53 Rogue Scout Skirmisher, does this grant extra movement?

I am leaning towards no, but here is the situation I am wondering about:

My Rogue is in melee with an opponent. On his turn he disengages, and moves his full movement away from his opponent. The opponent, on their turn, uses their full movement to put themselves within 5 feet of my Rogue again, ending their turn. Can my Rogue then use the Skirmisher ability and move an additional 1/2 speed, or is the reaction e3ssentially wasted because my Rogue has already used his full movement this turn?

What movement sensor and led floodlight wattage for 10m height?

I live in a block of flats on the 4th floor and want to install a LED floodlight triggered by a narrow angle movement sensor.

There is a parking lot in front of the block and the installation height is around 10m.

Can you recommend a movement sensor to detect people walking downstairs but not across the entire parking lot.

Also what floodlight wattage would be sufficient for 10m height? There are 100,200,400,500,800,1000W on Amazon.

Thank you.

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What was the reason for Java’s LinkedList methods which prevent movement of nodes? [on hold]

In C++ std::list, nodes can be moved within a list, or from list to list (if the lists are compatible), via iterators and std::list::splice(). Existing iterators, being pointers to nodes, are not invalidated by moving, adding, or removing nodes, as long as the iterators don’t point to nodes that are later deleted.

With Java’s native LinkedList, there is no method to move nodes, and any add or remove operations will invalidate all iterators except the one used to do the add or remove, probably because the iterators include an index member, which in my opinion is a needless member. Something like std::next() could be used to convert an index into an appropriate iterator, and a scan loop could be done to convert an iterator into an index.

I ran into this issue with an SE question about implementing a merge sort with Java’s native LinkedList. With C++, merge sort can be implemented using iterators using either top down (uses stack to store iterators) or bottom up (uses small (26 to 32) array of iterators), both of which will just move nodes within the original list. This isn’t possible with Java’s LinkedList.

How do you script movement of two or more characters at the same time in RPG Maker MV?

Its not quite clear how to move 2 characters at the same time from and to fixed positions. Within the tutorials for RPG Maker MV users are shown how to script the movement of single characters at a time to fixed positions. In the tutorials, users are also shown how to have multiple characters moving at the same time in random directions or possibly in repeating loops. However, its not quite clear how to move 2 or more characters at the same time in a one-time scripted manner.

For example, at the start of a conversation, its normal to move the characters to specific screen positions so that they can begin uttering dialogue much like actors on a stage. However, the only way I know how to do this is moving one character at a time, which you often see in many classic jrpgs. In the modern age, however we have a lot more tools and resources at our disposal, so it doesn’t seem necessary to move them one at a time. Why not just have them move at the same time so the player doesn’t have to watch a second or two of rapid sequential movement?

Is there a way to script the movement of 2 characters at the same time to fixed positions so that they can begin speaking cutscene dialog?

How does one script simultaneous movement of characters that is not random or looped?

I don’t have enough rep yet to create an rpg maker mv tag.

jump speed vs movement speed and how to balance it [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • What happens when you run out of movement while jumping? 10 answers

If a character has a higher horizontal jump speed than movement speed, is their jump paused mid air once their movement is finished?

Or, do they continue moving? If so, what stops a player from jumping everywhere instead of walking?

Freedom of movement for family of EU citizen – applying for a free visa

According to this site:

“Applying for a visa If your non-EU family members need an entry visa, they should apply for one in advance from the consulate or embassy of the country they wish to travel to. If they will be travelling together with you, or joining you in another EU country, their application should be processed quickly and free of charge:

Countries which are members of the border-free Schengen area should issue visas within 15 days, except in rare cases, when the authorities should provide an explanation for their decision. All other countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania, UK) should issues visas as quickly as possible.”

How does one do this? I am currently living in the UK.