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Escort Site – 3500 Monthly Uniques – Targeted USA Traffic

how to get monthly date in teradata

I have a table called oth_mbr. I need to get 3 years of data month wise. current date minus 36 months and each month data betwwe from_dt and thru_dt needs to be fetched.

data shoulbe be in below formate

DATE , COLUMN A, COLUMN B 2017-08-01,FEP000,FPr 2017-09-01,FEP000,FPr 2017-10-01,FEP000,FPr . . . 2020-08-01,FEP000,FPr

tried below query but this gives only one data


Result for above query is 2017-08-01,FEP000,FPr

Algorithm for Estimating Number of Unique Monthly Visitors

Is there a way to estimate the number of unique monthly visitors to a site based on a limited sample of one week of data? I have information about when a given user visited the site. This isn’t as simple as just multiplying the number of unique visitors the first week by 4, due to the hotel problem. If 10 people visit your site the first week and the same people are the only visitors to your site the second, third, and fourth week, the total number of monthly unique visitors to your site is only 10.

I know you can use HLL to estimate the number of unique visitors to a site in O(1) space. I’m wondering if there’s a similar approach to estimate how many unique visitors there will be after a month, preferably that also works in O(1) space.

Monthly search value in adwords api is much larger then in a Keyword Planner

I am trying to use an adword api to get some keyword statistics. But what I see is that with a same parameters my monthly search volue is about 7 mln searches. While adword keyword planner shows around 400-500. I can provide php code with parameters I am setting. Network settings:

$  networkSetting = new NetworkSetting();         $  networkSetting->setTargetGoogleSearch(true);         $  networkSetting->setTargetSearchNetwork(false);         $  networkSetting->setTargetContentNetwork(false);         $  networkSetting->setTargetPartnerSearchNetwork(false); 

Language is set to Russian following way:

 $  languageParameter = new LanguageSearchParameter();         $  english = new Language();         $  english->setId(1031);         $  languageParameter->setLanguages([$  english]);         $  searchParameters[] = $  languageParameter; 

Location is set to Ukraine:

$  loc = array();         $  location = new location();         $  location->setId(2804); // Ukraine         $  loc[]=$  location;         $  locationTargetParameter = new LocationSearchParameter();         $  locationTargetParameter->setLocations($  loc);         $  searchParameters[] = $  locationTargetParameter; 

What Am I missing?