How can I hotlink an mp3 in Google Drive with a URL ending in .mp3?

I would like to obtain a link to an mp3 hosted in Google Drive that has the format filename.mp3, so I can link to it from sites that provide in-line audio players when linking to mp3 files.

I have searched the web and different SE sites, but the closest thing to a solution I have found is obtaining a direct download link for the file or advice on hosting it elsewhere. However, for (future) convenience I would prefer to host and link directly from / to Google Drive.

Can anyone provide some insight or point out why this might not work?

Is there any way to convert a bunch of .ogg files in a folder to .mp3 using ffmpeg? [duplicate]

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Is there any way to convert a whole heap of .ogg files in about 30 folders in a folder containing those folders to .mp3 files and put them in another folder using the command ffmpeg? The previous methods I have tried all led to the same error: “*.ogg no such file or directory”

If possible could you please tell me how? I cant find anything relating to this specific question.