Problem with stripe (money frozen) Question

Hello all,

Three weeks ago I started using stripe as a payment provider. After selling a few products (worth of 30k gym equipment) and requesting a payout from stripe, I received an email from stripe three days before the payout was scheduled with the following text:

Thanks for using Stripe!

We're writing to request some additional information that we couldn't verify using your account. In order to continuous transferring funds to you on time, would you mind providing the…

Problem with stripe (money frozen) Question

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Is it legal to use “Windows 10” to make money?

I am planning to publish technology-based content in Turkish language (maybe also in English language after some time) on my blog webpage that I’ll open and make money via blogger earning methods like Google AdSense. One of the technolgy I’ll cover for this blog is Windows 10.

For example, I’ll publish contents like;

  • What are system requirements for Windows 10?
  • How to change screen brightness in Windows 10?
  • How to install/uninstall a program in Windows 10?
  • What are ping command and its parameters?
  • How to ping to another machine on the internet in Windows 10?
  • Which settings can be implemented in Control Panel in Windows 10?


As you guess, I need a Windows 10 OS and screenshots or screen videos of it. Therefore, I am planning to create a Windows 10 virtual machine to prepare my content by using “Media Creation Tool” provided on this page to get Windows 10 ISO file. I’ll use this Windows 10 VM without activation until it forces me and I’ll recreate the VM on the day it forces me.

However, firstly, I want to be sure this kind of usage is legal or not.

royserpa how can you take peoples money and close the thread?

I posted that i wont use the hacking bullshit mentioned in your pdf and that the 1st method will not rank without the things you say you do not need.

Ive been doing youtube for years and i know better 
If you can get a hangout to rank without any of the things you say you dont need prove it and ill go away
Far as the other two methods i am not interested and wont a refund
Your post for that sale was a outright lie

Is it legal to use “VMware Workstation 15 Player” with earning money purpose?

I am planning to open a blog webpage, publish technology-based content on it and make money via blogger earning methods like Google AdSense. The software I mentioned in the title, which is available at here, is just one of the necessities to prepare my content.

However, firstly, I want to be sure whether this kind of usage is legal or not for this software. When I look at the link I added, there is an expression in the form of “The free version is available for non-commercial, personal and home use.”

According to this statement, is it legal for me to use this software as I have stated?

Is opening a blog, publishing technological/educational content on it and earning money via blogger earning methods like AdSense legal?

I am planning to open a blog website and publish technology-based educational content as articles in Turkish language on it. Topics I’ll cover are Microsoft and Linux system administration, cyber security, software, hardware, web, mobile, desktop applications with their usage and much more things like this.

More clearly, for example, I’ll post:

  • What is Active Directory and How to Install it on Windows version x.x.x?
  • How to Configure DNS Server on Ubuntu?
  • What should be considered for cyber security?
  • What are social engineering methods and how to implement them?
  • How to run JavaScript code in C# App? (or it can be complete JavaScript tutorial)
  • What are the differences between USB 2.0 and 3.0?
  • How to change desktop wallpaper on Windows 10?
  • How to change screen brightness on IOS version x.x.x?
  • How to use TeamViewer?

As you guess, for all of these, I need tons of programs, software, tools like VMware, virtual machines like Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Windows Server 2012 or 2016, Windows 8 or 10 and screenshots.

I am planning to use trial, free or non-commercial version of these for preparing my content. My future plan is adding English articles and video contents to my blog. However, I don’t know using the tools, software and programs the way I mentioned with making money purpose is legal.

Any advice would be great.