-aacenc.o): In function `aac_encode_init': libfdk-aacenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x567): undefined reference to `aacEncEncode' libfdk-aacenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x5a1): undefined reference to `aacEncInfo' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libvpxdec.o): In function `vpx_decode': libvpxdec.c:(.text+0x58): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_decode' libvpxdec.c:(.text+0xa2): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_get_frame' libvpxdec.c:(.text+0x10c): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_error' libvpxdec.c:(.text+0x117): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_error_detail' libvpxdec.c:(.text+0x19e): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_decode' libvpxdec.c:(.text+0x1ae): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_error' libvpxdec.c:(.text+0x1ca): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_get_frame' libvpxdec.c:(.text+0x560): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_vp9_dx_algo' libvpxdec.c:(.text+0x58f): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_vp8_dx_algo' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libvpxdec.o): In function `vpx_free': libvpxdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0x9): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_destroy' libvpxdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0x18): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_destroy' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libvpxdec.o): In function `vpx_init': libvpxdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0x87): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_version_str' libvpxdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0xa5): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_build_config' libvpxdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0xdf): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_dec_init_ver' libvpxdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0xed): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_error' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libvpxdec.o): In function `vp8_init': libvpxdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0x134): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_vp8_dx_algo' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libvpxdec.o): In function `vp9_init': libvpxdec.c:(.text.unlikely+0x142): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_vp9_dx_algo' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libvpxenc.o): In function `vpx_encode': libvpxenc.c:(.text+0xda): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_encode' libvpxenc.c:(.text+0x2b3): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_encode' libvpxenc.c:(.text+0x33a): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_get_cx_data' libvpxenc.c:(.text+0x3cd): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_get_cx_data' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libvpxenc.o): In function `log_encoder_error': libvpxenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x351): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_error' libvpxenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x35c): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_error_detail' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libvpxenc.o): In function `codecctl_int': libvpxenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x43a): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_control_' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libvpxenc.o): In function `vpx_init': libvpxenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x4fb): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_get_caps' libvpxenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x503): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_version_str' libvpxenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x521): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_build_config' libvpxenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x563): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_enc_config_default' libvpxenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x573): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_err_to_string' libvpxenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0xc2c): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_enc_init_ver' libvpxenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0xc86): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_enc_init_ver' libvpxenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0xffb): undefined reference to `vpx_img_wrap' libvpxenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x1040): undefined reference to `vpx_img_wrap' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libvpxenc.o): In function `vp8_init': libvpxenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x10be): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_vp8_cx' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libvpxenc.o): In function `vp9_init': libvpxenc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x10d3): undefined reference to `vpx_codec_vp9_cx' ../../../deps/ffmpeg/build/desktop/x86_64/lib/libavcodec.a(libvpxenc.o): In function `vpx_free': ... 

How it it possible for ubuntu to not have to rely on x264, libfdk-aacdec, libvpxdec, etc but when I use my compiled libraries I have to provide them?

Transitioning from Lost Mine of Phandelver to Out of the Abyss with level 5 characters

My party of 5 just finished LMoP and we’ve bought OotA.

The beginning of the book is important to the whole story, as is the feeling of desperation as they run low on resources, chased by a powerful enemy they can’t hope to match at this stage.

I’ve spoken to the players, and they’d like to continue playing their characters they’ve grown attached to, so I’ve told them I’ll need to temporarily depower them, if they want to get the most out of the book. This’ll mean taking some of the magic items they have (they found most of the stuff from LMoP, plus a few extras I threw in) and restricting access to spells/extra attacks.

I’m going to have them jumped by the drow in the middle of the night in a very one sided ambush, just to really push home the threat of the drow, but make it clear they’re trying to capture, so no one gets killed.

My question is, how much should I take off the players, and how should I do it?

Is this a Lost Mine of Phandelver Plot Hole?

I’m DM’ing for the first time with a group playing for the first time (Table of Noob’s :p). In the 1st chapter of Lost Mine of Phandelver, the characters come across dead horses, are attacked by goblins, and discover a path into the woods. The campaign book says they “can easily steer the wagon away from the road and tie off the oxen while the group pursues the goblins“. This, to me, implied that the wagon couldn’t go down the path.

Fast forward a bit, at the end of the path is a cavern/goblin hideout, PC’s enter, kill goblins and bugbear leader (Klarg), yada yada yada. In Klarg’s lair, there are a bunch of supply crates, and the description says “the captured stores are bulky, and the characters will need a wagon to transport them“. They have a wagon, but apparently no way to get it to the cave.

The trail is 5 miles long, so carrying the crates back to the wagon is out. My solution was to retroactively say that when they entered the clearing where the cave is, they could see another, wider path leaving the clearing that has clearly been used for moving vehicles/supplies. This was met with dissent, as it was deemed “railroading” the story and not letting them discover a way themselves. So finally, 3 questions off this:

  1. Is this actually a plot hole, or have I missed something?

  2. Is the discovery/creation of the 2nd path both an appropriate solution, and one that a DM should make?

    1. What other alternatives could there be for this situation?

I greatly appreciate any insight/help with this…

How are PCs supposed to know this detail relevant to Area 4 of the Redbrand Hideout in the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure?

Spoilers! Careful, there are spoilers ahead. If you are playing the adventure Lost Mine of Phandelver or ever plan to in the future, please stop reading now.

Hello everyone,

This is a question related to my previous question.

I’m DM’ing the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure. We’ve just arrived at the Hideout

And there is another point that is not explained in the book.

In Area 4

I think someone built a network behind mine

So my stepson gets on the PS4 with WPS I disabled it changed password and while he’s still connected via WPS he asks PS4 what the wifi password is it gives it to him and he keeps changing his Mac address so I can’t block it and now Everytime I log into my router it says it isn’t secure I was trying to disable my 5 megahertz channel and it wouldn’t let me kept going back on and I tried to change the password it goes back to default n now there’s a hidden said on my router that I cannot get off! I have disabled everything the dchp port forwarding upnp remote login enter image description here