Gdrive File Sharing option missing

I am using Ubuntu Unity 16.04 on Chromebook by crouton With online accounts manager, I connected a Google Account, but i guess there are some issues with this pannel. First of all, In the sync options “File Sharing” options is missing. So I tried ocamlfuse, and despite i do not see any error, really the gdrive does not mount in the folder created. Any suggeston why the file sharing options is missing? it is a problems of the realease or desktop envioroment? Thanks for the help

How to check if any file on Volume Y is missing on Volume Z?

I have multiple external HDD’s, many USB thumb drives, a boat load of SD cards and so on. I’ve not diligently kept everything centrally stored. This goes back years. I now want to clean up this mess by having files either on my Macbook Pro or Synology NAS (plus cloud options).

What I’m looking for now is a tool which helps me with this. Something like DeltaWalker which I use when comparing files or folders, but slightly different. What I’m hoping exists is a piece of software which will know my target volume via perhaps the Finder index, and then I tell it “Hey, check out this SD card, and now try and find every single file on this card, and try and match it with my target HDD or NAS. Let me know if it’s already, or not already there!”.

Put simply: Do these external drive files already exist on my HDD or NAS?

Or: Do the files on Volume Y exist on Volume Z or not?

Bonus if in case of a picture, it can detect it in the Photos library.

If not found, I’ll copy them some place logical. If all files are there, I’ll finally wipe the card/disk/drive knowing I’ve properly dealt with the contents.

I’m OK with command line tools, advanced trickery in tools like Hazel, DeltaWalker etc. But can’t think of any that do this type of bulk/batch finding/matching.

Can I do this natively, in Finder perhaps even, or is there a tool out there which can do this with the click of a few buttons?

Find missing required values in a List

Assume we are given two lists (could be any primitive type):

var arguments = new List<String>() {"a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f", "g", "h"}; var required = new List<String>() {"c", "g"}; 

All values of the required list have to be in the arguments list. If none are missing return null, else return a List of the missing arguments. Oh and the required values can not occur multiple times, if that’s the case an exception should be thrown.

This is what I managed to put together:

private static IList<string> FindMissingRequiredValues(List<string> required, List<string> arguments)         {             var missing = new List<string>();             foreach (var r in required)             {                 if (!arguments.Contains(r))                     missing.Add(r);             }              if (missing.Count == 0)                 missing = null;             return missing;         } 

It works but it doesn’t take care of duplicates, and it looks ugly. Is there an elegant solution that is generic (works for any primitive type) and takes care of duplicates , maybe with linq?

Package php-xml-parser missing from Ubuntu 19, how to get and install?

It looks like they are located at

Coming from the CentOS world, I have no idea which one I should download and how to install. There are no readme or any other files to give you a clue in these files.

Query project server custom fields values when MSP_EpmProject_UserView is missing

Recently, I’d wanted to query one of my custom fields values from project server 2016 database but I couldn’t find MSP_EpmProject_UserView in my content database views!! After a few searches, I found March 2017 SharePoint update that has fixed this bug, but after installation of March 2017 CU, Project server views are still getting dropped out. Finally I found out if you have multiple PWA sites on the same content database, userviews won’t be populated!!!! Now how can I query my custom fields values??

VM BOX won’t load due of missing file

I have a small problem while loading up Ubuntu from a VM BOX.

I have used it for a few months without problems as I used it mainly for embedded school projects. Now I have a problem.

I did: sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get upgrade to update and upgrade the system. However, now when I try to load it up, this happens. Picture of the problem

When that loads up and I press OK, nothing happens then. It is basically crashing. What might be the issue here?

Thank you for anyone who helps.

Missing Keyboard on Lock Screen

I got a system message that the keyboard had crashed. Then my keyboard won’t restart. And now that my phone is locked, I can’t unlock it to try any of the normal fixes, such has disabling and enabling the keyboard. Yes, I have restarted the phone, that’s why it’s locked now.

I need to save some of the contacts, so a simple factory reset won’t work. ADB does seem to be enabled, but I don’t know how export the contacts, or install a keyboard.

How can I either restore the keyboard, or export the contacts.

Wifi Adapter missing on 19.04

Wifi adapter is sometimes showing up and most of the time missing. I’m on 19.04. My laptop is Asus K401U.

When I run this: sudo lshw -c network, I only get the Ethernet interface and no Wireless interface.

When the wifi showed up the other day, I tried running: sudo lshw -c network and I got this information:

        description: Wireless interface        product: AR9462 Wireless Network Adapter        vendor: Qualcomm Atheros 

Thank you in advance for your help.