I am in stuck with rebooting Samsung S5 in normal mode rather than recovery mode. How to fix?

Consider the following thing first:

  1. My Power Button doesn’t work at all.

My phone was on and I connected the phone with PC and ran the following command in adb

adb reboot recovery 

Then it opened in recovery mode. I wanted to reboot the phone in normal reboot. But power button was not working. I removed battery and placed again. Whenever the phone turns on, it turns on in recovery mode

I want to turn the phone in a normal reboot. Can anyone help?

How to set which landscape mode is default (reverse landscape vs landscape)

I have a few different apps that seem to have difficulties keeping landscape mode from going upside down when certain things happen, like playing ads. My phone is always rotated clockwise for landscape mode when I use landscape mode, but will often go upside down as if it expects the phone to be rotated counter-clockwise. I’m assuming rotated counter-clockwise is considered landscape mode, and clockwise is reverse landscape, so in that case I need reverse landscape to be the main/default/only landscape mode. But I don’t want it locked to landscape all the time, it is locked to portrait mode normally. Using Galaxy S8+, not rooted.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/advice, though preferably not something that requires changing a setting before and after every time I launch one of those troublesome apps.

Why are ISO settings not available/grayed out on Nikon 5100 in auto mode?

I have a Nikon 5100 and the option to change the ISO settings on Auto mode isn’t available. The option is grayed out and it’s stuck on auto. The ability to change ISO setting is only available when your in P, S, A or M mode. Does anyone know how to change it so that I have ISO control in auto mode as well?

ADB Access in TWRP recovery mode – samsung A3, Linux

I can access my Samsung A3 (a3xelte) in “normal” mode in linux using adb. Today I installed the TWRP 3.2.3-0 recovery mode and entered it. According to https://www.droidwiki.org/wiki/TeamWin_Recovery_Project#ADB_im_Recovery, I should be able to use adb commands in this mode as well. However, “adb devices” shows me nothing. Any ideas or is the information wrong for this phone?

Reason I am asking: After resetting the phone to factory settings, some valuable Memo-Notes seem to be deleted. I would like to copy an image of the partition to my computer (as described in https://stackoverflow.com/a/49287932/2135504) and then use testdisk to potentially still find the relevant deleted file. The phone is not rooted which seems to make things a lot more complicated…

John the Ripper: OpenMP mode vs using the “–fork=N” option?

Clang on OSX doesn’t support OpenMP by default, so I could not compile JtR with OpenMP support without another Clang installation.

However, after looking at the below option, I wonder what the difference is compared to OpenMP mode:

--fork=N fork N processes

If I invoke JtR using --fork=2, then JtR will run with two processes, executed on different physical processor cores (same as OpenMP)?

Backing up Knox secure folder while in safe mode on a Note9

Long story short, my phone can only operate in safe mode unless I wipe it right now. I’ve backed up everything except for what used to be in my secure folder. I logged into it now that I am in safe mode, but it shows as empty and I want to back it up either by transferring it out and onto an sd card or by using the built in feature on the secure folder. Is there any way to access those files that I was able to access while operating the phone normally now that I am in safe mode.

Recovery mode keeps showing rather than showing OS startup after a successful USB El Capitan installation

I’am installing El Capitan 10.11 from USB installer. For that that i restarted my iMac (Early 2009) and held and kept down the Option key which made me select the device osx el capitan installer to boot from. Then i entered in utility disk and erased my 1st drive of my hard disc in format of Extended Journaled. i also did First Aid scan which seemed fine. onward i started installing OS X using OS X Utilities window which took me for the installation from USB. it took approx 12 minutes to accomplish for the successful installation and it restarted iMac. After restarting again it came to the recovery mode showing again OS X Utilities Window where you see ‘Restore from Time Machine, Reinstall OS X, Get Help Online, Disk Utility’. i also checked in Start Up Disk from the apple logo menu which is always empty. There i can’t find any startup disk even after the installation. i don’t know where i’m doing wrong. could someone please advise the right way to do it? Thank you

Boot to Single User Mode with Startup Manager

I need enter safe mode on my Mac after selecting select macOS with Startup Manager (option while booting). Pressing + S has no effect.

The Mac currently uses Bootcamp for dual boot into Windows or macOS. By default it boots into Windows. I cannot change the default boot OS. Possibly because I don’t have an administrator account in macOS.

The following link is what I’m trying to accomplish using safe mode:

I don't have administrator account on my mac

TL;DR How to enter macOS safe mode after selecting macOS in Startup Manager?