Guidelines for setting haggle test difficulty when using the tracking money option?

I have been running a game of WFRP 4e and my players haven’t really been enjoying tracking money much so I was thinking of switching to the optional tracking money rule on page 290 of the rule book.

Where some groups like to track every penny closely, perhaps even using chits or fantasy coins to represent in-game coins, others prefer to ignore all fiscal book-keeping. The game rules assume you are counting every coin, but if you wish to simplify money, you can do so using your Status. If an item costs less than your Status level — so if you have a Status of Silver 2, any item costing 2 silver shillings or less — you are assumed to be able to buy as much as needed of that item. Beyond that, you can buy a maximum of one item a day that costs more with a Haggle Test, with the difficulty set by the GM according to the cost of the item and the local markets.

My problem is that according to the rules only a gold tier character can reasonably afford a main gauche let alone other weapons so my players will need to make haggling tests however I couldn’t find a guideline for haggle tests when using this system.(And the regular haggle rules woul not be appropriate on the grounds that the most you can negotiate is a %50 off) So what I wish to ask is Are there any guidelines somewhere for setting haggle difficulty and if not what are the rules you use on your table?

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