How does a software engineer version two minor updates at the same time?

In a web app I am building, I might finish two distinct minor features at the same time: Implementation of a new web page, and implementation of the notification bar. After merging both of these into master on GitHub, and resolving any existing conflicts, I will release it.

My current release is v0.9.1

When I release again, there will be two new minor changes. Would it become 0.11.0, 0.10.0? The does not seem to give any insight on this scenario.

Note: I would ask this on webapps SE but semantic versioning does not have its own tag. It seemed more likely to get an answer on this site.

Can minor child travel out of France before applying DCEM

I am an Indian, I am in France for a work and arrived last year. I had got the RP last year which is expired now and I have submitted my files for renewal of carte de Sejour. So I have a recepisse which allow me to travel outside France.

Now my family (wife and 2 year old kid) have arrived here in France, they both have type D long stay VISA valid for one year. I have validated my wife’s VISA online (required instead of applying carte de sejour).

For my daughter, I understood from sources that I need to apply for DCEM once I got my carte de sejour. Yes, I have not yet applied for DCEM for my kid yet.

Now the issue is I need to travel to India for an important family function and come back to France. I know for me and for my wife it’s ok to travel outside France and come back.

My question is whether there will be any issue for my daughter to enter into France as she don’t have DCEM (not even applied) but valid VISA.

Can I travel from Germany to England alone as an unaccompanied minor?

I currently live in Germany and am a German citizen. My passport is from the United States of America as I used to be a citizen there. I am moving to England (UK) alone. I am 14 years old and will be flying internationally. I am unsure what problems I might run into in both airports, as I am a minor and will be travelling solo. I have already seen posts about people traveling abroad as minors and have seen that security and police might question me. Yes, I have an in-date passport, but I do not know if I will be able to get a visa if needed (I do not exactly understand what a visa is- I apologize.). And no, I cannot get a letter of permission from either of my parents (It is a… Complicated situation… Don’t ask.) So my question remains, can I safely travel from Germany to England alone as an unaccompanied minor? Also, do I need a visa? (Once again, I am unsure of what a visa is. Sorry.)

Unaccompanied minor flying from the USA to Russia

My daughter, 15, may need to fly to Moscow, Russia from California, unaccompanied. What paperwork will she need to do this? Will she be allowed to? She speaks fluent Russian and English so that she will have no problem with communication. Also, may you please put down the sources of this information, I would like to look into it more. If you need more details please ask. Thank You.

Is the Balance of Harmony magic item considered a major or minor magic item?

The Balance of Harmony is an uncommon wondrous item from the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan module in Tales from the Yawning Portal (p. 228). It allows one to cast the spell Detect Evil and Good as a ritual.

For loot distribution purposes, I am trying to determine if it is a minor or major item. It can be used an unlimited number of times, which pushes it toward being a major item, but its specialized purpose and other restrictions make me think that it should be classified as a minor item like the Helm of Comprehending Languages.

Can anyone tell my why someone would cast Conjure Minor Elementals? [duplicate]

This question is an exact duplicate of:

  • Rephrased Question- Why is nearly all of the Conjure Minor Elemental Spell decided by the DM? [on hold]

If I understand this right – you don’t pick the CR of the elementals, you pick their maximum CR. You don’t pick where it actually appears, it just appears somewhere within 90 feet of you. You don’t even pick the element of what you are summoning.

To summarize, you can cast Conjure Minor Elementals at 8th level in an underwater fight, select the option to 3 elementals of CR 2 or lower, and receive 3 CR 1/2 Magma Mephits that are 90 feet away from the fight? In character I would know I am not picking any part of the what I am summoning, I’m basically just yelling help into the void. Why would I waste a 4th level spell to summon a completely random something instead of using something like Polymorph, which just gives you the creature you want and does so by giving something a massive bonus health pool?

Is there any use for this spell besides the tiny benefit of just a couple extra bodies with at most like 40 health – which you can get 5 of with animate objects?

Rephrased Question- Why is nearly all of the Conjure Minor Elemental Spell decided by the DM? [on hold]

Trying to phrase this so that the question will get answers rather than flags. Why is the conjure minor elementals spells set up in such a way that the only two things a player can select are the maximum CR of the elemental conjured, and, arguably, the location its summoned in?

Why would a wizard cast a spell that’s essentially an open invitation to whatever elemental from a list decides to show up? You cant strategize around the spell very much as written because you don’t choose what gets summoned, and you can easily end up with something you weren’t counting on. It won’t be useless, but why would you cast a spell that has such an unpredictable result? It’s like the difference between the chromatic orb and chaotic bolt – if the chaotic bolt didnt have the chance to bounce. You’d never pick a random damage type over a damage type of choice. Why would you choose a spell that might do something you want over something that does exactly what you intend it to do?