How much can a grappler with reach move a grappled creature inside its reach?

This is a follow up from this question

A creature with a 15′ reach is grappling a creature with a 5′ reach. My question in this situation is: how much can the grappled creature be moved if it remains within the grappling creature’s 15′ reach? ie. can it be moved 30′ and what type of action is required for this movement?

How much on average does the Durable feat increase the number of Hit Points gained when spending Hit Dice?

There are other similarly mathy questions on this site such as “How much damage does Great Weapon Fighting add on average?” and “Are features that allow −5 to attack to get +10 to damage mathematically sound?” but I was wondering how the math pans out with the Durable Feat.

The feat states:

When you roll a Hit Die to regain hit points, the minimum number of hit points you regain from the roll equals twice your Constitution modifier (minimum of 2).

There are two interpretations for how the Durable feat could work “How does the Durable feat work?”, but for the purposes of this question I would like you to assume that “the roll” refers to the total of the die’s result and the Constitution modifier.

As the answers there explain, this means the feat is useless to those with a Constitution modifier of +1 but it prevents the alternative interpretation’s unusual case of a d6 Hit Die class with a +5 Constitution modifier gaining 15 Hit Points from spending a Hit Die whereas their normal maximum is 11.

This is also shown to be the intended way for the feat to work (thank to user @Rykara for finding this) as Jeremy Crawford has made this tweet:

If you have the Durable feat and spend a Hit Die to regain hit points, the minimum number of hit points you regain is equal to twice your Constitution modifier (minimum of 2 hit points). For example, if your modifier is +1, you regain a minimum of 2 hit points.

How much does this feat increase the average Hit Point gain?

How much you can earn from google adsense

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How much control do you have over a charmed creature from the Great Old One warlock’s Create Thrall feature?

In the Great Old One branch of Warlock, there is a Create Thrall effect, which states that if I touch an incapacitated creature it becomes charmed toward me – but it describes nothing else about the charming.

How much control do you have over the charmed person?

Most charming spells describe your limits on what you can do, such as that you can order them around but you can’t order them to do something against their nature. So are there any rules that cover charming in general?

I know the basic stuff listed in the Player’s Handbook, such as that charmed creatures cannot attack allies of the charmer – but does charming give any control over the charmed person?

How much do you think these domains are worth?

I own the following domains, and would like to know how much the community thinks they're worth. Much appreciated!
(There's a Drop Gold campaign by Grayscale)
(Could be a cool Game domain)
(Single word, premium?)
(Idea for a job posting site)
(Google's new product)
(Idea for a job posting or freelancing site)
(Food site?)
(Sounds cool)…

How much do you think these domains are worth?

How To Display Too Much Data

We’re building a web-based platform where the main dashboard shows a table of data for users to view and analyze. As we’re growing this tool, we seem to be adding more and more columns and are running out of horizontal space on smaller screen resolutions (we’re seeing some data wrap). It is important to the user to view all columns at once, so column hiding is somewhat out of the question, as is horizontal scrolling (per the boss’s request and because horizontal scrolling sucks anyways). I was wondering if anyone knew of a clever UI for tables with many columns.


Below is a screen capture of the layout of the table. Unfortunately for security purposes I had to blur out the column titles. This example has rows with practically no data in them, but in use they will have lots of data that will expand wider than their respective column titles. In response to some of the answers, it is imperative that the user see all the columns, as they are all necessary to analyze the data to make certain decisions. All the data is numeric aside from the first three columns. Thanks again for any feedback.

alt text

Ok so I see that uploading this image doesn’t really do it justice… it takes up the full width of the screen at 1680×1050 resolution (22″) and as data fills in the columns, the left column w/the text shrinks down a bit.

EDIT 2 I just wanted to say thank you to everyone’s awesome ideas. I can only select one answer, but a lot of your ideas have proven very useful and may end up in the final product. Thanks again!

How much should a “button of Cure Light Wounds” cost (should it be available at all?)

My fellow players would like to have a command-word or use-activated “button” of Cure Light Wounds at will, i.e. unlimited uses/day.

How much should this cost (if it should be available at all?)

Item cost estimation rules per DMG

The Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG) contains guidelines on the value of custom magical items. This includes guidance on the estimated price of spell effect items, like the Cape of the Mountebank (command activated Dimension Door 1/day) and use-activated/continuous effect items like the Lantern of Revealing (continuous Invisibility Purge.)

The general formula for the cost of a command-word/use activated spell-effect item appears to be the following five numbers, all multiplied together.

  1. Base price 1,800 GP for command-word activated items, or 2,000 GP for use-activated or continuous items.
  2. Spell level × Caster level
  3. Factor for base spell durationif a continuous effect item.

    If a continuous item has an effect based on a spell with a duration measured in rounds, multiply the cost by 4. If the duration of the spell is 1 minute/level, multiply the cost by 2, and if the duration is 10 minutes/level, multiply the cost by 1.5. If the spell has a 24-hour duration or greater, divide the cost in half.

  4. Body slot factor – ×1.00 for an item taking up a body slot, ×1.50 for an item taking up a “strange slot” (i.e. Boots of True Seeing – see Body Slot Affinities), ×2.00 for an item that doesn’t occupy a slot.
  5. Charges/uses per day – ×1.00 for unlimited uses per day, ×0.80 4 uses/day, ×0.60 3 uses/day, ×0.40 2 uses/day, ×0.20 1 use/day. Alternately, ×0.50 for an item with 50 charges.

Example: Ring of Friendship

Taking the example of the Ring of Friendship (10,800 GP, command-word activated Charm Animal (Clr/Drd 1st, CL3) at will), we have:

  1. 1,800 GP for command-word activated
  2. Spell level 1 × caster level 3
  3. Factor for base spell duration – N/A (not a continuous effect item)
  4. ×2.00 for Body slot factor – apparently ×2 because rings don’t have a body slot affinity
  5. ×1.00 for unlimited uses/day

Cost of Ring of Friendship 1,800 × 1 × 3 × 2 × 1 = 10,800 GP, which matches the 10,800 GP cost quoted in the SRD.

Extrapolating to a Ring of Cure Light Wounds

Let’s try and create a Ring of Cure Light Wounds, a command-word activated item which casts Cure Light Wounds (Cleric 1st, CL 1) unlimited/day.

  1. 1,800 GP for command-word activated
  2. Spell level 1 × caster level 1
  3. Factor for base spell duration – N/A (not a continuous effect item)
  4. ×2.00 for Body slot factor – apparently ×2 because rings don’t have a body slot affinity
  5. ×1.00 for unlimited uses/day

According to these factors the Ring of Cure Light Wounds should cost 3,600 GP.

However, everyone in my RPG group has a different opinion.

  • Alice thinks the above cost (3,600 GP) is correct.

  • Bob thinks that the Ring of Cure Light Wounds is ludicrously overpowered and shouldn’t exist. (It dispenses literally infinite healing out of combat – a major game balance issue.)

  • Charlie thinks that such an item is outside the rules given by DMG because the DMG gives rules for spell effect items based on spells with a duration, i.e. rounds/level, minutes/level, but gives no rules for spells with instantaneous duration (i.e. Cure Light Wounds.)

  • Dave agrees with Charlie that the rules don’t cover spell-effect items for instantaneous spells, but rather than disallowing them entirely, Dave thinks the “duration factor” should be ×4 (as if Cure Light Wounds had a duration of rounds – the most expensive option that DMG allows for.)

  • Erin thinks that the DMG guidelines are flexible and we should consider the cost of the Ring of Cure Light Wounds in context of other, existing magic items. For example, the Ring of Regeneration is 90,000 GP. The Ring of Cure Light Wounds is at least as powerful (if not more powerful!) so it should cost at least 90,000 GP.

Who, if anyone, is right? RAW preferred, otherwise RAI.

For context, this came up in the context of a dungeon crawl à la Tomb of Horrors: frequent combat, little chance to rest, and no prospect of resupply.