Can you cast Thunderwave and then Misty Step on the same turn in that order? [duplicate]

Imra the wizard is cornered! Surrounded by multiple foes, she casts Thunderwave in an attempt to push her enemies back. One of them succeeds on the saving throw!

Knowing that moving out of their range might trigger an attack of opportunity, can she cast Misty Step in the same turn?

I’m asking this because the rules under Casting a Spell states that

A spell cast with a Bonus Action is especially swift. You must use a Bonus Action on Your Turn to cast the spell, provided that you haven’t already taken a Bonus Action this turn. You can’t cast another spell during the same turn, except for a cantrip with a Casting Time of 1 action.

Does the order of spells casted matter? The wording makes it seem like you can’t cast a Bonus Action spell and then an Action spell, but you can do it the other way around.

Is this homebrew Misty Hook spell balanced?

In a game I play, my GM allows a lot of custom homebrew (with approval), including spells. A situation has come up where my sorcerer is trying to make a version of Misty Step pulling a nearby creature to you, instead of teleporting to a nearby space.

My GM doesn’t have much of an opinion on it yet, so I want advice for balancing it.

This is the spell text:

Misty Hook
3rd level conjuration
Range: 30 feet
Choose one creature you can see within 30 feet of you. You teleport them to an unoccupied space of their choice within 5 feet of you. An unwilling creature can make a Wisdom save to avoid being teleported.

Is this balanced as a 3rd level spell, or should it be higher level?

Note: I’ve been talking about this in chat here, scroll down for the full discussion.

Can I misty step and place bag of holding inside another bag of holding in the same round (i.e. same time)?

The question is if placing bag of holding inside another bag of holding opens the gate to the Astral Plane (which was discussed here: Is it possible to stuff a Bag of Holding inside another Bag of Holding?), then – can I make misty step before the gate has opened? For example a character runs toward the monster, puts bag of holding inside bag of holding and makes misty step before being sucked through this gate?

Can the Fey Wanderer Ranger be targetted by a creature affected by its Misty Presence?

Wizards of the Coast recently released a new set of subclasses via Unearthed Arcana.

Described in this document is the 15th level Fey Wanderer Ranger feature, Misty Presence, which states the following (abridged for brevity):

You can magically remove yourself from one creature’s perception: you gain a bonus action that you can use to force [a creature] to make a Wisdom saving throw […]. On a failed save, the target can’t see or hear you for 24 hours.

If the creature cannot see or hear the Fey Wanderer Ranger (and, indeed, if they are completely “removed from the target’s senses”), then can they target or attack the Ranger at all? This, of course, is assuming that the target has the standard set of senses.

The document omits any mention the Invisible, Blinded, Deafened, and Hidden conditions, so it appears that the target of Misty Presence is afflicted by an entirely separate condition that isn’t covered by their respective rules.

Why does the Fey Teleportation feat name a spellcasting ability for the Misty Step spell?

From the feat description:

You learn the misty step spell and can cast it once without expending a spell slot. […] Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for this spell.

As far as I’ve been able to determine, spellcasting ability is only relevant when there’s an attack roll involved, there’s a saving throw, or the ability modifier augments damage. In the case of Misty Step, none of the three apply. There are similar cases with other magic racial feats (“Charisma is your spellcasting ability for all three spells,” where one of the spells is Detect Magic).

So what’s the significance of naming a spellcasting ability?