When designing a medieval style Tabletop RPG, which style has proven more popular: historically accurate social views, or modern views?

In the wake of recent events, I’ve become honestly curious as to what sales figures and/or other social media metrics might reveal about our shifting views regarding what is or is not popular and acceptable in tabletop role playing games.

Medieval beliefs and views (generically speaking) tended towards black and white, strongly religious (not always in a positive way), and varying degrees of xenophobia or tolerance towards different cultures and practices.

Modern social views eschew many of the views and beliefs common during those historical times.

Thus when designing a game based on a historical (medieval) period which might include such sensitive historically accurate topics such as plague, racism, social and religious discrimination, slavery, and other challenging subject matters, what metrics exists that reveal which is preferred today?

Thus when designing a medieval style Tabletop RPG, which style has proven more popular by the numbers: historically accurate social views, or historically inaccurate but more acceptable modern social views?

Modern methods for protecting direct access to plugin files?

Is the following even still necessary, and if so, is it still the standard? Or does WordPress automatically protect plugins files from abuse nowadays?

if ( ! defined( 'ABSPATH' ) ) {     exit; } 

But, if we do still need to use it, I’m of the mind that the more secure solution is to not give the bad guys any hints at all if they’re sniffing around. That is, rather than showing an error message or white screen of death, which only verifies for them that the plugin they’re sniffing out vulnerabilities for does in fact exist on the installation, how about throwing a 404 as though it doesn’t exist at all?

The following is the closest I’ve gotten to so far:

if ( ! defined( 'ABSPATH' ) ) {     header( 'Location: 404' );     die(); } 

This is pretty good, but not completely ideal, in that even tagging a 404 onto the attempted URL like this is an irregular pattern, that gives away a clue. Otherwise, it does exactly what I want it to.

But my other attempts with combinations of:

http_response_code( 404 );

or status_header( 404 );



or wp_safe_redirect( get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/404.php', 404 );

or header( get_stylesheet_directory() . '/404.php' );

had no effect.

Finally, in this context, die(); vs exit;, are either of them better than the other or do they work exactly the same way here?

Car Chase sequence in modern 5E?

I’ve done a few vehicle sequences in our campaign so far, where I drop my party into a situation that requires one of them to pilot a vehicle and react to environmental challenges thrown at him as a result of his piloting abilities. I’ve used Dex checks to accomodate overcoming this, but I’m curious if anyones aware of an established or widely used methodology that I can adopt to make this more challenging/interesting? The meat of the next session is going to involve a high-speed pursuit through the avenues of a city in lockdown, and I want the party to feel like they’re doing more than just on rails.

To summarise;

  • Is there an established approach to handling vehicle handling/chases?
  • Should I give my passengers any specific advantages or disadvantages if they attempt to attack pursuing vehicles?
  • How should I measure the length of the chase? (I was thinking I’ll throw 10 to 20 ‘milestone’ challenges at the pilot, and if he succeeds, they reach intact, if not, the pursuit comes to an end)


What advantages or disadvantages would best replicate a video game style inventory in an otherwise Modern setting?

What advantages or disadvantages would best replicate a video game style inventory in an otherwise Modern setting? I’m looking for guidance, as it seems to veer into the really expensive with cosmic advantages. Am I missing some lower key lower power possibilities?

The background is a modern setting with minor super powers which have a power level that do not exceed the level of influence on the world based on commonly available tech to a middle class family’s income base. Thus, things like guns & rifles (ranged attack powers), fireworks (explosive powers), hydraulic jacks (strength powers), man-portable tank of liquid nitrogen (freezing powers), and so forth are some examples of the limits on powers.

One of the proposed powers is an Inventory ability. Just that, nothing else. Store it, leave it, remove it. Thus, the analog tech would be a backpack or similar. Except that it is not visible or touchable by others.

Tech Casting – Limiting OP use with Modern Magic Ruleset

We’re many sessions into a homebrew cyberpunk 5E, and I’ve recently introduced hacking using this Modern Magic UA.

I can’t see in there any stipulation on how frequently a hacker class can cast a tech. Are there any hard and fast rules?

Context; my tech caster can load these hacks into a small portable ‘techdeck’ he carries around, and casts them from there. In last night’s session, he was able to basically run through an infiltration mission wildly casting Invisiblity to Cameras and Haywire on most challenges (it played out balanced enough in the end luckily, and didn’t ruin the story), but I’m just concerned it was a little OP.

So the question is… with Tech casting, is there a standardised limit I can impose on my players when they’re casting too many techs?

Modern Honeypot Network not captured my attacks

I have installed modern honeypot network (MHN) by pwnlandia successfully in ubuntu 16. On the attack report, it show an attack that come from others but not from mine. I’m using nmap to scan the opened port also tried to brute force ssh login using nmap too. However the attack report don’t show any data of my attacks.

Here is the picture of attack report:

enter image description here

Here is my port scanning using nmap which I expect to be shown in attack report:

enter image description here

Here is my brute force attempt to ssh which I expect to be shown in attack report too:

enter image description here

Why do modern sites frequently use JSON blobs client-side and construct the webpage in JavaScript client-side? [closed]

I have noticed something in later years. Instead of actually creating a HTML page, such as a table of data, on the server and sending the finished HTML page, they nowadays send a “minimal” (in a very broad sense of that word…) webpage which executes a JavaScript which in turn loads in JSON blobs which it then parses in JavaScript, client-side, to construct a webpage which is finally displayed to the user.

One side-effect of this, intentional or not, is that it often makes it much easier for me to “grab” their data since they frequently just “dump” their internal database’s fields to the client, even if they themselves don’t use all fields. So in a way, it’s like they are making it easier for people like me to automate things on their websites, whereas I used to have to constantly parse complex, messy, ever-changing HTML code.

So while I hate how idiotic this is from a logical/user perspective, as well as from a security one (depending on various factors), it’s actually “good” for me in a way. I just don’t understand it, since it’s significantly more work on their part and an overall extremely strange way of doing things.

Whenever I notice that a HTML page is “empty from content”, I always open the network tab in Pale Moon and reload the page, and then I see a “JSON” blob which I can study. It’s bizarre. It’s almost as if they are unofficially providing an “API” without mentioning it openly, but secretly they wink/nudge to us “powerusers”?

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