How much of the numenera can be understood?

I already game-mastered 4.5 sessions of Numenera.

An issue I constantly ran into was: how much of the numenera can be understood, especially by a specialized nano with 2 assets (meaning: the most knowledgeable character possible)?

One demonstrative example from an adventure I found is:

You enter a large cavern. The walls are made of unnaturally smooth stone or synth. In the center of the room stands a large ring of the same metal, 2 meters in diameter. A thin membrane vibrates inside it under seemingly strong tension but without actually touching the ring. As you draw closer, you notice the air, the ground, even the walls vibrating, humming in unison with the device.

My intention, coming from D&D and new to Numenera, would have been: Disturbing the device intensified the humming, breaking the membrane makes insect-like beings emerge from the ring like from a portal. Or turning the device towards a crack in the wall widens the crack so they can pass through. Something that would just be a magic portal in D&D.

I always want to treat ‘understanding the numenera’ like ‘investigating what it does’: The PC can find out that the vibrations only go in one direction, that the device can be turned, that there seems to be something behind the membrane that causes the humming, etc.

What my players want is ‘why is this here, what is it for, what is it made of, can I take the source of power, how can there be something behind it, can I understand the portal technology, can I take the vibrating element from it and attach it do my weapon’.

They want to treat numenera like cars and nanos as physics professor/car mechanics. They think that they should be able to understand what cogs are for what purpose and how to break or alter the mechanism.

For me, Numenera is even more magic than D&D magic. In D&D, wizards can understand what a curse might be placed for, to keep someone out or something in, to make sure only the worthy can enter etc. In Numenera, even this is an unknowable factor.

But what is the understanding skill good for then? Understanding Man-made contraptions from salvaged numenera? Just identifying bits to use as ciphers?

Why is the syntax of some programming languages very much not according to earlier conventions?

Looking at the syntax of the programming language C and others inspired by it, I cannot help but ask the question in the title. Mathematics, logic and other subjects have been existing for many ages and so have natural languages and all of their symbols. Still, instead of respecting these conventions fully, designers of languages such as C have gone against them, for example by using the very old &, used in logic and natural language to denote conjunction, for something totally different, or by using the well-known = and == in unexpected ways, or by using ! for negation. Why?

Even if there were constraints to work with, certainly a programming language designer and implementor could make the syntax much more readable, less cryptic, and still concise and more natural, respecting established conventions? After all, there have been examples of that (Wirthian programming languages). And they can certainly do it these days.

Furthermore, certainly subjects such as philosophy, logic, mathematics and natural languages are very much primary and very essential subjects without which there would not even exist any computer science and no programming language. The symbols there used are very much known by many or they are at least standard. Why then go against established principles?

How Much SEO Web Designers Know?

Hello Dear,

I believe this forum is related to web design and web designers. And there is one concern every designer face… the SEO requirements while designing the web pages.

I want to know what is the current level of SEO skills web designers are having these days. Are you guys able to do…

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(4) Implementation…

How Much SEO Web Designers Know?

Too much drama not enough D&D! Canceling the game [on hold]

This is going to be a long one to explain and it’s more about the players than the game but any input would be appreciated.

I am the newest player in my D&D group. I came into a group of great players that really made the game enjoyable. I had never played before that and now I love it. We meet every week, and it is the highlight of my week. About three months ago one of the players needed to leave for personal reasons, something we were all fine with. He (Randy) has been showing up occasionally to hangout and watch, again cool with that too. Randy is really good friends with one of the others the one who hosts our games at his house.

The host texted everyone in the group chat and asked if we would like to have a board/card game night in place of D&D two weeks from now. I texted in the chat that I would prefer to continue with the campaign, but would be willing to do to something different if everyone else agreed. Two of the others Jeff included mentioned that they would also prefer to continue.

Randy suddenly chimes in and say to correct him if he is wrong then proceeds to claim that we all agreed to have a game night instead of D&D once in a while. Jeff goes on to tell him that we had previously talked about another night, at least that is what three of us remember. No one in the entire conversation said a definite no to a game night, Jeff was simply trying to state that it wasn’t remembered the same way.

Both of these men being stubborn, go back and forth in the group chat for a while until finally Jeff says that we can discuss it on face to face at D&D.

D&D was still scheduled that week.

Four hours later the host puts in the group chat that he is not having D&D at his house THIS week, he is hosting a game night if anyone wants to come.

My issue with this is that he contributed nothing to the conversation other than offering what to do then making the decision when he heard what the others wanted to do. He is not the DM either, the DM was not part of the discussion.

I don’t know what to do at this point. I feel like the host is using the fact that he is the “host” as a way of getting what he wants. This is not the first time he has manipulated things to get what he wants.

Should I offer to host D&D at my house and let the host have his game night?
I would hate to make people choose sides though.

Is the time taken for the verification of a transcation not much relevant?

By verification I do not mean the puzzle solving/hash calculating part but the part involving searching all of the blocks to check if the transaction is valid or not?

For example if A transferred some coins to B ten years ago and after that A didn’t make any transaction. Now A wants to make some transaction. To verify this transaction, the miners need to know A’s balance which was last updated ten years ago. To do this the miners have to traverse through huge number of blocks to the block of then, won’t it take much time?

How much time will it take to get my passport back if I am applying for multiple Schengen visa countries?

I am an Indian. I am doing my research in the USA(Saint Louis). I will be going back to India and then will be going to Europe for an academic conference( Spain 20th to 25th of May, then Hungary 25th May to 2nd June and then Italy from 3rd June to 7th of June) from India this summer. I am completely blind after calling the Spain consulate here in Saint Louis. My concern is for the European short term visa So, I have applied in Hungary consulate as I am spending more time in Hungary

How much time will it take to get my passport back if I am applying for multiple Schengen visa countries? As my visa date is 23rd April and I am going back to India on the 14th of May. So I need my passport back before that. Any help or idea!!

Roughly how much would it cost to hire a team of dwarves to build a home in the mountainside

Since I began dnd I had an idea to try to hire dwarven miners to build it into the cliff side. I am not expecting it to be huge and extravagant but it needs to be big enough for 4 people, one of whom has a large beast companion. This is just something I would be looking for in the future but if the cost is less than I expected I’m going to build it now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.