What are the repercussions of being able to finish a short rest in only 10 minutes instead of taking 1 hour?

Currently we are playing a horror adventure in D&D 5e. Due to circumstances (beings locked in a haunted house, rooms changing just when we close the doors, etc.), a 1-hour rest is hardly possible.

Our DM ruled that short rests can be as short as 10 minutes. The obvious result is that we can take it. What are other changes that we, both players and DM, should be aware of?

If it matters, party consists of Lore Bard, Vengeance Paladin, Chaos Sorcerer and Divination Wizard, all level 3.

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Opening VS Code makes Firefox freezed for a minutes in Linux Mint 18.3

I use Linux Mint 18.3. After opening a firefox window, opening VS Code made the tab in firefox can’t be shown correctly. after switching tabs, Firefox showed nothing but a throbber.

Firefox only shows a throbber

and the processes loading table is shown below (Web Content is about firefox).

Processes loading table

After some minutes, Firefox could be manipulate properly.

Where does the bug from? How to solve the problem?

version info:

$ firefox –version Mozilla Firefox 69.0 $ code –version 1.36.1 2213894ea0415ee8c85c5eea0d0ff81ecc191529 x64