Is Lost Mines of Phandelver’s Young Green Dragon too much for a group of level 3 characters?

My group of 8 level 3 players are about to run through the Thundertree Ruins and will probably have a hand at fighting the dragon. My question stems from the fact that a single poison breath attack from the dragon will outright kill all but 1 player assuming they fail their saving throws.

I understand this encounter is supposed to be ridiculously deadly, but I don’t want to be punishing my players for testing the lengths at which they can fight stuff. A fight should be challenging and they should be able to try and run away, but instant obliteration seems a bit much.

All PCs are level 3 (HP in parenthesis):

  • Wood elf moon druid (27)
  • dwarven frenzy barbarian (44)
  • fire genasi archer ranger (37) (pseudodragon companion (12))
  • wood elf assassin rogue (27)
  • human wild magic sorcerer (22)
  • dragonborn fighter (29)
  • human monk (24)
  • human fighter (32)

Is there any more information about the mines seen on the map of Chult in Tomb of Annihilation?

In Tomb of Annihilation, in chapter 2, there is a map of Chult on p. 39, the “DM’s version” with all of the hexes filled in and all of the locations named and displayed.

However, although many of the locations are named, there are various “mines” that are shown throughout the map (and we can tell that they are mines because the legend tells us that that’s what that symbol means), but unlike the named locations, they are not expanded on later in chapter 2.

Below is a section of the map showing a few of these mines (shown by the symbol of a spade and pickaxe), as well as a few examples of named locations (in spoiler quotes in case any players currently in a ToA game shouldn’t be looking at it):

What is the purpose of these mines being on the map? If my players find one, what am I supposed to do with that? Is there any further information on these mines in the book? Hopefully I’m just being blind and it’s right there under my nose, but I can’t seem to find anything else about these mines…

How do I get players to care about the Lost Mines of Phandelver adventure?

I’m going to be running LMoP with a group mostly new to D&D. How can I get them to care about the hook enough to be interested in the story? I tried it previously with another group, but they just didn’t feel like they had a reason to care about the story. This time, I’m going to do a proper session zero, but I need advice on ways to get them to be interested in the hook.

Find no of possible formations of explosive mines in a 2D matrix where some cells contain info about even/odd mines are adjacent to them

I am trying to make game involving 2D grid where given some hints a player can avoid cells containing explosive mines. I have come upon a particular scenario where given hints i want to know how many formations of mines are possible.

Let there be a 2D matrix. Each cell may be empty or may contain explosive mine. Each cell has some information. If the value of cell is

  • ‘E’: it means even no of cells adjacent to this cell contain mines.
  • ‘O’: it means odd no of cells adjacent to this cell contain mines.
  • ‘N’: it means absence of values of ‘E’ or ‘O’. It tells nothing about its surrounding as well as itself.

Example for 2d matrix given below:
no of all possible formations are 16.
no of all possible formations are 4.

These are my hand calculated values. I am stuck at making an efficient program for calculating no of all possible formations even for small matrix size. My friend suggest use of dynamic programming. Note that max dimensional length of matrix could be just 25 x 25.

Lost Mines of Phandelver as PC base [on hold]

I am DMing Lost Mines of Phandelver, and it’s looking like the party wants to keep the cave as a base to replace the BBEG and turn evil.

Main question is: if I decide to let them fix up the forge of spells after a few quests for parts, what level / how challenging should this be?

I love the rule of unintended consequences, but am not sure of any down sides.

How should I handle running the Lost Mines of Phandelver adventure with 7 players?

This is my first time ever running a game of D&D (or any roleplaying game in general).

I have 7 players, 5 of them who have never played before. The other 2 are relatively experienced. Should I make any adjustments to the game? Would each encounter be too easy because of the amount of players in contrast to monsters?