SharePoint 2016: How to restore the Popularity Trends for the few months

Good Day, I found the problem with popularity trends last week. They were empty since February of current year. Until February, everything had been fine. I have enabled the popularity trends via this topic

They are working since last Friday. I would like to know, is it possible to restore the popularity trends from February to July? I read this article Sharepoint 2013 popularity trend zero count after patch

But in my case it is about months, not about days.

Thank you in advance

Old cPanel dedicated server license for 13 months, old price only $34/m + unlimited cPanel accounts

current cPanel dedicated server license price is $ 45/month, and its just for 100 accounts

i have an old 3 years license, directly from cpanel, its left for 13 months (until Aug 15, 2020) + bonus 1 month from the cpanel (if available)

it can creating & handle unlimited cpanel accounts, can save you a lot, specially on server that have a lot of accounts (100++)

just want the money back, with old price $ 34 x 13 months = $ 442, negotiable

only 1…

Old cPanel dedicated server license for 13 months, old price only $ 34/m + unlimited cPanel accounts

Scroll google calendar month view one week at a time, to span 2 months partially – “vertical scrolling”?

Since years, I’m annoyed when trying to scroll in month view. It always jumps to the beginning of the next month. This feels really bad and sometimes makes it hard to visualize and understand how several events are arranged in relation to each other (or to today)… Hard to describe 🙂

I know, there is a custom 2, 3 or 4 week setting, where you can have a view across a month border. It could be nice, but it still doesn’t scroll by a week.

Today I wanted to drag-and-drop multiple events from June 30th to somewhere in July – First I couldn’t, because even my 3-week-view happened to have the border at the same spot… I modified the settings to get the 2-week-view and was lucky (50% chance) – there I could see the 2 weeks I wanted on the same screen.

Do I need to supply 3 months salary slips for Schengen visa application?

Do I need to supply last 3 months salary slips to apply for a Schengen tourist visa? I recently registered a limited company and will only receive my first pay at the end of this month. I would like to go to the Netherlands next month. The required documents state that “7. Salary Slips (last 03 months) (if employed)”.

Does this apply to people that are self employed?

Required Documentation:

Indian with UAE resident visa expiring in 2 months while applying for Schengen Visa

Me and my family are planning for a week long trip to Austria, Hungary & Czech Republic(max. no of stay).

We will be returning from there on October 28th, 2019 and my wife’s UAE Resident Visa is expiring on January 1 2020(2 month validity as per the Checklist I have seen). But rest of the family got their visa till mid year of 2020.

Will this be a problem in the visa application?