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Can my Serbian girlfriend apply for a UK Standard Visitor visa and stay for the whole 6 months?

I am a UK national and have a girlfriend who was born and lives in Belgrade, Serbia. I have visited her over there for a period of 5 days, but now we see that for her to come to the UK she must acquire a Standard Visitor visa.

She owns her own apartment in Belgrade, also has a stable job there where she has worked for 4.5 years. We hoped that she could quit her job there and come and live with me for 6 months, with me as her “sponsor” (I live in rented accommodation earning £35,000 per annum), then have her return to Serbia to get a Marriage visa.

The problem is we cannot find any clarity online as to if we should apply for her to come to the UK specifying for a short visit, like for 2-3 weeks only, or if we should state that she is coming for the full 6 months to be with me?

The above linked page, summarising what a SVV is for, states:

You can’t […] live in the UK for long periods of time through frequent visits.

  • 1) Does this mean it would be ok for her to live with me for one long 6 month visit?
  • 2) If so, is it sufficient for me to show payslips/bank statements showing my earnings, and that she would stay with me without her having to declare large amounts of funds in her own bank account?
  • 3a) Is it best to have her just stay for a short 2-3 week vacation visit, go back to her job, then apply for a marriage visa later down the road for her to come here and marry me?
  • 3b) If the answer to 3a is yes, can she safely return for a second 2-3 week visit to the UK within that 6 month visa period?

I am traveling to UK for 9 days with my wife and 18 months year old daughter. What documents I need to show for them?

My wife is unemployed and I’m only sponsoring their trip, what documents or bank statement (my wife bank statement)I need to show ? Do I need to show my wife saving account as she must be not having much balance so should I transferred and show the balance.

Also if you are proprietor of the company do you need to show your current and personal account bank statement both or only the current account. And also I need to transfered some amount from current to saving to show for visa purpose of my stay.

6 months old iPhone 6s battery disabled peak power

I had my iPhone 6s battery replaced by Apple in November last year (i.e. 5,5 months ago). Today the phone crashed and peak power was disabled again. Admittedly it was relatively cold outside (about 8°C) and I used the phone for navigation. Battery health is given as 98%.

Nevertheless, I am rather annoyed that an almost new battery dies on me and I wonder if I should complain. Is the replaced battery covered by any kind of warranty and does it extent to peak power capability?

Traveling in Singapore for 3-4 months. Will launch a couple mobile apps while I’m here. What about taxes as a US citizen?

Do I need to report taxes here if any money is made? I’m under a tourist visa. Any benefit to incorporating here? Mobile app will be launched internationally. I’m aware of taxes on the USA side (Foreign Earned Income Exclusion), but what about the Singaporean side?

Resampling PySpark dataframe from months to weeks

The input pyspark dataframe has one row per key_id and date_month and for one random key_id looks like this

+--------+-------------+---------+---------+ | key_id | date_month  | value_1 | value_2 | +--------+-------------+---------+---------+ |      1 | 2019-02-01  |   1.135 | 'a'     | |      1 | 2019-03-01  |   0.165 | 'b'     | |      1 | 2019-04-01  |     0.0 | null    | +--------+-------------+---------+---------+ 

It needs to be resampled to weekly granularity to look like this:

+--------+-------------+---------+---------+ | key_id |  date_week  | value_1 | value_2 | +--------+-------------+---------+---------+ |      1 | 2019-02-04  |   1.135 | 'a'     | |      1 | 2019-02-11  |   1.135 | 'a'     | |      1 | 2019-02-18  |   1.135 | 'a'     | |      1 | 2019-02-25  |   1.135 | 'a'     | |      1 | 2019-03-04  |   0.165 | 'b'     | |      1 | 2019-03-11  |   0.165 | 'b'     | |      1 | 2019-03-18  |   0.165 | 'b'     | |      1 | 2019-03-25  |   0.165 | 'b'     | |      1 | 2019-04-01  |     0.0 | null    | |      1 | 2019-04-08  |     0.0 | null    | |      1 | 2019-04-15  |     0.0 | null    | |      1 | 2019-04-22  |     0.0 | null    | |      1 | 2019-04-29  |     0.0 | null    | +--------+-------------+---------+---------+ 

Currently it is ~ 30 lines of code of switching between PySpark dataframes and Pandas: wrangling date range, joins, etc.

Is there a way of doing it in PySpark in a straightforward way?

I tried Pandas resampling from months to weeks, but it cannot figure out how to make it work when my “primary key” is a combination of a date_month and key_id.

At the moment number of rows in the initial dataframe is low ~250K and, I guess, converting a PySpark dataframe toPandas() and then doing the transformation in Pandas is a viable option.

Entering Germany after 3 months (having a residence permit) of absense and having received a UK’s resince permit

I’m not an EU citizen.

The situation is:

  1. I lived in Germany for 3 years, still registered there and have a bank account
  2. I have a German residence permit (niederlassungserlaubnis) received after a Blue Card
  3. I got a job in the UK, went there and received UK’s residence permit

I wasn’t sure if I want to stay in the UK and now I want to go back to Germany.

Am I eligible to go back to Germany having in mind that I was absent in Germany less than 6 months ?

The law seems to be rather vague and it is specified that if intentions of staying abroad are not permanent then you may be able to return.