Does the rule that you cannot willingly end your move in another creature’s space force or prevent certain actions?

There is a rule in the “Moving Around Other Creatures” section which states:

Whether a creature is a friend or an enemy, you can’t willingly end your move in its space…

I am wondering just how absolute this rule is and have come up with example situations where its application is unclear to me:

  1. On your turn, you are forced to occupy the same space as another creature, you have no more movement available, but you still have your action or bonus action available. Are you required to take the Dash action or to use some method (such as casting misty step) to get you out of the creature’s space?

  2. Caltrops state:

    Any creature that enters the area must succeed on a DC 15 dexterity saving throw or stop moving and take 1 piercing damage. Until the creature regains at least 1 hit point, its walking speed is reduced by 10 feet. A creature moving through the area at half speed doesn’t need to make the saving throw.

    An adjacent creature in standing on top of caltrops, and you only have 15 speed (and 15 movement left). I believe that you could not walk through them at half speed as you would run out of movement and be stuck in the creature’s space.
    However, could you walk through them normally even though they have a chance of having your move stop in the creature’s space (which, presumably, the character would know about, and thus would make it a willing decision)?

  3. Everything is difficult terrain, there is an adjacent creature, and you have 15 feet of movement left, could you move onto the creature’s space and then realize you can’t leave that space (as you don’t have enough movement to do so)?

I believe that my question is different from this one in a few ways. My second and third examples involve more willingly ending your move in another creature’s space (at least to me they seem to be more willingly done) and my first example calls into question what happens when the creature still has a way to gain the ability to leave the creature’s space (such as by taking the Dash action or casting misty step) which the linked question did not mention or address.

Does the rule preventing you from ending your turn in another creature’s space force you to take certain actions?

Move Ubuntu from SSD to HDD

I want to move(clone) Ubuntu to HDD from the primary SSD and install Windows instead of that Ubuntu installed on SSD. I have started the cloning process in the terminal, and it is moving all of my files to HDD . However, what is the next step? How should I format SSD and install windows on it ?

Move Item from Drop Off Library to Destination Library and create folder structure in Destination Library based on certain criteria

The project i started with SharePoint from my previous question has moved to the second stage. The documents added to our Drop Off Library, after I manually run the workflow to strip the document name to its respective columns, will need another workflow to move the items from the Drop Off library to a destination library called “Employee Files” in the format below enter image description here

The Drop Off Library list has the following fields enter image description here

The workflow has to create a Root folder for example A (based on the last name index on Drop Off), then create sub-folder (a.) with last name, first name (emp ID) and sub-folder within (a.) based on the HR Employee File Category. I am able to come up with creating a folder in Employee Files library based on Last Name Index, or move just the document from Drop Off to Employee Files, but have no idea how to do all the necessary actions i.e create the complex sub folder structure, move to Employee Files and copy the document (there is an attached pdf before Name)inside one of these folders based on the HR category and the Payroll folder. Is the workflow in SP Designer 2013 doable?

Thanks again for all your help!


Is there any good reason to move files outside webserver document root?

Let’s say I create a website (with apache for example) and my php pages get some sensitive information from a file on disk (a .ini file, a SQLite db or whatever).

I thought two ways to prevent users from getting to this information:

  • separate document folder (/var/www/html) and data folder (/var/www/data) where to put these sensitive files

  • put sensitive files inside the document root folder (/var/www/html) and prevent them access with .htaccess files

Is there a noticeable security risk with using one method or another? Or are they equivalent?