What options are there in 5E that are similar to Minions?

In my 5E game, I sometimes use Minions (stolen from 4E). This allows me to add the ability to increase the drama without increasing the difficulty. Ultimately making a scene a bit more epic. The challenge is that when certain spells are used such as Sleep, there is not an easy action resolution.

The way I use Minions is: I give the Monster an AC of X and if the PC rolls X (or above) they kill the monster (regardless of what their hit dice result). When I just use weak monsters from the 5E Monster Manual I have ran into situations where the PC’s attack hits, but their hit dice roll is low and they take multiple turns to kill the monster, which just drags out combat unnecessarily.

What am I able to utilize in 5E that is Minion-like? Or perhaps how could I modify a 5E Monster that would satisfy the use of a spell like “Sleep”?

How could I resolve the sleep spell action when using Minions in 5E?

I use Minions in my 5E campaign at times. I use them as canon fodder and their hit points are non-existent. Meaning, they have an AC of X and if the PC lands any hit, they are dead.

(I read that in 4E that Minions had only 1 hit point.)

What are the ways I could resolve the Sleep Spell action if the PC’s snuck up on a campsite or cave with multiple Minions who were unaware of their presence?

Looking for Rules as Intended. (only because I don’t believe their is RAW)

Would creating undead minions be considered an evil action in PFS, and therefore earn Infamy?

Would creating undead minions be considered an evil action in PFS, and therefore earn Infamy? I’m not keen on GMing for a necromancer or anti-paladin type character, but also don’t want to deny a player’s choices outright. It seems like a necromancer (sans undead minions) is distinctly different than someone with an undead horde. This line of questioning extends to fiendish summoning, etc.

Can I include a Metamorphosis Machine in my HQ/Installation to get a supply of superpowered minions?

In the Powers chapter of the sourcebook Gadget Guide, it lists the Metamorphosis Machine as a device that can empower people to superhuman states, using the following power:

Metamorphosis Machine: Summon Empowered Version, General Type, Limited to Available Subjects • 2 points per rank

If I use the Effect option for my Headquarters/Installation, I get to spend up to 20 power points (in a PL 10 campaign) to design a power that can be used inside my base. If I select the Metamorphosis Machine as such an Effect, would I be able to get an arbitrary number of previously-transformed minions for the cost of a single Equipment Point? Would I need to take a different feature to get untransformed minions first, and if I do, would the transformed minions be restricted the same way the original minions were (e.g. if they were originally my Headquarters’ Personnel, would they still be restricted to only being able to act inside the base), or would they be considered a completely unrelated entity within the rules of the game?

How can I prevent fights against a lot of minions from being boring?

There was an encounter in my most recent D&D 4e adventure in which the players fought several (16) minion skeletons. Because all of the skeletons were minions, the encounter was not difficult, but it was also not very interesting. Resolving the actions of all 16 skeletons felt like more of a slog than a tense, exciting fight, because for every single skeleton I had to decide who to attack, then roll for attack, then roll damage, which got tedious quickly.

What techniques can I use to make fights against minions more interesting rather than just, “You all attack, then they all attack, then you, then them…”?

How can one create permanent, obedient minions?

After posting this question, I feel like this site could use a list of spells that allow the creation of 100% obedient, permanent minions or the assertion of 100% permanent control over existing creatures.

And that’s the purpose of this question. To limit the scope of this answer, the following “spell types” are not sufficient:

  • spells that are permanent, but don’t provide 100% guaranteed control (such as Geas, which lets you disobey your orders, you simply take damage)

Spells that allow complete control for only a limited timeframe are only valid if the timeframe is at least 10 days.

How to copy file from master to minions on salt-stack?

I want to copy a file from salt stack master server to minion servers. I found a script from https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27687886/copy-a-file-from-salt-master-to-minions. But I got an error.

copy_my_files:   file.recurse:     - source: salt://srv/salt/nginx.conf     - target: /etc/nginx     - makedirs: True 


  ID: copy_my_files     Function: file.recurse       Result: False      Comment: Specified file copy_my_files is not an absolute path      Started: 09:46:24.850682     Duration: 1.473 ms      Changes: 

I have given correct paths for both.