Cascading lookups/filtered choice columns in modern sharepoint

We are using modern sharepoint pages. I currently have a document library with a column that indicates the subject of the document. there’s a 2nd column that has the sub subjects. I’m looking to set up what I believe is called a cascading look-up….but I’ve had trouble finding how to do that in modernSP… Where should i be looking for this?

Design still modern?

Hey guys, thanks in advance for the review.

We did not design this site layout as it is over five years old now too.

Considering something new but I still like it over all so unsure of the change.

So I was wondering if it was still modern or if anyone had any feedback on it for us?

Thanks again guys! :)

Classic view of calendar in modern pages

In several situation one would like to get the best from both worlds if possible.

I have created a calendar with 4 calendar overlays that sit in 4 subsites, this was done as the calendar view with all the overlays in different colour was required. The site in question is a Team site (modern).

Another request is to display in a list format the same content (of the single calendar + the 4 calendars in the subsites) on the main page (modern page). I have used the Highlighted content but the sorting option is not compatible with the calendar entries since it lists ‘Most recent’, ‘Trending’ etc while I only need the ‘upcoming’.

Any ideas on how to achieve this result?

Change the colour of the left navigation menu in modern sites

I have been experimenting with the look and feel options on sharepoint2019, but something I really fail to achieve is to change the colours of the left navigation bar’s links on modern team sites :

Left nav bar

By messing around with the palettes, I managed to change its background, its hover background, but I really can’t do anything about its links colour. However It should be possible, since in the dark themes provided with a vanilla sp2019 website, the links are white :

dark theme nav bar

So if anyone has an idea on how I could do this, please let me know, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Magento Category Structure – How to handle category taxonomy like modern e-commerce sites

I hope this title isn’t misleading and properly describes what I am wanting to do.

I am also seeing insight from the community for the best way to accomplish the end goal that I want for Magento categories.

To start this question off, I think it would be best to start with the problem.

The problem:

When we create a new product line, we have to create many new product categories, each with unique content and unique URLs. In our most recent examples, we had to create 11 category pages to get our categories in all the locations where we think our customers will shop. Here are some examples of this issue:

/bags/barrier/pouch/oval-window  /bags/gusset/stand-up-pouch/oval-window  /bags/food/barrier/zip-pouch/oval-window 


See how every page would yield a different category in the Magento system in order for it to be published.

What we want:

We would like to be able to create a single category page for “Oval Window” bags, yet have customers browse their way to that page from multiple different locations.

To be clear – We don’t want many URLs. We want a single page with a single URL that can be reached by browsing through many different paths.

In the post I use the term modern e-commerce when describing how we want this to function. I have some examples from larger sites where they have achieved this functionality.

Take, for example, lighting page:

You can get to it via a few different routes. Here are two routes:

Lighting and Ceiling Fans > Light Bulbs


Electrical > Light Bulbs

You can see a similar experience at

Electronics > Video Games


Toys and Video Games > Video Games

You can see in both of those examples that they have a flat category structure in the URL. The Home Depot has the structure “/b/” for category pages and Walmart has “/cp/” for their category pages.

I know the massive sizes of these companies and that they have fully custom systems, but my real question is this:

What is the best way to do something similar inside of Magento 2?

I have thought about a couple of solutions:

1) We could do something similar to how the hierarchy functions within the static content system inside of Magento – having the pages and the hierarchy separate, at which point we could build something custom to figure out how to direct what where… Complex, I know because of how products fit within categories.

2) I can see us finding one single terminal category path for each category and whenever we create branches off of a terminal path, those branches would only be in the menus on the other pages. So, for example, using the /oval-window page, we would have it’s “Master” category be


and then have the other categories link into the first branch they have, so for example, once someone gets to


on the former


path… They would branch off via a menu link in /bags/gusset/ that would then take them to


which from there they would then be able to navigate to the children of the /pouch/ category to get to /oval-windows.

Now, I know the idea with Magento is to work within Magento’s capability. As I just crazy for even wanting it to work similar to this and I should just not fight how things work right now in Magento 2?

Does anyone else have any additional ideas or recommendations for how to execute this inside of Magento 2?

Thank you in advance!

Search files in Modern view SharePoint online libraries by their name

In classic SharePoint libraries, there was a small search box for filtering or searching files by their metadata including their filename. In the modern view seems there is no such option. even in metadata navigation, the file name is not among the options. Can you please let me know how I can simply search files by their name?

Classic library Search

Fontconfig error while playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Hello while I try to play call of duty on my pc, I get the following log and my game does not load up. Please help.

Fontconfig error: failed reading config file Fontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/conf.avail/53-monospace-lcd-filter.conf", line 10: Having multiple values in <test> isn't supported and may not work as expected Fontconfig error: failed reading config file Fontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/conf.avail/53-monospace-lcd-filter.conf", line 10: Having multiple values in <test> isn't supported and may not work as expected Fontconfig error: failed reading config file Fontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/conf.avail/53-monospace-lcd-filter.conf", line 10: Having multiple values in <test> isn't supported and may not work as expected 

Specs: Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS Wine v4.1 staging

Can a virus destroy the BIOS of a modern computer?

In the late 1990s, a computer virus known as CIH began infecting some computers. Its payload, when triggered, overwrote system information and destroyed the computer’s BIOS, essentially bricking whatever computer it infected. Could a virus that affects modern operating systems (Like Windows 10) destroy the BIOS of a modern computer and essentially brick it the same way, or is it now impossible for a virus to gain access to a modern computer’s BIOS?