How much c++ should I need to know before developing a 2d game like mario? [closed]

I’m a begginer in c++ with basic programming knowledge (not oop). I felt bored learning c++ so I decided to start a project then only I feel motivated to learn and work. What are your suggestions to me and how much should I need to know before starting to work on games like mario. And other than c++ and sdl2 what are the various tools should I know?

How much does it cost to hire a Hireling?

In Dungeon World, you can hire NPCs to accompany the party and provide assistance. These NPCs vary in loyalty and skill. However, I don’t see any chart or table detailing how much the NPCs are expected to charge per-session for their services. What is a fair/reasonable/balanced price? Does it scale off the skill of the NPC?

Is it considered as a DOS attack if I add too much data to a page so that it doesn’t respond at all?

I am working on an application. There is a new feature implemented where a user create some IDs and secret keys for that application.

I have observed that there is no rate limit for creating those.

I have sent the request to intruder and created nearly 11000 sets of IDs and secrets.

So whenever any user tries to access that page, it loads continuously and displays a message that page has become unresponsive and as a result it doesn’t let user to access anything in the page.

In my point of view, this is a vulnerability because lack of rate limiting is leading to inaccessibility of the page for all the users in the application.

However, I am confused if it is as considered as a DOS attack or valid rate limiting issue.

Please suggest with valid justification.

How much does Antivenom cost in Pathfinder?

Antivenom is a very potent substance very much worth carrying around if you think that a possibility of encountering a certain monster is real and can get your hands on a vial or two. For example, I’d like my character to have Antivenom against Phase Spiders.

Creating this item is a complex process that requires a dose of target venom. How much can such a thing cost? I think I remember seeing a formula based on monster CR, but I didn’t happen to find it.

How much can a rat drag/carry?

I’m in a campaign where it’s just me and my boyfriend, my boyfriend being the DM. He’s very literal with D&D rules and has argued that a rat can carry 15lbs. Rats have a strength score of 2. Carrying capacity is Strength Score times 15, halved if Tiny. I think this is completely ridiculous that a rat can carry 15 times it’s weight. Can someone help me out? Is he right? Am I right?

Warforged Cleric of the Forge starting with too much HP… why?

Created a Warforged Cleric of the Forge, Using the official D&D Beyond tool. It came out with 15hp at level 1. Where did the extra 4hp came from? I have a 17 CON for a +3 bonus, so it should be 8+3=11, yeah? I also re-made him using the Fight Club iOS app, and in there he shows up with 11hp. What am I missing?

Here’s a link to my character sheet:

Monthly search value in adwords api is much larger then in a Keyword Planner

I am trying to use an adword api to get some keyword statistics. But what I see is that with a same parameters my monthly search volue is about 7 mln searches. While adword keyword planner shows around 400-500. I can provide php code with parameters I am setting. Network settings:

$  networkSetting = new NetworkSetting();         $  networkSetting->setTargetGoogleSearch(true);         $  networkSetting->setTargetSearchNetwork(false);         $  networkSetting->setTargetContentNetwork(false);         $  networkSetting->setTargetPartnerSearchNetwork(false); 

Language is set to Russian following way:

 $  languageParameter = new LanguageSearchParameter();         $  english = new Language();         $  english->setId(1031);         $  languageParameter->setLanguages([$  english]);         $  searchParameters[] = $  languageParameter; 

Location is set to Ukraine:

$  loc = array();         $  location = new location();         $  location->setId(2804); // Ukraine         $  loc[]=$  location;         $  locationTargetParameter = new LocationSearchParameter();         $  locationTargetParameter->setLocations($  loc);         $  searchParameters[] = $  locationTargetParameter; 

What Am I missing?