Keeps booting into emergency mode, swap errors

Moved my media server over to a new case last nigth and ever since it will only boot into emergency mode. I am also getting “failed to activate swap /swapfile” error as posted here. I have a 120 GB M2 SSD as the system drive with 2 partitions. I also have a HDD that has my media files on it.


Here is output of cat /etc/fstab – I know it’s wrong – but it is in read only mode. I also don’t know how to find the UUID of the extra HDD

cat /etc/fstab

I know there is likely more info needed – please let me know

Is it reasonable, If we use popup mode for Single Sign On?

Our applications have oauth for google, and we use popup mode. Login page have a button for authorization via google. But now customer want to use single sign on (SSO) for authentication. As I know about SSO, we haven’t use login page app, we redirect to login page of SSO website. So It’s make sense when we use popup mode for SSO. We put button keycloak (SSO), and show a popup for authorization. But It’s flow is same oauth. Would you show me the reasonable way use popup mode for SSO or SSO only use redirect mode.

After installing Ubuntu 18 alongside Windows 10, all Windows GRUB options result in Windows starting recovery mode

thank you for your time. I have installed ubuntu on my hard drive while Windows lives on my SSD. After installing Ubuntu (which works flawlessly), using one of the (many) windows options in GRUB results in Windows starting recovery mode or failing an automatic repair. I tried using the BootRepair tool from within ubuntu with the recommended settings but that didn’t help. Its output is in (although my Windows version is definietly 10, not 8). Reading the output, choosing /dev/sda3 at boot should result in Windows starting, but it doesn’t. I am new to personal linux (have worked on servers before) and am not sure what to try next. Thank you again for your help

Display/hide control in Webpart based on edit/browse mode

I have a Visual Studio project in which I have created a Visual Webpart. In the user control I have a panel which I want to display in edit mode and hide in browse mode.

ASP.NET code snippet:

<asp:panel runat="server" ID="myControl"> 

C# code snippet in user control code behind:

protected override void OnPreRender(EventArgs e) {     base.OnPreRender(e);     WebPartManager wpm = WebPartManager.GetCurrentWebPartManager(this.Page);     if (wpm.DisplayMode == WebPartManager.BrowseDisplayMode)     {         myControl.Attributes.Add("style", "display: none");     }     else if (wpm.DisplayMode == WebPartManager.EditDisplayMode)     {         myControl.Attributes.Add("style", "display: block");     } } 

This works, but if I have two webparts on same page and put on webpart is edit mode it shows the panel in both webparts.

How can I resolve this? Is there any better (or preferred) way to do it?

NOTE: I need to use display: none because the panel would be accessed via JavaScript.

Update 1:

I even tried writing code as this.myControl.Attributes.Add("style", "display: block"); but it still didn’t work.

Access files in Home directory from live mode

I have Ubuntu 18.04 installed on my computer. Recently it stopped booting into GUI mode due to low disk space on the HOME directory. For some reason I’m unable to boot it into terminal mode either. The next solution I am trying is to use a Live CD and then delete some files from the HOME folder to free up some space so it can boot into GUI mode again .

How do I access the files in the HOME folder of the Ubuntu which is installed on my comp via the Live Mode ?

How to take a screenshot with colors as they appear in night mode

I often find myself in situations where some images have nicer looking colors in the night-mode. I often want to screenshot them. Unfortunately, what I get is the original image.

Is there any way to get the image as it appears on the display?

PS: A lot of times, I want to pick colors from images in night-mode. If it is not possible/easy to take screenshots in night-mode, can you please suggest a way to pick those colors?