Making betting system using data-base money on a dice role guessing game

I’m trying to create a 2-page game where you bet a set amount of cash on a dice you roll vs the computer, the highest number wins. The player also gets a luck stat that gets added to the number they roll.

There is a 3rd page with character info of how much gold and luck you start off with.

If you run out of gold in should lock you out of playing.

I have set the CSS and all the database values but I am very weak when it comes to PHP so it’s hard for me to figure this out.

I have tried to make a normal dice game before adding database side objects but because I do not possess a server at home it’s hard for me to even test if this works, I’ve searched online as well with no luck provided.


  <main>     <form action="roll.php" method="post">       <p>         You currently have <?php echo $  user_row['gold'];?> gold.<br>         If you do not have any gold, please do not try and play the game.<br>         Remember that luck plays an important part in this game, your maximum luck gets added to the number you role, you currently have <?php echo $  user_row['luck'];?> luck.       </p>        <!-- Input field to place the bet. Minimum is 1, maximum is the amount of gold the character has (must be pulled from database). -->        <script>        function updateTextInput(val) {          document.getElementById('textInput').value=val;        }        </script>       <input type="range" name="bet" min="1" max="<?php $  user_row['gold'];?>" onchange="updateTextInput(this.value);">       <input type="text" id="textInput" value="">       <button id="submit" type="submit" type="button" name="roll">Roll!</button><br>       <!-- If the user has no gold, replace the form (or disable it) with an error stating the user cannot play. -->       <?php         if $  user_row['gold'] >= 1         } else {           $  error = "You have run out of gold, please leave the game room. <a href='index.php'>EXIT</a>";         }       ?>     </form>   </main> ```php  Roll.php ```php   <main>         <!-- The generation of two random numbers from 1 to 20. The first is for the character and the second is for the server.         The character's luck is added to their roll.         The higher number wins, the character's gold increases or decreases appropriately and is saved to the database.         There should be some indication of which is the winning number (i.e. change in colour or pointer).         In the event of a tie, there is no change in the characters gold. -->         <?php         if(isset($  _POST['roll']))         {         $  dice = $  _POST['dice'];         $  rand = rand(1,20);         if($  dice == $  rand)         {             echo "<br>" . "Congratulations you have rolled the number " . $  rand . "which is higher than my own roll, you have earned yourself bonus gold!";         }              echo "<br>" . "Oh, bummer traveler, it seems that you rolled " . $  dice . "which is a lower number than " . $  rand . ", I have taken the liberty of taking out some of your gold. Better luck next time!";         }         ?>       </figcaption>     </figure>     <div class=dice>       <img src="d20.png">     </div>     <p>You now have <?php echo $  user_row['gold']; ?> gold.</p>     <!-- A link back to index.php so the user can play again. -->     <!-- If the character has no gold left, display an error stating the user cannot play. -->     <a href='bet.php'>Play again?</a>     <?php       if $  user_row['gold'] >= 1         echo "You still have some gold left, why not try and earn yourself some more extra pocket change.";       } else {         $  error = "You have run out of gold, please leave the game room. <a href='index.php'>EXIT</a>";       }     ?>   </main> ```php  On the bet.php page a have this code, I don't know how to make the max bet the amount of gold currently in the database, and if the user has less than 1 gold they get kicked out/locked out of playing the game.  This is roll.php here is where I'm having trouble creating the dice roll itself, and I don't know how to add luck to the number that the player would roll.  Even the code I've already tried to put in is probably wrong, as mentioned I'm very weak when it comes to PHP, any help at all is greatly appreciated. 

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