Bestsellers of current month rest api

I need to get bestsellers products for the current month. I use Magento\Sales\Model\ResourceModel\Report\Bestsellers\Collection, but I get bestsellers for all months, I used the following code to get it for current month

$  collection = $  this->productCollection->create('Magento\Sales\Model\ResourceModel\Report\Bestsellers\Collection');  $  data=array();     $  collection->setPeriod('monthly');     //$  collection->setPeriod('year');       $  currentMonth = date('Y-m');     foreach ($  collection as $  item) {         if($  item['period'] == $  currentMonth){             array_push($  data,$  item->getData());         }      } 

but that code will take more time for every coming month.

Is there a way to get products of current month directly from database?

Return temperature data in Google Sheets for a specific time of day for each day of the month

I have a column for date and time formatted like so: [3/4/18 1:09] (verified that this is stored as date/time values), and a column for the temperature data at that time in °C like so: [11.536]

There is a reading for every minute and over a month this adds up to over 40K entries.

What I want to do is to make a separate column for the temperature readings for a specific time of day for each day of the month.

So for example I want it to tell me the temperature for 9:00 AM for every day of March.

I’m then going to compare these readings to the daily and monthly temperature averages.

I would like to stick to using functions and not use pivot tables since I’m going to be doing some other things with this later.

Will my Tier 1 endorsement letter still be good if the three month mark passes after it has reached New York?

I’ve passed Stage 1 of the Tier 1 Exceptional Promise visa. I received my letter notifying I had passed on Feb 3rd and it’s valid for three months, so as I understand it, I must have Stage 2 of the application completed by May 3rd. I applied online on April 6th and scheduled my biometrics appointment for the earliest available date, April 15th. But with the March 29th suspension of biomentric services at all Application Support Centers in the US, it looks like I’ll be lucky if I get my application, passport, letter of endorsement, etc sent to NY before that May 3rd deadline. But as long as the package containing all those important materials including the letter reach NY before May 3rd, the letter should still be good even if nobody in their office opens the envelope until after May 3rd, correct?

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SparkVPS – High Bandwidth KVM VPS! 2GB SSD KVM VPS with 5TB Bandwidth for $25/year and more in Dallas and New York (Free Month Offer)

Dylan from SparkVPS wrote in to share their new Spring specials with the community. We thought the offers looked pretty attractive for a KVM offer, so here it is. We have been told that everything here is powered by PURE SSD’s for maximum performance.

They’ve received positive reviews to their previous offers on here, and we hope you enjoy what they have to offer to you today! As always – we want to hear your feedback, so if you decide to buy one – please be sure to comment below!

Their WHOIS is public, and you can find their ToS/Legal Docs here. We have been informed that they are now accepting payments via Alipay. Additionally, they accept PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin Cash) as available payment methods.

Here’s what they had to say:

“SparkVPS is a faster-than-SSD VPS provider. Here at SparkVPS, we specialize in providing VPS hosting. We are able to deliver unparalleled performance in the industry via our proprietary technology, which we call “MaxIO”, combined with our optimized local RAID-10 pure SSD access storage allows us to deliver VPS hosting that is twice as fast as traditional SSD VPS hosting.

Exclusive for the LowEndBox community, we have some KVM SSD VPS offers, which support Docker, Custom Kernel Builds, and so much more!”

Here’s the offers:

Order any special below and get a 1 month free service extension. After your order has been completed, open a support ticket with our billing department and mention this post to claim your free month extension!


  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 2048MB RAM
  • 25GB SSD Storage
  • 5000GB Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps
  • KVM/SolusVM
  • Root Access Included
  • Docker, Kubernetes, ServerPilot, Custom Kernels, Custom OS 100% Supported!
  • $ 25/yr
  • [ORDER]


  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 4096MB RAM
  • 50GB SSD Storage
  • 15000GB Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps
  • KVM/SolusVM
  • Root Access Included
  • Docker, Kubernetes, ServerPilot, Custom Kernels, Custom OS 100% Supported!
  • $ 55/yr
  • [ORDER]


  • 6 CPU Cores
  • 6144MB RAM
  • 80GB SSD Storage
  • 20000GB Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps
  • KVM/SolusVM
  • Root Access Included
  • Docker, Kubernetes, ServerPilot, Custom Kernels, Custom OS 100% Supported!
  • $ 90/yr
  • [ORDER]


Dallas, TX, USA
Test IPv4:
Test file:

Buffalo, NY, USA
Test IPv4:
Test file:

KVM Host Nodes
– Intel Dual Xeon E5 Series Processors
– 128GB DDR3 RAM
– Samsung Enterprise SSD’s
– Dual/Redundant Power Supply
– 1Gbps Network Uplink

Please let us know if you have any questions/comments and enjoy!

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