Connect google cloud storage bucket in MSSQL(2016)

I host a SQL Server Enterprise 2016 + Windows Server 2016 DataCenter on google compute engine. I’m going to use .bak file on my google cloud storage (GCS) bucket, to restore database on other folder on GCS bucket (In other words: I want my DB’s mdf and ldf are locate in GCS bucket).

First, I use ExpanDrive to mount my GCS bucket as a drive in my local computer.

Then I use XP_CMDSHELL in SSMS to set a connection between SSMS and drive, but I can’t connect to my GCS bucket in SSMS.

--open xp_cmdshell EXEC sp_configure 'show advanced option', '1'; GO RECONFIGURE GO EXEC sp_configure 'xp_cmdshell', '1' RECONFIGURE WITH OVERRIDE GO  --execute cmdshell EXEC XP_CMDSHELL 'net use Z: \mypc\Google Storage /USER:user mypd' 

Is there any possible solution that I can finish this job? Any help will be thankful.

Unexpected restart when creating table in MSSQL2016

We updgradee from MSSQL2012 to 2016 v17.1 successfully restored version 2012 database backup to version 2016.

Image 1 & 2 – We can not view the tables under one of the databases but the tables can be viewed when creating views. Tables in database BAO and in other databases appears but not in BFPS database. Table does not appear

enter image description here

When trying to export database BFPS an error occurs. enter image description here

And also, everytime I am trying to create a new table in database BFPS the program unexpectedly restart.