What is the maximum number of spells per day that a Druid can reach at 1st level with unlimited money?

Assuming a standard point-buy and a very lenient GM who has given away a tremendous amount of gold of exactly one (1) infinity and allows any official Paizo books to be used, how many spells per day can a Druid reach in Pathfinder? You can use any Paizo-published material, but no 3d-party sources.

Before you ask, we are assuming a character who only has levels in the Druid class, and by “levels” I mean exactly one level.

Any external help (e.g. from a teammate) is not allowed; the Druid has to do their job themselves. Aid from any NPCs granted by any Druid option or by gold is allowed, though.

This question is about purely theoretical optimization, the practical outcome of this question is to better understand:

  • How does the Druid class work.
  • Some core principles of optimization.
  • The importance of Wealth By Level being more or less balanced according to the book.
  • The boundaries of low-level play.

Things That Also Don’t Count because they are boring:

  • Wands, Scrolls etc.
  • Buying NPCs’ service to cast spells for you. The Druid needs to cast themselves.
  • Casting Orisons. The Druid has to cast any spell of 1st or higher level.

Essentially, the situation is that you can buy as much as you want before the “D-day”, when you can no longer spend gold and need to cast the promised number of times.

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[ Buying & Selling ] Open Question : BOUGHT A USED CAR FROM AUTONATION TWO DAYS AGO AND HAS MOTOR mount ISSUES, should I return for my money back or fix?

I bought a car two days ago checked it with my husband. After a few days driving I realized there is a vibration that keeps bothering me. The motor mounts ended up being the problem. I spent so much money on the deposit for the car that it’s hard for me to fix it at this point. The car has a 5-day money back guarantee. I have mixed feelings, should I fix it for $ 500 if the car is worth $ 10,000 based on the inspection. I paid $ 8,900 but I feel like the dealer should have taken care of it. FYI it’s in FL, the car is a Lexus RX 330 old model 2004. Dealer said I should have purchased the warranty if I wanted them to fix it. But they didn t disclose the information on the motor mounts that was stated in the INSPECTION DOCS I found later in the hood of the car from August of this year. They did not fix them because of the cost. Can they sell a car like that without letting you know? I feel very shady about this whole situation… I have a mechanic who will fix the 3 motor mounts for $ 300 but I put so much money into the deposit and insurance… dont know if its worth it Dealer said they will not fix it because I did not purchase the warranty but dont they have to disclose any major issues? Also, they have a 5 day money back guarantee so Im thinking thats my only option. The mechanic saw the rest of the car and said everything else is good. Brakes are new and compressor and valves look new, no leaks.