Feat prereqs – Monstrous Mount

The prerequisites for Monstrous Mount say that it requires "…divine bond (mount), hunter’s bond (animal companion), or mount class feature with an effective druid level of 4."

The Hunter class is a hybrid of druid and ranger. It gains an animal companion, but it does not call this ability Hunter’s Bond. If a hunter character had an animal companion that they used as a mount, would it qualify for the prerequisites as written? I am asking for DM approval, but I was wondering if it was designed to be used this way. The idea is, I am a goblin hunter, and the concept is worg rider. I am already a level 4 hunter, and I planned to take the Monstrous Mount feat next level. I just noticed that the Hunter’s Bond is the name of the Ranger class ability rather than a generic description, and that the Animal Companion ability might not actually qualify for this feat, as it is not actually called "Hunter’s Bond". That said, it seems fitting for a hunter’s animal companion to be a "Hunter’s bond" even if the stat block just calls it "Animal companion".

Monstrous Mount – Animal or Magical Beast?

I am playing a Goblin Hunter. When I reach 5th level, I am considering taking the Monstrous Mount feat to gain a Worg as my animal companion. The feat says that I follow all rules for an animal companion, except where it states that it is different. I assume this means that unlike normal Worgs (which are magical beasts), a worg gained through this feat would be an Animal.

I am confused by this because the Animal type says that no creature with an Intelligence score over 2 can be an animal. Is this a case where the specific rule trumps the general rule? Or would the Worg companion be a Magical Beast? If it is a Magical Beast, is that the only feature it retains from its monstrous stat block? For instance, most Worgs have racial modifiers to Perception, Stealth, and Survival. Would my Animal Companion Worg be absent those (basically a special worg that answers the hunter’s call to become an animal companion, so it is not like others of its kind)?

There are other features of Magical Beast that could be problematic if it retained them, such as a Good BAB progression and a d10 HD instead of d8.

Does the Monstrous Combat Options rule of breath weapons scaling with creature size apply to PC’s?

While discussing build options with a fellow party member (an Alchemist), they mentioned a rule granting breath weapons increased area when the user increases size category. After a bit of searching, I was able to find the rule in question:

Breath Weapon: The monster gains a breath weapon that deals 1d6 points of damage + 1d6 per CR. A target can attempt a Reflex saving throw to take half damage. If the breath weapon is a cone, it’s 30 feet long, increasing by 10 feet for each size category above Medium, and decreasing by 5 feet for every size category below Medium. If the breath weapon is a line, its area of effect is twice as long as a cone would be.

However, said rule was located in a section about monster creation/advancement, and now we’re debating whether or not it applies to PC’s changing size due to spells or buffs. Is there any other RAW indication whether or not gaining or losing a size category would generally affect breath weapon areas in this manner, or would this ultimately be a matter of GM fiat?

If you use “Monstrous Adventurers” from “Volo’s Guide to Monsters” for a PC, do you use a background?

I was looking at “Volo’s Guide to Monsters”, the section on “Monstrous Adventurers”, and wondered whether you include a background when you use that to create a character of one of the species listed there. It doesn’t say in the section, and there aren’t any sample characters. I think that many of the backgrounds listed in the PHB wouldn’t be applicable for some of the species.

How to create a playable race Monstrous Adventurer : Quickling

How to create a new Monstrous Adventurer: Quickling

There are several Monstrous Adventurers options presented in Volo’s Guide to Monsters and I was wondering how to provide a new option of playing a Quickling? (page 187)

Obviously the 120 feet movement rate is a great advantage, but what penalties could be applied to balance it out and make it a playable race? I notice that some of the other races get a penalty like the Kobold which has -2 to Strength (page 119). Should I remove or nerf the Blurred Movement and Evasion skills?

Would -3 to Strength and -2 to Charisma be a fair trade?

Finally, can you have a playable race that is Tiny in the 5e?

How do monstrous hit dice work?

Continuing my recent foray into poorly-defined areas of the advancement rules, I have a closely related set of questions about how the rules work as written.

Consider a PC starting as a first-level werewolf. A werewolf character is a humanoid with two hit dice of wolf and LA +2.

  • Must he also have a regular level (Fighter 1, or whatever)?
  • Can that level be one hit die of Humanoid?
    • If so, what is his ECL?
    • If so, what happens when he gains enough XP to add a level? (generally, humanoids with a single hit die lose it and replace it with an actual class level when they advance)
  • Whichever way the above works, what happens if he is killed and raised (i.e. does he lose a level, HD, or 2 Constitution?) What if it happens again?

The specific problem which brought this up is a puzzle I’ve been working on for a few weeks: can you get a RAW-legal character with only Ur-Priest levels? (note that doing so would not be a good fit for most games; this is more like trying to solve a chess grotesque.)

Which 3rd party D&D book introduced new rituals that gave player characters monstrous body parts and their associated powers?

A long time ago, I remember reading a book which introduced new spells that allowed a player to take abilities from monsters by performing ritual magic that gave them the body parts associated with those powers.

I do not remember the name of the book but I do remember that there was a flavor text excerpt where someone attempted to gain the lungs of a gorgon so they could use its petrifying breath weapon. The person either died from asphyxia during the ritual due to losing their lungs during the ritual before getting the monster organ or woke up from passing out with a metal bull head.

In another excerpt I remembered an evil wizard’s apprentice finds that his master was killed by the rat headed human bodied soldier creation that he was experimentally creating using the magic from the book.

I vaguely have the idea that this book was part of a series detailing 3rd party variant “spell schools” but I do not remember what the topics of any others in the series would have been so I may be mixing this up with a different book.

Does anyone know the name of this book or who published it?