Downloads start minutes after clicking the button

Recently I’ve been getting an issue that when I start any download from an app such as the Play Store or Google drive, when I click the download button I get a indication that the download has begun but the actual download starts minutes after the button has been pressed. For example, if I try to download a file from Google Drive I get the snack bar stating “File will be downloaded, check notifications for details” but the actual download starts after a few minutes. The Play Store starts downloads after a few minutes in which the notification indicates that the download is complete, but when I go into the Play Store’s Installed tab the app download is stuck at around 25%. I haven’t faced a problem like that before. Chrome downloads are working fine.

Things I’ve tried,

1) Deleting cache and data of Play Store, Drive and Downloads app.

2) Uninstalled updates of the above apps.

3) Wiped Cache from Recovery.

4) Tried downloading from Safe Mode.

5) Did a factory reset.


Model: OnePlus 3

Android Version: 8.0.0

OxygenOS Version: 5.0.8

Any help regarding this would be great!

Apple ID scam, gave control of my computer for a few minutes

I was called from what appears to be a legitimate apple phone number 800-275-2273 and i was told there was suspicious activity. Then I said I wanted to speak to someone and I was connected to a someone with an indian accent. This person made me type\apple into the run command and I installed something that gave this person control of my computer, similar to teamviewer.

I got an email from which was in the spam folder and the guy opened netstat in cmd. Told me some stuff I didnt understand. Then he did something which started bunch of lines appearing on the command line. At that point I got spooked and closed the cmd and the connection.

What might be compromised, what should I be doing now?

Problems with videos after 12 minutes on iPod Nano 3rd generation

I’m watching videos on a 3rd generation iPod Nano and there is a strange problem. Some videos, maybe 10% of all videos, specifically after around 12 minutes, either stop completely (the video player exits back to the list of videos), or video and audio gets out of sync (the video seems to skip ahead up to 10 minutes, while the audio keeps playing where it’s supposed to).

Some additional details:

  • The video plays fine in VLC or mplayer on the Mac
  • The problem persists if I remove the audio track (ffmpeg -an)

Update: Interestingly, I’ve discovered that the videos that fail on the iPod Nano also seem to fail in iTunes and QuickTime on the Mac, but in different ways and places. For example, one video plays fine in QuickTime until 3:45, after which video fails to play while audio plays fine. Also, at this point, pausing QuickTime causes VTDecoderXPCService to use all available CPU.

My best guess is that a particular encoding scheme must be enforced for Apple-specific video players. Can anyone explain the phenomenon and suggest a cure?

This is the conversion method I’m using:

ffmpeg in.mp4 -vcodec libx264 -acodec aac -ac 2 -ar 44100 -ab 128k -profile:v baseline -level 3.0 -pix_fmt yuv420p -vf scale=320:240 out.mp4 

Possible solution: Adding -r 30000/1001 from here makes the video play in iPod and QuickTime, but can anyone explain why? (Input file framerate is 23.98, while 30000/1001 is 29.97.)

Chromecast through HDMI->VGA adapter works after a few minutes of noise

I have a first generation chromecast going to an old VGA display (eMachines LE1987) through an HDMI->VGA adapter. The cast home screen shows up no problem, but when I start a cast, the screen shows noise snow and the audio is just digital pops for a minute or two. After a while, the cast suddenly shows up fine and lasts until switching to a different app to cast. Googling, I see that chromecast wouldn’t be expected to work through an adapter to VGA because HDMI is encrypted to prevent copying (HDCP), and both sides have to be licensed to decode the signal. But if that is the problem I’m having, I wouldn’t expect it to work at all. Is HDCP in fact my problem? If so, why does it work after a few minutes? And is there any way to eliminate or shorten the wait?

How to calculate a monetary value for a given duration in minutes and seconds?

I have a monetary value for 1 minute like 0,10 € (10 euro cents per minute)

In Google Sheets, I have a column to enter a length of time in minutes and seconds like “xx,xx”, ex. 1,30

The calculation will be “duration” x “0,10 €”. but…

In Google Sheets, what is the correct formula for calculating the monetary value of each elapsed time?

Here is a spreadsheet with example

Do security consultants routinely demonstrate hacking into attendees’ PCs within minutes?

From this Quora answer:

Years ago when I was in China I was getting updated on cyber security from one of our partnerships.

We were going over everything from basic hacks a 9 year old could do to more sophisticated ones that professional blackhats do. (…)

One of the first things they showed me was how easy it is to get access a camera remotely. And over a dozen different methods of doing it.

Back at my hotel where I was staying at the time, I had a laptop on my desk by my bed which I always left on, but locked.

As well as at my home office in Canada, I had a few laptops there as well I had plugged into a backup battery power bar, so they had about 42 hours total of backup battery should power ever go out. I was using these as self cloud storage’s. So they were on as well.

Within 5 minutes of the lesson just knowing my IP address (for my Canada office) and my QQ chat account on my hotel laptop they had access to my cameras in both my hotel room, and my home office. I was able to see my rooms from the board meeting through the eyes of my camera. And this was an amateur hack, something a 12 year old could learn online. The laptops did all have anti virus.

Not only with cameras. We did microphone as well as other windows processes as well. All basic methods. They were able to push software onto the devices through vulnerabilities in the router/network and other means. (…)

We did some advanced security lessons by which one of the professional consultants showed us how easily he can obtain direct access to devices, not just amateur stuff like cameras.

He was able to get full remote access to my home office laptops in under 4 minutes of his demonstration. Which then he had full mouse/keyboard and screen share on. He was able to access emails, web browser, and over a dozen external harddrives and all contents connected to my network. Prior to that meeting I wasn’t even aware that was possible.

We also did a safety test on my VPS (virtual private server) that I had hosted with Hostmonster and Godaddy at the time. This was a few years ago. I got permission to test our VPS’s security. The consultant wouldn’t do it without permission, which we got from a live chat agent.

Within 4 minutes again he had access to our root VPS server. He bypassed the hosting servers basic security that was loaded by default on our virtual server. He was able to show me the root files of all of my CPANEL accounts that hosted our websites on Magento and WordPress and we were able to make live changes to my sites. To that, I was not happy. I was expecting a lot more security from those hosting companies, not with them anymore though.

This is scary, but apparently this is not an isolated case:

From another Quora answer:

I once took a cyber security course in which one of the instructors hacked into six or seven laptop cameras in the class before the lunch break on the first day. The computers in question were brought by the students, not supplied by the training facility. By the second day, every student in that class had tape over their laptop cameras.

From yet another Quora answer:

Our cyber security team has demonstrated how easy it is to remotely do this [hack a camera], even to an anti-malware & anti-virus protected devices.

If these answers are to be believed, security consultants routinely demonstrate hacking into attendees’ PCs within minutes.

And yet, whenever on this site (SecuritySE) someone says something along the lines of “it takes approximately a few minutes to hack into a device” they’re getting downvoted and/or told they’re wrong (example 1, example 2 is a now deleted answer to this question). Is there not discrepancy here?

Therefore let me ask my question: Do security experts / consultants routinely hack into attendees’ PCs within minutes?

Is 55 minutes layover in Dusseldof possible?

I’m planning to travel from Tokyo to Hamburg, my ticket is like below:

Tokyo Narita > Dusseldorf (ANA)

55 minutes layover

Dusseldorf > Hamburg (Eurowing)

Since I have never been at Dusseldorf Airport before, I want to ask if that 55 minutes layover is enough?

Apparently, I have to get out the plane at International terminal, go through customs (I have a long term, multiple entries Schengen VISA) and navigate to Domestic terminal.

Thank you all.