[ Psychology ] Open Question : Why is it that life sucks, so bad, so much of the time?  ?

Most people are lying.  Most people will break the rules as much as they can. Most people will cheat on their taxes if they can. Most people do live lives contrary to their religion. Most students are cheating. Most spouses do not love their spouse. Most politicians become criminals. Most people use some form of drug, in excess, to escape. Most people are angry at other people, and want others to not exist. And if you vehemently disagree with this, please keep to yourself, as you are committing #1 on this list.  I just want to know why.

How much information should the GM reveal with a Legend Lore spell?

The PCs decided they want a minor artifact (deck of many things) and decided to cast a Legend Lore to get information about it. They intend to barter, but if it stands within the grasp of an evil NPC, to take it by force.

How much information should I give them? How tough should I make their quest?

Obs.: I have no restraints about them getting the deck or suffering the consequences. Actually it is a very fun item and I would have no problem in adequating the campaign. I can already predict lots of laughs from misfortunes or satisfaction from fortunes.

Obs. 2: the group is quite accomplished and the best PCs (who haven’t died yet) are level 16 right now.

How much damage can a ranger deal in a typical combat encounter?

I want to know the damage (as well as how such a thing would be worked out – show your working please – I want to learn how to do this by myself for the future, since I’m also interested in Tiers 3 and 4) that a ranger, well optimised for a DPR party role, can deal in a typical combat encounter (meaning, one that lasts the average number of rounds that combat tends to last in D&D; according to this, that means five rounds). I’m interested in Tier 2 levels (specifically between levels 7 to 10).

The restrictions:

  • Assume standard array stats, but assume the race to be Wood Elf for that +2 DEX and +1 WIS (or a similar race well suited to this role; I’m just suggesting Wood Elf because that’s what I’d choose, I’m not married to it).
  • No spells; let’s assume this ranger used up all their spell slots healing up after the previous encounter.
  • No multiclassing; this must be a ranger and nothing else.
  • No magic items or buffs from others; I want this damage to be derived from the ranger’s own class features and feats, etc, rather than magic items or other party members’ spells.
  • You can assume every attack hits, but I’m not interested in critical hits; we’re lucky, but not that lucky.
  • You can also assume that, if using a ranged weapon, that we have more than enough ammo for this encounter.
  • Let’s assume there’s, say, a raging grapple-based barbarian who’s soaking up the enemy’s aggro and keeping the enemy pinned so that the ranger can ignore defense and focus solely on DPR.

I was originally going to ask for a Gloom Stalker Ranger, because it’s popularly considered one of the strongest ranger archetypes, but then realised that some of its features aren’t relevant, such as being invisible in darkness, if we’re assuming that every attack hits and they don’t need to worry about defense, so I’m leaving the archetype open for answerers to decide.

[ Theater & Acting ] Open Question : Is It Fair that Actresses Get Paid SOO Much?

I went to Deering High School in Maine with an actress named Anna Kendrick. I am 36 years old and she was a few grades below me. But she was a snotty little rascal. I am now a nurse and have spent my life serving and helping other people, putting aside my own dreams to be useful to the world. Meanwhile, if I had been selfish and pursued my acting dreams, I could be making millions of dollars to prance around and attend red carpets. I know acting is hard work, but it’s nothing compared to 12 hours of dealing with sick people all day and not even going to the bathroom 🙁 I feel like a matyr. Did I ruin my life by becoming a nurse? Is 36 too late to become a female actress?

How Much Blood and Vitae Does a Vampire Contain?

For the purpose of this question I’m going to strictly stick to using vitae to mean vampiric blood, like a vampire has in its blood pool, and blood to mean ordinary human blood.

If a Ghoul character manages to capture a vampire npc and decides to drain him of vitae how much do they get?

I think it would be the amount of vitae in the vampire’s blood pool but I’m wondering if a vampire has extra vitae in it’s veins that can be extracted?

The reasoning is as follows – Ghouls apparently contain ten blood and two vitae (for a ghoul with a typical blood pool) because they need their human blood to be alive but can store vitae as well (somehow). So do vampires contain extra blood and/or vitae to allow them to function?

Phrased another way, is there a minimum amount of blood or vitae in a vampires veins simply to allow them to function or are they ‘dry’ inside (unless they’ve spent vitae to ‘appear human’)?

How can I curse a PC’s soul for killing off their last character without impacting their gameplay too much?

In the last session one character died, another player didn’t like his character and after the first death tried everything he could to kill himself (but failed because the party healed him so he impaled himself). To not encourage this behaviour I want to put a curse of his new characters soul as killing yourself is ‘dishonourable,’ but I don’t know what the consequences of this should be? His new character is a warlock that specialises in healing, and his patron is a lawful good black sun that idealises honour, justice and order.