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Which would be the most purely functional equivalent to generators?

Some programming languages, apart from functions, have generators (eg. Python’s yield). Although generators are introduced in this Python’s tutorial on functional programming, I don’t think that they can be considered functional programming, because they do have state, and in a vary implicit manner.

Generators are reminiscent of laziness in pure functional languages like Haskell. Apart from laziness, are there other purely functional alternatives for having a construct similar to generators? Do you have any examples?

A coin is flipped 14 times. How many different outcomes have at most 10 heads?

I followed the pattern here but it still resulted in my problem being incorrect. How many outcomes of a coin being flipped 12 times have exactly 4 heads?

(1 pt) A coin is tossed 14 times. d) How many different outcomes have at most 10 heads?

I did 2^14-(14!/14!+14!/13!+14!/12!+14!/11!), which translates to how many flips have at least 4 tails.

Why isn’t this working?

How to name base classes so that it’s most convenient for those extending a framework?

I’m designing a game engine that is supposed to be overridden. I have, for example, a class called Character. Should I prefix this with BaseCharacter or should I expect that whoever uses the framework prefixes their classes with GameNameCharacter or CharacterGameName?

What would be most convenient to you?

What is the most likely to succeed way to detect attached disks in FreeBSD?

I have seen at least 3 different ways to view attached disks in FreeBSD. Is one more likely to succeed in detecting disks than the others? Here are the three that I know about:

camcontrol devlist  geom disk list  sysctl kern.disks 

and a 4th seemingly more passive approach that doesn’t seem ideal:


Product discovery: the most forgotten part of e-commerce

Hey guys,

Since I'm working in the digital marketing area, I've noticed that a huge effort was made in acquisition and sales funnel optimization. However, the product discovery part is kind of forgotten.
I wrote an article explaining my point : https://medium.com/@yanis.sif_29734/product-discovery-the-most-forgotten-part-of-e-commerce-f48c9136f901

I'd like to know if you actually share this statement ? I find it incredible to spend lot of money on making people come to one's website…

Product discovery: the most forgotten part of e-commerce